Teaching the Person We Used to Be

I’M NOW READING a book which suggests that life creates the universe, not the other way round.

I wrote a book like that years ago, in three pages.  It’s in the story of my friendship with the me when I was ten years old.  It’s about my discovery of why things work in space and time.  The reasons for the book don’t matter here, but the conversation does.

Here’s a page when I walked with young Dickie into a grocery store, and told him about how our belief works in spacetime.  I had to invent a few words.


“Sometimes I wish you were a grownup, Dickie.”


Interesting, I thought, picking a handful of beets.  Not a murmur of distress when I wished for a change impossible for him to make.  “Because I could explain in a lot fewer words if you knew quantum mechanics.  I’ve whittled the physics of consciousness down to a hundred words, but you’re going to have to puzzle over it forever.  You’re never going to be a grown-up, and I’ll never be able to hand you my tract that fits on one page.”

Curiosity prevailed.  “Pretend I’m a grown-up who loves quantum mechanics,” he said.  “How would you say how consciousness works in one page?  I’m too little to understand, of course, but it would be fun to hear.  Say it as complicated as you want.”

He’s daring me, I thought, he thinks I’m bluffing.  I turned the shopping cart toward the checkout stand.

“First I’d say the title: The Physics of Consciousness – or – Spacetime Explained.”

“Next you’ll tell me the abstract,” he said.

I looked at him.  I didn’t know about abstracts until after I had run away from school.  How could he know?

“Right,” I said.  “And now I have to talk in fine print, the way they do in The American Journal of Particle Science.  Listen tight, and maybe you’ll understand a word or two, child though you may be.”

He laughed.  “Child though I may be.”

I cleared my throat, slowed the cart and stopped near the cash register, glad for the minute’s wait in line. “You want to hear this right straight through, all at once?”

“As if I was a quantum mechanic,” he said.

Instead of correcting his grammar, I told him what I thought.  “We are focus-points of consciousness,” I said, “enormously creative.  When we enter the self-constructed hologrammetric arena we call space-time, we begin at once to generate creativity particles, imajons, in violent continuous pyrotechnic deluge.  Imajons have no charge of their own, but are strongly polarized through our attitudes and by the force of our choice and our desire into clouds of conceptons, a family of very-high-energy particles which may be positive,  negative, or neutral.”

He listened, pretended he could understand.

“Some positive conceptons are exhilarons, excytons, jovions.  Common negative conceptons include gloomons, tormentons, tribulons, agonons, miserons.

“Indefinite numbers of conceptons are created in nonstop eruption, a thundering cascade of creativity pouring from every center of personal consciousness.  They mushroom into concepton  clouds, which can be neutral or strongly charged – buoyant, weightless or leaden, depending on the nature of their dominant particles.

“Every nanosecond an indefinite number of concepton clouds build to critical mass, then transform in quantum bursts to high-energy probability waves radiating at tachyon speeds through an eternal reservoir of supersaturated alternate events.  Depending on their charge and nature, the probability waves crystallize certain of these potential events to match the mental polarity of their creating consciousness into holograph appearance.  Are you following me, Dickie?”

He nodded, and I laughed.

“The materialized events become that mind’s experience, freighted with all the aspects of physical structure necessary to make them real and learningful to the creating consciousness.  This autonomic process is the fountain from which springs every object and event in the theater of spacetime.

“The persuasion of the imajon hypothesis lies in its capacity for personal verification.  The hypothesis predicts that as we focus our conscious intention on the positive and life-affirming, as we fasten our thought on these values, we polarize masses of positive conceptons, realize beneficial probability waves, bring useful alternate events to us that otherwise would not have appeared to exist.

“The reverse is true in the production of negative events, as is the mediocre in-between.  Through default or intention, unaware or by design, we not only choose but create the visible outer conditions that are most resonant to our inner state of being.

“The end.”

He waited while I paid for the groceries.  “That’s it?” he said.

“Is it wrong?  Have I erred in any way?”

He smiled, for Dad had taught us both how important it is to pronounce that word correctly.  “How can I tell if you erred, child that I am?”

“Laugh if you must,” I told him, “go ahead and call me a zany.  But in a hundred years somebody’s going to print those words in Modern Quantum Theory and nobody’s going to think it’s mad.”

He stepped on the frame of the shopping cart, rode along as I pushed it to the car.  “If you don’t get trapped by gloomons,” he said, “that will probably happen.”


