IT’S ABOUT time, isn’t it?

For years, it’s been: richardbach-dot-com was a single page with a faint photo of the Messiah’s Handbook, and no amount of clicking would change anything.  Just that picture.

Because for all that time I didn’t know what to do with a website.

I needed to hold the site name, but didn’t want to go it alone, burn myself out again as I’d done twice before — a Compuserve forum long ago and a Twitter presence last year.  I’ve seen there are a couple of richardbach fan sites on Facebook.  I don’t know who runs those but I’ve looked at the pages once in a while, read what thousands of others had posted and wondered, Why can’t there be some place where I could talk with my world-around family, which cherishes so many values that I live by, too?  A place where we could perhaps find each other, as well?

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On Writing:

IT SEEMS WE find our own “style” of writing|

>> Hold on, Richard!!  What do you mean, those quotation marks around “style?”  Why did you put those there?  Do you mean the word style or do you mean some sub-set of the word of which a reader is not aware and you’re not either?

And what about “It seems?”  Richard, do we find our own style of writing or don’t we?  What’s your reader supposed to do with seems?  You write to communicate, and then you pour a bag of ashes in the water, muddy it up with seems?  Look at your muse – she’s in the corner, sobbing!

Welcome to my mind, as I write.

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