Books I Read Again, Movies I Watch Over and Over:

YOU CAN TELL a lot about a person when you know what she loves to read, what he loves to watch.  What’s a really private guy doing with a website in which he chooses to show these to whomever drops by?  Is a puzzlement.  (You’re remembering that line from The King and I, aren’t you?)  Perhaps he cares more about being known to his little family around the world, reflecting their own values, than he does about his online privacy.

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My Scarf


YOU CAN TELL I’m proud of this scarf.

It was presented to me by Bethany Ferret, captain of the Ferret Rescue Vessel Resolute, a gift after Rescue Ferrets at Sea was published.

Those are the colors and stripes of Resolute and its crew, in one of my favorite stories of all I’ve written.

The book is out of print, at least for now, but the story’s there in Curious Lives, along with four others that touched and changed, helped me along my path to becoming human.

I’m one of two from the outside world who’ve received the honor, the other is Chloe Ferret, the journalist and rock star. Of course I’m proud!