Today is not a hundred years but only twenty from the day I wrote those pages.  Here now are at least two books: The Physics of Consciousness, by  Evan  Harris Walker, and Biocentrism, by  Robert Lanza.  They may suggest something similar to the chapter in Running from Safety.

Does the smallest wish I have to go home, twenty years after writing my own little Physics of Consciousness, is my wish directed by gloomons?  Or can jovions touch us in the same way?

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  1. Firstly, I think those authors may have read your books and secondly, i feel that jovions can touch us in the same way.

  2. Not sure which way your ascension wish is polarized,(I don’t think the particles “direct” this)

    But I just had an idea for an experiment:

    What would happen if you targeted a sustained jovion stream at a gloomon-dominated concepton cloud?

  3. Having recently been on the recieving end of a gloomon ejection from another point of conciousness, I can see validity in the change in cloud charge analysis. It took some time for me to recharge my cloud and I have noted that there are others that are feeling that change as well.
    I really think that there is far more to your theory than what those at CERN are working on. Only time will reveal the truth(so long as we continue our belief in time)

    • CERN spends billions of Euros and a thousand beautiful minds in her experiments of science. We have a determination to discover a Love we know has ever been. Do we seek the same truth?

      • There are so many ways that we can see the world. Which one(s) is/are true? How can we know?
        I guess all we can do is to try and see if they work.

        • I was up early this morning, reading Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, and in it, he says, “Thoughts are universally and not individually rooted; a truth cannot be created, but only perceived. Any erroneous thought of man is a result of an imperfection, large or small, in his discernment.” So much in this little quote to ponder regarding truth and our own power to discover it. As to your question…I guess I would have to ask myself if I were running away from something ‘here’ or running towards something ‘there’. I love knowing that somewhere else in the ‘here’ you are here too. Your words have stretched out across our shared ‘here’ to me many times in my life, opening my heart up to concentrate and play with the exhilarons, excytons, jovions in my life instead of the gloomons, tormentons, tribulons, agonons and miserons. Perfection is such a paradox…on the one hand, many of us are in search of it, but ultimately, it causes the breath to stop. No chance to change or grow into something else that hasn’t even been conceived of yet…much less perceived. Where’s the fun in that?

      • I believe we all seek the same truth but become enamoured along the way with the process rather than the truth itself. Like trying to point out the sun to someone and having them focus instead on your finger. The difference with science is that it seeks to provide answers that are verifiable to anyone who repeats the experiment. The same can be said of mysticism except some lack the test tubes and flasks required to repeat the experiments of the mystics (too many negatively charged particles in their mental laboratory it seems).

  4. I’ve avoided leaving the realm via suicide because I realized that I would probably dislike the next realm for the same reason that I disliked this one. Or even worse yet, I would not get to another realm via suicide. I would do it then have a chat with my guides and helpers and they would remind me why I really wanted to experience all of the obstatunities that I was so sick of towards the end.

    That’s where I have gotten to on this issue anyway. Your mileage may vary. 🙂

  5. Every now and again I find it necessary to taxi up to the maintenance hangar to have the fabric of my cosmos punch tested by my quantum mechanic. Today is such a day…….
    I’m going with the Jovions!!

  6. Richard! How much COOLER can you get? I loved this post – though, as a writer your primary objective is to express yourself…I’d say you did a mighty fine job of perfectly timing this post to be received 🙂
    Very exacting.
    (P.S. You sure you there isn’t a German Engineer in you somewhere? ha ha)

    • Oh… This little page is unique in my writing. For twenty years it has thought itself an ugly duckling, among swans learning to fly.
      Most of my writing paddles on a Gunning Fog Index around seven — a reader needs to reach the seventh grade to understand it. (See http://www.readabilityformulas.com/free-readability-formula-tests.php.)
      The duckling’s paragraphs, though, had a “Difficult to Read” number of _nineteen!_ — we have to be post-graduate students to understand what it has to say! How did an idea so simple require words so complex to be said?
      Today for the first time, you, Jon, and others, said they like it! So proud does it fly now, sharing the sky with the last colors of a sunset!

  7. Not sure ‘time’ has anything to do with it. The overall number of all of us is one. Mind, space, time – they are dimensions we occupy when we pretend we do not know this. Curious how it all works though.

