On Writing:

IT SEEMS WE find our own “style” of writing|

>> Hold on, Richard!!  What do you mean, those quotation marks around “style?”  Why did you put those there?  Do you mean the word style or do you mean some sub-set of the word of which a reader is not aware and you’re not either?

And what about “It seems?”  Richard, do we find our own style of writing or don’t we?  What’s your reader supposed to do with seems?  You write to communicate, and then you pour a bag of ashes in the water, muddy it up with seems?  Look at your muse – she’s in the corner, sobbing!

Welcome to my mind, as I write.

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Rarely Asked Questions: How did Jonathan Seagull come to you?

NOT THE WAY I expected it to come.

The first time in my life I heard a voice, with no one there to speak it.  I was walking alone one evening, a starving young writer desperate to know how I was going to pay the rent.  Then someone behind me and to my right, said, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.”  It was decades before I realized that was a simple, honest answer to my question.

I turned, pretty well startled, and there was no one there.  I went home, frightened, and locked the door behind me, wondering who was the voice and what was a Jonathan Livingston Seagull.  Hours of puzzlement later, about the time I had to admit I hadn’t a clue what was a Jonathan Livingston Seagull, my office wall disappeared, and in its place, a Cinerama screen.  On the screen I saw the ocean below, and the sky and one solitary that’s what must be a Jonathan Seagull.

The story unfolded and I wrote what I saw, as fast as I could write, scene by scene.

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