Thanks to everyone

WHO HAS ENJOYED our talks and the hours we’ve spent together here.

I hope that one day in the future I’ll return.  For the time being there are other projects that I need to finish.  Wishing you love, always.


135 thoughts on “Thanks to everyone

  1. Hey, Richard! 🙂
    I have been reading here for 2yrs now. And I just want to say that your books have changed my mind and my life. I am a happier person and I definitely live a better life. Illusions is one of my two favorite books of all my life. It changes me every time I read it. So, the one who should be saying thank you, it’s me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here with us. And I love how you respond to comments, I feel connected and closer to you even if I never comment. Thank you! So much! ♥

    • I am shocked .. I’ve been following you Richard for decades literally and this is the first time I Enter you page to find this .. wow . Can’t imagine the lesson . Thanks for all the lessons

    • I read Illusions when I was fifteen. I changed of country at 17 and now with 37 I´m making the Illusions come real.

      Thanks Richard!

    • Dear Richard,
      I have been reading here for 6 yrs now. And I just want to say that your books are just amazing. Illusions and Jonathan Livingston seagull are my two favorite books of all my life. It changes me every time I read it.Thank you for sharing your thoughts here with us. Thank you! So much! Best wishes and love..💐 ♥

    • Hi Richard,
      I recently read your book Illusions & thereafter JLS
      Quite since i was young I had an overacrching urge to understand the meaning of life
      My search gradually made me turn inward & at a very young age then I experienced what they call enlightenment .
      It’s actually something which cannot be named or described & its not a destination, its a point from where a new journey begins
      A journey to know everything so much more deeply.
      Your books contain profound true depths of the inner dimension.
      I congratulate U for reaching out to them or perceiving them & sharing them with the world.

      Continue the journey for it never really ends ~

  2. Wishing you peace and happiness in whatever you decide to do! I hope you get to find yourself visiting the white place again. (I have had a couple of those white-place dreams again and it is so peaceful there.) If you still have your dog I hope you get time to go for walks together and spend time just “being”. Thank you again for all you have done for us.


  3. Dear Richard
    Your books are the deepest because there is noting more obvious than
    When I read them I wonder whether you are the writer or a God is just beside every one and there is no answer to satisfy me.

  4. Richard,
    All of the talks are inspiring and awakening – as have been all your books. I AM about to begin Illusions for the 40th time. It is a once a year ritual and expands my awareness every time. It is still on my radar that the world will one day see it in movie theatres.

    What projects captivate you these days?
    Any other books on the horizon?
    What books would you recommend to those on a journey which parallels yours?

    I wish you great health, life and everything you choose.
    It has been a Miracle Ride which can never end.

    Blessings, Love and Eternal Gratitude,
    Steve Corwin

  5. Hello, Richard!
    Thank you very much too. I also enjoyed our talks and will always remember them. Just like the day I first read your story, a day I first came to this site and first sent you a message.
    I am very glad that you still have inspiration to write new books. It sounds really great and I will be waiting for your new stories, wishing you good luck.

    Actually speaking, I have learned a lot from you, enaugh to say: you are one of the best teachers I ever had. Your stories came to me in a difficult time when I needed a lesson. And I had it. And you also gave me inspiration too – my main source of power.
    I wish you find more and more inspiration too in every day you live.


  6. Dear Richard, I really hope that one day in future you return!! To hear your comments and your sincere and modest advice is a blessing for every one who is reading it. To meet you after 38 years, alive on these pages was joyful!! Wish you All the Best with Love, for you, the ones you love and for your “next Flights” and experiences!! Thank You!

  7. Hi, Richard! I, too, have been reading you books for many years! My life has
    been changed due to them! I’m simply happier with life, and find the good in
    others! I’m a better person; especially after reading Illusions, many, many years
    ago.I live in another state from my daughter & her family. When I pick up There’s No
    Such Place As Far away, I’m closer to them! Thank you from the bottom of my
    heart, for all the joy you’ve brought me. Be well!

  8. All of my love from London. We love you Richard. Best of luck in all of your projects, and in your travels, conquests and queries.

  9. Dear Richard, all the comments above say it all . You have touched the world deeply. We look forward to your new projects. Our nightstands await another jem that will be read and reread for our entire lives. Sincerely. Joe.

  10. Look forward to seeing and/or hearing of your project(s) in the near/far future. And just to celebrate your next phase, out I go to re-buy Jonathan and Illusions! 🙂 All the best to you. Long ago your books were each a miracle in my life. Thank you. Sincerely, Mary

  11. Richard, an email from you is like those last few seconds before you break out on top. It suddenly gets brighter, there is that feeling of a burst of speed and there it is…right on top of the layer, zooming between the tops. Brilliant light and smiles.

    We’ll keep cruising along while you work on those projects. Looking forward to you checking up on the frequency soon. Blue skies.