  8. What a delightful piece Richard! It is perhaps what I have enjoyed most about your writing all these years – the capacity to integrate science and philosophy into a set of ideas that are remarkable to ponder. Your explanation is no less believable than any treatise on Quantum Mechanics advanced so far it seems. There have been many books which postulate that the only thing that is ‘real’ is consciousness and everything else emanates from it. But your imaginary particle theory is a wonderful mechanism for how it may all work. It seems it is the basis for all mystic belief systems and you have created the science to support it, not out of verifiable scientific method and experiments, but out of your mind alone! A new book title perhaps? “A Gift of Things”?

  9. Well Dickie will always know more than Richard. We are young plants growing and then we get pruned and tied to canes, and made into espaliers, and pollarded and, worst of all, possibly made into a bonsai, and forget. But don’t despair, with a bit of determination and a maverick root we can start again in this life. I tend not to analyse anymore. If it feels true, it is true. If it feels right, it is right. If it feels wrong, it is wrong. Happily I have taught my husband to do the same, and we support each other’s, sometimes odd, reactions to situations.

    I love quantum mechanics, all I understand about it is that nothing is solid and that observation affects particles so we create our own realities, at least in this dimension or whatever we call it. Of course we have to be careful as I read somewhere “worrying is praying for what you don’t want.” I seem to do that far too much.

    • Hello Sally
      Your post reminds me of a personally lovely way that Seth expressed our different lives. Accepting that there is is no “time” except for our current perspective, he proposes (infers) therefore, there is no linear progression of reincarnations.
      Still with me? That the immortal aspect of each of us is like a plant. Each of our “personalities” (in different lives) is like one part of a plant.
      All are equal to it’s sustenance and we supply energy/data/information to each part of our self to learn and grow from This time….

  10. Consciousness is One, the only power there is. Everyone shares in it and all express their beliefs and intents, which they are free to do, and all the …ions understand and comply. What we believe and intend is what we get here in time-space.

  11. One thing I know for sure…I don’t know. I seem to be going through a fascinating journey of gloomons. It feels rather like what I’ve heard drowning feels like…after a while, you just let go. Things just keep happening and by now it is fascinating in a rather morbid way like the way people rubber neck at car wrecks but this is my life. Every time I’ve thought I’m coming out of it, something else happens so I’m letting go of trying to understand it and trying to stay afloat but wondering where it all is leading. And so the journey goes…

    • So many of us ask, “Why did I choose so many difficult tests, this lifetime?”
      Our highest self sometimes tells us, “Remember how easy things were Here? Careful when you choose! On Earth they’ll seem painful, awfully hard, and go on forever! But you wanted this lesson, and this one… Because you knew a lifetime, it’s only for a second, and you’ll be home, safe Here again.” It’s still true. Doesn’t seem like it, but we’re just here for one belief of one second.

  12. i’ve always just lost one shoe…remembering when i was smaller a larger one sent me to church in my sock feet- to teach me my lesson.
    my feet never touched the ground -i was carried by persons known and unknown the entire time.
    over the past forty or so years this memory will flit pass my minds eye, and i’ve inspected it time and again.
    and i always wonder if i’ve finally squeezed it dry, and if i’ll ever think of it again….

    it found me again today after reading these beautiful thoughts.

    i still can lose just one shoe even now, but know now a secret to help me find it. AND even better sometimes i remember the secret pretty quickly.
    i tell myself i can find it, and voila – it appears!

    thank you for the gentle reminders

  13. Richard, you’ve been plagiarized, and it‘s not a matter of forgive them for they don’t know what they do, it’s forgive them because they don’t know as much as you.

    I just love your mind and to deprive the world of your genius would bring on massive gloomons, tormentons, miserons and agonons among your many followers. To deprive the world of that mind would be a tragedy, plus, and this is a big plus, you have the love and respect of a puppy, which is one of the highest honors with the most responsibility, if you choose to accept it. Never underestimate the little people. People come and go in your life, but a puppy is there for you for the rest of his life. You can’t let him or us down unless you want to.

    • Thank you, Laura. And thanks from the puppy Lockie, who is now tearing the stuffing out of pillows, for telling me that he’ll be here forever.

  14. I think you just said something important here, but I’m not sure. It will probably take we awhile, but I have time. It’s like how easy it is for me to vaporize clouds in the sky, but hard to vaporize clouds in my life. I’m not attached to the clouds in the sky. I’ve read Illusions, I’d guess, over twenty times and today it hit me why that is so. After Richard finally disappears a cloud, Don Shimoda says, “Amazing. You were so attached to it, and still it disappeared for you.” Thanks!

