A Flight with Puff, the Amateur Movie II

I KNOW YOU DON’T mind that the editing is a little rough.

UPDATE:  HERE’S THE OTHER VIEWPOINT, without the jerkiness:


While this is an interesting point of view, the camera out on the wing strut, I’ll try something pointing toward the nose, either from low on the lift strut or on top of the windscreen.

If anyone knows why the YouTube version is stop-and-go jerky, let me know.  The original doesn’t have that problem.  Is there some after-upload smoothing app I’m missing?

For those of you wondering how tight the SeaRey can turn on the ground without differential brakes, the answer is Very.  A little brake and a lot of rudder and around she goes.



One thought on “A Flight with Puff, the Amateur Movie II

  1. Brilliant flight! I love the reflection of Puff on the water when you were high above and while you were landing how the reflection gradually got bigger and closer, then became the size of Puff again, merged eventually. What a joy flying must be!

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