It’s hard to tell by looking


I’LL BET that the man in the front cockpit of that T-28 doesn’t look much different to you from any other instructor pilot you’ve known.

It’s hard to tell by looking, but Jamie V. Forbes was one of those few men whose sheer quiet character taught me more than the hundred-some hours we flew together.

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Quiz for pilots

HERE’S A judgment-test for you.  Don’t be concerned, it’s just a little quiz, and of course our lives depend on your decision:

It’s early April.  You are I are flying the Lake Amphibian from Florida to Washington State, westbound out of Rawlins, Wyoming at noon toward Twin Falls, Idaho.  It was summer in Florida, but right now we’re 30 miles east of Ogden and the outside air temperature is 12 degrees F.  I’d like to turn the heater on, but I haven’t run it since last winter and if some bird built a nest in there we’ll have a fire when I hit the Heater-Start switch and I’m not up to a fire just now I’d rather freeze.

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Rarely Asked Questions: Is flying still a big part of your life?

It sure is!

I’ve been flying airplanes for over a hundred years, now.  Orville Wright yelled at me, “Kid, you’ll never be a pilot if you keep standing on the launch-track when we’re taking off!”  He was right.  I stood aside, didn’t get killed, and sure enough I’ve been flying ever since.

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