  15. It’s true, Richard! And you knew it way-back-then. Just goes to show you that there’s more to the universe than they told us in school. They left the Important parts out. I guess spiritual enlightenment wasn’t high on their list of priorities. But never mind. We are learning it now. When I got hit with some spiritual knowledge long ago and was spooked by it, you were the buffalo who took me over the river (thanks to “Illusions “), and life has never been the same again. What can you say to someone who has changed the course of your life for the better? Is “thanks” too short a word?

  16. What a great post. Thank you. Even Jesus said, You are gods. I interpret that to mean we are creators, here to create and experience. We do that without awareness so often, but what fun when we become aware. Blessings to you.

    • This topic is huge! For me it has thrown a whole new light even on the scriptures, for instance, Matthew 9, KJV – King James Version.

      “Daughter be of good comfort; thy faith as made thee whole.”

      Jesus was telling her and us, we, with our beliefs, thoughts and intent can create miraculons.

  17. Ah! Found it!
    Anyone desperate enough for suicide… should be desperate enough to go to creative extremes to solve problems: elope at midnight, stow away on the boat to New Zealand and start over, do what they always wanted to do but were afraid to try.
    Richard Bach
    Source: The Bridge Across Forever, page 381-2

  18. One of my favorite conversations. The smile and joy with which Dickie listens to you, is a breath of beauty. I love how you do not stop and just let it flow. Delicious.

  19. Time seems to go… tighter it seems. What was thought to take centuries once is happenning right now. That’s what it feels like for me at least) I know it may seem long- minute by minute. But it’s all in the perspective. Right here and now….

  20. Nancey:
    You’re right, the book expresses a delightful conversation,
    I have read and heard as a delicious symphony: It is the representation of multiple life cycles, the Spirit represent the vital silent spaces, the Language of Love.

  21. Nothing profound from me, but I just remembered why it took me a year and a half to read “Running from Safety”. I’d read a couple chapters, then think about them for a month or two. A couple of lifetimes worth of knowledge in it!

  22. Brilliant!!!! I loved reading this. It is eloquent, beautifully written, natch. It also presents an excellent model of our streams of creation consciousness manifesting our realities.

  23. “Your thoughts, words, and deeds are painting the world around you.”
    Jewel Diamond Taylor

    We can’t change our canvas, sometimes. But we completely control what we paint on it.

    I know you know this, but sometimes things are said in such a way they paint a pretty picture of a familiar scene.

    You’ve shared so many pretty pictures with us. I hope I can share one small pretty picture with you.

    • Oh Viiktorija, thank you for that link! I had never experienced that person nor his videos . They are quite absolute which sort of sets an affirmative base of truth. I wonder if he is writing his own material….what research he had to have done. I enjoyed his forgiveness video in one of his Life explained videos. I like it!

  24. Thank you all for the kind words! But we have to thank Hans Wilhelm for his videos! I just wanted to share something useful I’ve found.
    P.S. Richard, what is your view on soul mates? Maybe Hans was right that is it very rare when both souls (halves) incarnate at the same time, not to distract one another from their lessons here on Earth?
    My whole life I was feeling that I miss someone special and by reading your books I have gained so much hope and patience that one day I will share my happiness and wisdom with that person. I want to be “complete” by the time I meet my soul mate/partner and that process requires some time and its not an easy task. So, what if we don’t need to find our soul mate, but enjoy a company of other people we love instead?
    P.P.S. Ironically, I share same passion as you do – aviation. But I’m just on the beginning of my road and there is so many things which can easily confuse me or even make my life useless. Therefore, I try to find my inner strengths and “gifts that I can give to the world”.
    Thank you very much for your books and this opportunity to talk in real life to Someone who is helping me to grow spiritually and Someone, who is sharing similar thoughts/values, as well as the other thoughtful people on this web site! 🙂

    • Are we separated from one who sees and feels the harmony of love just as we do? There are so many events that distract us in our beliefs of a lifetime — is a soulmate restricted from touching, changing our adventures here? Somehow, that separation doesn’t seem quite right for me, granted that sometimes soulmates are difficult to find.
      “Soul partners,” I think most of us can name a few. Yet I like the thought of soulmates who strive just as we do, who have lessons to give and to take from us for a time, or sometimes for always, in our lives.