  12. Life is a mystery and a joy , it is a journey into Self and it’s a wonder to behold.
    Thus saying, I know you will return for sharing your words and thoughts is a joy and it’s a wonder for us the reader and you the writer to behold. Journey on old friend and know you are never alone and always loved.

    love and hugs

  13. Dear Richard,

    You have millions of fans worldwide, but for those of us who have found your website, it has been a privilege to share these digital pages along with my fellow travelers. It has truly felt like a small community & family and while I don’t always comment on your posts, I love reading your thoughts as well as all the many beautiful & thought provoking replies. I always feel better and usually learn something new, or gain a new perspective, or feel enlightened or sometimes just a sense of belonging and acceptance.

    As others have noted, your books (and the messages within) have affected my life for the better. I first read Illusions in 1977 when I was 13 and your writings opened up a whole new way of looking at the world and my place in it.

    You will be missed, of course, but we all wish you only the best. May you have many more adventures along the way, and if we’re fortunate, maybe we’ll get to read about them in a new book or a post. If not, I know we’ll meet again.

    Wishing you Light, Love & Happiness Always,
    Ruth in Maryland

  14. Hello Richard,

    Hope very much that one day in the future you will return, but in another way you never will be gone at all. We have your books and they are frozen in space-time like that reel of film that freezes Butch Cassidy and Sundance in Illusions.

    There are no words to express how much your writings mean to us. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends 🙂

    lydia & john

  15. Dear Richard.

    Since I read one of your books for the first time (Juan Salvador Gaviota in spanish, ´cause I´m from Colombia) my mind chage inmediately.

    I flew in hangliders, paragliders, and a little bit in Cessna and Piper aircrafts; but I couldn´t have my license because of the money (unfortunately)

    I suffered a lot when you had your accident in 2012, I sent you a tweet that was kindly replied for your communications staff… And I also have a coolombian typical painting that wanted to send or wished to bring it to you personally.

    My life for almost 30 years changed for better because of you and some other people, but I´m still having huge questions about life,

    Thanks for writing and sharing with all of us.


  16. Dear Richard,

    It has been almost 40 years since we met in Escondido, California where you spoke to a small group. You were with Leslie then and “Illusions” was an infant on the rise. My life changed for the better that day. Within one week I met and married my SoulMate Dr. Russ Michael. The JOY in my JOurneY of 74 years here in Playground Earth has led me to Becoming a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach with clients worldwide. I AM so happy for the Universe that you followed your Soul’s calling and are continuing to make a truly awesome contribution in the unlimited expansion of Creation.

    “Illusions” sits at the very top of my book list. I AM blessed to have been able to gift 100’s of copies to others, and I highly recommend that every person own and LIVE the heart-based message it is.

    Sending Love, Light and BEyond ~~~~~~~
    Ardath, aLOhA Life Coach & FUN Raiser

    • I have read this comment and agree wholeheartedly with everything that was said. My feelings are alive and well of the book “Illusions “. I can’t thank you enough for your insight.

      Best to you and your endevers. Jerry

  17. Dear Richard,

    I have recently decided to sell my old farmhouse and buy a motor home to travel the USA, your books will be in there. I had an idea a few weeks ago, to find the schools and libraries across the Country that desperately need textbooks and libraries that don’t have the funds to have the books they want. I have a group behind me willing to make donations and so later Spring I will be on the road, visiting all kinds of people, having all kinds of adventures! Two of the books I will see to it that are part of this are Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions, the two books that began my journey with you. I want others to have the chance to discover you as well. Thank you for everything you have given to us over the years. Wishing you the best in years to come! Love, Carol

  18. Two years of my LIFE have been celebrated above the Earth. Serenity among the few bumps that have occasionally brought me back into the present. It has been a pleasure to share the “skies” with you. Flying brings a perspective that ground bounds will never understand. It’s not just visual perspective, but also the emotional/psychological perspective of who, what and where we are in Life. Often think that the MIND takes better pictures than cameras. Today, the only truly copyrighted images are the ones that only you can see in your mind’s eye.


  19. There is ONLY LOVE!

    We are all blessed beyond words, the connection will always be there for Richard and all of us………….
    Merry Christmas and love to you too, Richard. Thanks for the memories.

  20. I won’t deny I am sad that this is ending. I feel like I just found you again. But my spirit has begun to soar once more from our conversations, and for that I am forever grateful. Looking forward to seeing your new projects.
    Peace and Love to you Richard,

  21. It’s always a joy to know you are continuing to explore. As my grandmother used to say; “Don’t be a stranger”, and “Drop a line sometime” ! She also also said “Every young man should own a horse”. (To explore the world. I think she would agree that an aircraft is just a different kind of horse…..) So true.
    Be well, be happy, safe journey!

