Thank you!

WHAT A STARTLEMENT it was, when I heard from a technically skilled reader that Life with my Guardian Angel had become a #1 Bestseller in its category at!  If this continues, she said, then Amazon itself can help its momentum by offering attention to the book and suggesting the title to other readers.

So thank you, for bringing your own attention to this book before others had even known that it existed. 

I’m truly grateful for your support.   If some of the ideas in Guardian Angel match your own, then I’d be delighted if you could have time to write a few words in a review that would share your feelings about this book.  

I’ll guarantee that the book will not become a force behind cruelty to animals, thoughtless violence, or loud parties late at night in the homes of our neighbors.  I love my cats, I love my dogs, I love my neighbors — therefore, I’ll write a review for Amazon about my feelings for Guardian Angel! 

(I’m just kidding.) 

I can’t speak for your guardian angels, though.  Are they kidding, too?


15 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Oh Richard!

    So happy to learn the book is doing so well!
    As soon as I came to know the book was available, I ordered both, the paperback and the eBook. I couldn’t wait for the paper version to arrive in Switzerland!
    I so enjoyed the reading!

    I hope many will contribute writing reviews.

    It is such an honor to be able to help making this amazing book available to many more souls across the planet!

    Thanks a lot Richard, for gently shaking our Spirits, yet again, with your important reminders!



  2. Oh wow!!! That is great news! I am proud owner of the ebook and now will order the paper version to add to my collection.🙂

  3. Of course i will, your mind is one of the most beautiful i know Richard, contributing oxygen to my young mind in large draughts. Im happy to hear you are well.

  4. That is just where you belong Richard! On top of the charts! I hope it becomes a real best seller world wide! I bought one ebook and seven paperbacks. Thank you once again for a masterpiece!!!

  5. Thanks for the good feeling and a hearty giggle! Please keep on doing what you enjoy most – and thanks for including us, readers and friends. John

  6. I just received my copy from Amazon today! My plan for the upcoming weekend; a cup of tea, a cozy blanket, my kitty on my lap and Life with My Guardian Angel in my hands. This is going to be one of the best Saturdays in a long time. Thank you, Richard! ♥

    • Books _are_ friends, aren’t they? As we read books, do our guardian angel reads them, too? I wonder what she’ll say about this one!

  7. Dear Richard,
    The book called Conversations with God says that (I’m paraphrasing from the Spanish version) the difference between what we call success and what we call not success with endeavors is how we do things in life. If we want to be successful, we need to do things with love. That is exactly what you do. I can feel love in your books, which by the way say exactly the same as some sections of Conversations with God. So your success in such a short time comes to no surprise at all. Love + universal truths = win win from any perspective!

  8. Dear Richard,
    I read the book! I felt as if it was written to me, for me.
    Being a chess player, I have made a lot of decisions on the board purely by intuition. Same goes for life. I have felt the presence of the angel, but never labelled it as one until I finished reading your book today. After a few minutes, I asked “why did you not stop me from making mistakes if you were there all along?”
    “Because, you needed to make them to grow ” she said.
    Now, this was very scary. She seems to be smiling as I write this to you!
    Now, do you think I should listen to her during my chess game in the tournaments?

    • She’s an advisor in chess as she is in daily life. Her job is to help you to become the best possible mortal that you can be. Boris Spassky lost an important game, yet he is regarded around the world as kind and thoughtful man.

      So I’d suggest that when you listen to your guardian angel in a tournament game, that you consider if the move she offers is meant to win this game, or to improve your soul.

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