Thank you, every one!

What a feeling, now, to hear the motors under these pages slowly spinning up and coming on line, the website blinking, alive again!

There were a dozen or so comments came here, written back when I had what was the crash with Puff.  I saw these notes, which I found just now, were so concerned, and so caring, they were hopes and thoughts for wellness.  They worked beautifully.  Then I glanced at the bottom of the page where it said there were 192 pages of comments about the event, sending prayers for me and little Puff.  192 pages!

So here are my kindest thanks for your dear thoughts about the crash, which became not an accident but a blessing for me and for Puff.  We’re both rebuilt, we’re flying again.  We learned a grand lesson about death, and about living, too.  What was it, that we learned?

That death, isn’t.

That lifetimes are play-act schoolrooms, on an infinite campus, with millions of fictions to test us.

That hereafters are fictions, too.

That the only reality, the only one, right here and way out beyond space and time, is Love.

Such a dramatic lesson it’s been, that I’ll probably be chatting on about it, now and then, for the rest of my own little schoolroom lifetime.

Today I need to tell you thanks for all the letters and cards and emails that you’ve sent and for the ones you thought about sending…those worked too.  It was a remarkable healing.  We fly again.



24 thoughts on “Thank you, every one!

  1. You are very welcome for the well wishes and the bright intentions! It was a test for us too.
    Reminded me a little of the flock standing around Fletcher after he tried to fly through the cliff a little too early in the program.
    So happy to hear that you and Puff are in the sky again. And that you are feeling the urge to connect with us! Yay!

  2. It’s so wonderful to have you back on these pages, Richard. We missed you and Puff while you were off learning. Welcome back.

    While you were away, I took my first biplane ride, circling over the Monmouth, Ill. airport. ( Why did I wait so long?) I have also had a lot of Jonathan’s friends practicing flight in my cove. I think they hung around until you returned.

    Blue skies!

  3. This was such a refreshing and satisfying post you wrote Richard. It was a shocking and painful experience for me when I learned of the event. Having the campfires was such a hopeful place to visit each day. So much love and caring and it felt like we were joined together in this experience. I have so much joy that you and Puff are doing so well.
    Love, Anne

  4. SO Glad you pulled through ok 😀
    I too got to have a little experience looking over to the other side, due to a heart-attack from a 99.9% blocked coronary artery… Glad to be here too, yet, as we both now know… remain, or go… we go on… Peace Be, brother. ♥
    Warmest regards from Sunny AZ

  5. I am joyous at seeing your return. To health. To flying. To writing. More than anything, to life.

    I have missed this website and your voice tremendously. Very glad for your return.

    Much love,

  6. Thanks to the postings from Teska, I have been listening to your latest radio interviews on I speak for the family. Thank you Teska. Thank you Richard…

  7. The “spirit” of Richard Bach is unique and continue touching all of us who also love the sky, planes and spirituality, and with Richard know that life is an adventure.

    Welcome back, beloved brother Richard!

  8. We are so glad to hear from you again! Our thoughts and prayers were with you and Puff. And finally you are alright.
    Welcome back, Great Seagull.

  9. Hello Richard,
    I too am glad to see you back and happy to know that you are up and flying again. I have.frequent thoughts of Jonathan and his journey through life and his ultimate forgiveness of the Flock. And he and also Fletcher and all of the others that you have introduced me to have guided me all through my own life.ever since the 70’s. My life has strangely seemed to mimic yours in great detail as we seemingly have had almost precisely the same interests and similar adventures. So I have followed you with great interest always wondering what was next in store for me. And you are right that nothing happens by chance, so I have tried to pay close attention to this life school and I can hardly wait to see what is next. But maybe we are not through learning quite yet, so I look forward to the next adventure.
    Fly well,
    Joe. .

  10. I don’t know how I missed knowing this was up and running again, but I’m so glad it is! Richard, thank you this place. It, and you, were sorely missed.

  11. Richard, it´s good to see you here again. (And thank you for a tremendously valuable lesson! ;-))

    Good to see some other family members, too… I wonder if everybody´ll turn up again? 😀

  12. What a breath of fresh air. I hadn’t realised I was still holding my breath waiting to hear – that you had waved your hand over the broken bones and healed yourself and were back in the air. Hope you enjoyed the video I sent.

    I had only just found you online mid 2012 and was so excited to be invited to your gathering. It always concerned me that you crashed the morning after sending off the invites. Were you distracted by the insanity of what you woke up in the night to send? I hoped not. Will you still have a gathering? I hope so.

    Look forward to having this wonderful, intimate connection through the blog and to reading the new insights.

    Much lighted love… Jay

  13. PS
    You know what I love most about this window of magical Bachian space? The place it forces me to go – deep down in myself – to find that patch of sky to fly my consciousness into – even just to type. That island to land near. That field. I love how authentic it forces me to be. And I love who I have to become here. It is something so rare… I don’t recollect feeling it anywhere else. I don’t get out much though. So, it was particularly noticeable after Puff flipped, to suddenly lose the precious window of the website and your posts, especially having only just found it. That special and unique family… out on the edges. A place to land. Circuits and bumps.

  14. Awwe Maaan!!!….Fabulous!!!
    What lovely joy! Amazing!
    I too had not long been in contact with you and it was an absolute pleasure to share words thoughts space feeling and all with all. I read Stranger to the Ground and kept thinking; How did you get through that!!? And you did!! And you have done it Again!! Truly Outstanding!!
    I was totally honored at your reply to my email invitation to fly to Scotland as there are so many lochs to land on.You mentioned you would love to fly to Scotland with perhaps a chance meeting with “Nessie”
    The said monster now has no excuse for hiding!
    Wish you everything Richard Bach.
    George Lundy.

  15. Richard, I just received an e-mail through your website! How refreshing it is to see you again. Every post you create is as if it were to me personally as I learn more of myself through your preceptions on your/our relationship with Puff and your travels.

    Missed you and so happy you both are ok…


  16. Well, I’m late as usual, I just noticed that your RSS feed was active again!

    Great to see you and Puff “rebuilt” and soaring online again! 🙂

  17. So pleased you are flying (and writing) again. Lots of small airfields near me here in England and anytime I watched a single seat Cessna, or a Tiger Moth, or a Pitts Special or a glider – I thought of, think of, you, your stories of flight and your words and inspirations. Just finished reading ‘Illusions ll’ – thank you.

  18. Slow to find the site is back, but have held you well in my thoughts. Glad you are both recovered. You were missed Richard.

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