      • I agree with Richard. I think that we contribute just as much to our spiritual other ‘halve’ as they do us In fact, i thinkwe contribute to many spiritual beings who crave our attention and need us to remember our value to them. It is a good reminder that our lives here have such value in the spiritual realm and perhaps can contribute to the overall evolution of mankind and spiritual kind alike.

        • I don’t know. For me, this doesn’t seem quite accurate. To me, the concept of soulmates incarnating together is an end unto itself, not a means to help the world. Though it could be a nice side benefit! I do think we can (and do) learn from those in their natural spiritual form, as well as others in a belief of spacetime lifetimes. Fascinating video, at any rate!

  25. I dont know why but recently many things around me remind me about why do suffering and beauty go hand in hand in this world so often… we all would have wished it to be otherwise… but there’s a sense in it that I experienced directly once. Love- the love that’s all there is- is for me such a multifaceted experience that it includes all the possible experiences there are like colour white includes all colours… so the bittersweetness of this world is like a huge huge mosaic that helps us experience those facets directly in-between being all of them at once.

  26. A recently completed “Running From Safety”. I have to wonder where my thoughts and beliefs came from. I know they all germinated from “Illusions” and grew from absorbing other philosophers who are brilliant and kind enough to share their insights with entertaining writing. My wife and I feel that there are many souls here that are advanced enough to share their wisdom with others. My most recent insight was that Jesus and his disciples were homeless people. Kind of humbling when you see someone that is clearly homeless and realize they are quite possibly far more spiritually advanced than you are as we chase through our lives seeking “more”. Maybe they are learning far more in their time here than those of us who choose to work daily and buy stuff.

  27. About soulmates I was absolutely delighted to find Sylvia Brown’s explanation of what they are.”We were also created with a kind of ‘identical twin’ spirit whose male and female aspects are mirror images of our own. That twin spirit is our soulmate.” According to her sources it is actually rare to share the same lifetime with this person. But she does say that our relationship to them is more often like a sibling than anything else although occasionally that changes. Some examples she gave are Jackie Kennedy and her son John F. Kennedy, Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy who she loved passionately.

  28. In my view a soulmate is someone who understands you and is understood by you in a very basic way. Sharing the same way of thinking, the same values and only needing a few words to understand what the other means. I have that experience with my oldest friend whom I met when I was 8 years old, my wife and my children.

    For me it’s got a lot to do with using the same words, sharing the same sense of humor, to be able to have serious conversations or/and to mock each other in a mild and humorous way and having fun about the same kind of things and situations.

  29. Your wish to go home Richard is amazing! I’ve always gotten that sense of knowing from your books and short stories how connected you are to where you came from and your knowing that this earth is only temporary, your (our) real home being elsewhere. While most people fear age and the death that inevitably awaits, you wish to go home. I’ve always felt that birth is more like death and death more like birth as we forget who we were when we are born and remember when we die. I was wondering if Donald Shimoda is a conduit for your higher self ?

    • It may be that all of us of a family are conduits for our highest selves. You remind us, “Birth is more like death, and death more like birth. We forget who we were when we are born, we remember when we die.” Easy for me to imagine that was said by Donald Shimoda. Thank you for saying what he didn’t say.

  30. Richard there is a quote from Illusions that I don’t understand and wondered if you could elaborate or if someone else knew.

    ‘If you will practice being fictional for a while, you will understand that fictional characters are sometimes more real than people with bodies and heartbeats.’

    • Fictional people, I think, don’t seem to care for the little things of nonfiction lives.
      Unless it’s important for their adventures, they don’t make appointments to fix their cars, take time find groceries, pay bills every month. This leaves fictional people a chance to filter away all but the important events of their stories: to find a mission for their lives, to struggle with tests that would destroy them, to discover the one they love.
      If we practice with our own filter, if we decide to care for the issues and the people that matter most to us, will our lives be a little more real, too? Could be.

    • Yes…Richard put it really well. From a reader’s view, i would explain it like imagining a fictional character would be like getting really into ourselves, imagining and having a vision of a character through our lens. Intuitively we can bring that character out and alive as it is really part of our true self….lying deep, deep within. Perhaps, the closest to ourselves that we can go is in this guise of a character.

  31. I suppose that is why we love fictional characters, books, stories, movies why we can become so moved while reading or watching them. That really makes a lot of sense.

  32. May jovions dance upon you like a sprinkling of the cool misty rains of June, watering the thirsty tendrils without saturation, just to sate the questions. May the blisspods open and emote their fragrant sparkle, creating a trail that leads back to the center of all that you are 🙂

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