  22. I always get so excited when I see an email from you, like so many! You have touched so many of us, & I’m sure you always will! As you have been told by so many, We ALL love you from deep within our being! We miss you yes, but it is a good missing. If that is possible! Good luck with all you are doing! Fly high & free for all of us who don’t fly! You have made our lives so much more than we thought!
    I still have that airplane motor in my shed. It needs to find a home & be able to fly again. Hopefully that will happen soon.
    You are a treasure in my life……love from within,
    the desert lady

  23. Hi Richard,
    Will miss your updates as you complete those projects. Sure hope you’ve been doing well and miss running into you at Oshkosh.

    Best to you!

  24. I have read your books for more than 40 years. They have shaped my life.
    Love always to you and yours.
    Until we meet again,

  25. I wish you all the best, Richard! I try not to be selfish, but truly hope that one day (sooner than later) you will desire to post here again. I wonder if you’re aware what a great impact your vision of life has on those of us who continue returning to read your entries here. Whatever your present priorities are, I wish you all the best in accomplishing them all. We will miss you!

  26. In 1973 a woman gave me Jonathan livingstone Seagull. I was 19yrs old on my way to London from New Zealand. The woman was 35yrs old, she was trying to seduce me at The Holiday Inn. She thought I was a very nice boy.
    Grand adventures assailed me. Highs and lows. The lowest low spun me in to oneness for near two months.
    After tumbling from the mountain top I went searching answers in the Yukon. I left my family.
    In 2000 I opened a wilderness lodge here on the West Coast of NZ.
    I called it Beaconstone.
    Richard, you were never far away

  27. Thank you dear friend….

    Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.””
    – Messiah’s Handbook Quote

  28. Looking forward to reading whatever fills this space in my life. God bless and fill your life with love and that special view of life.

  29. Richard: Through your kindness and sharing of your most precious commodity – time – you have touched us all and proven beyond all doubt that the Messiah’s Handbook was correct when it said something like….’Rarely do members of the same family grow up under the same roof’. I would have taken the time to look up the exact words but 1200 miles currently separates me from my Bach library.
    Many thanks for your shared insights and I wish you all the best………Earl

  30. Richard,
    I have a few of your books, and I re read them every chance i get and love each one of the books i have, I have read One and A Bridge Across Forever several times, and each time i get a new meaning from them. Love your books . Always looking for new ones.

  31. I read Illusions in 1985, because the bookshop had sold out of JLS. It changed my life and gave me the belief and the faith to become someone I loved. 18 years later, reading Bridge for about the fifth time, the same thing happened again. I have Part Time Angels to read since last Christmas. Somehow, I’ve been too busy, lately, to even open the book to the first chapter. I think I have a lesson to learn. Thank you, Richard, for all your lessons. I will miss you.

  32. Dear Richard,
    Long time reader, first time poster. Want to say Thank You and let you know that there are many people out there like myself who are extremely moved and feel the same connection to this family here as the every poster. I want to graciously give our warmest wishes on behalf of all the silent fliers on here.

    From my spirit specifically, as a Canadian pilot and plane owner, you changed the path of my life and guided me through times of searching for what matters in this realm of spacetime.
    I can still remember the first time I was exposed to JLS. I was a 12 yr old cadet and was too young too appreciate or even notice the depth. Years passed.
    When I was a freshman in university I found you again, by complete chance in a bookstore at the mall. This time I could understand and quickly devoured all your pieces I could. I wanted to feel the freedom you spoke of. I had a sniff of it while flying in cadets and knew exactly what you wrote about. I saved up through high school, worked hard, never had car, lived in crappy apt, and always fantasized about having my own plane. I figured it was a pipe dream. Then I read your books. They described my aforementioned dreams in vivid color and simplicity. Barnstorming around freely you showed me it could be done.

    That summer, while 19, I bought a small Cessna 150, spread my wings and flew around Canada. Without destination, I flew as a fledgling wherever the weather wasn’t. Ending up at different small airports, sleeping under the wing, In tents, on flight club couches/floors and hangars. I tasted the freedom of flight marinated in the true brotherhood that is aviation.
    It spans all ages, genders, and “types” of people. I put pen to paper throughout the summer scribbled down some of these experiences and escapades. I’ve never written anything in my life but I figured there were many other firsts that summer so what the heck. I mashed these events, with my philosophical tilt on them into a short story/novel. I attempted to write in the style of my favorite author. You.
    I’d be honored if you’d accept a copy or I could send a PDF for your perusal. No other soul has seen this except the friend who magically typed my messy journals into the computer. So needless to say, its far from perfect grammar or spelling, it’s the material that matters anyway in my opinion. Just one airman to another swapping lies, doing some hanger talk.
    Thanks either way,
    Daken Coleman
    P.S Sorry to all for “novel” of a post

  33. Dear Richard ,
    your books changed my mind and my life. each time i read one of your books my soul is fulfilled with new point of view, and in your stories i can find my self like in no one book before. Illusion become my bible and one of must have gift for my friends .

    you are not dust, you are magic
    thank you for being my guru and my soulmate
    sincerely yours

  34. Parece ser que soy la última en llegar…Hace años Richard Bach ha sido para mí inspiración y seguridad de que es posible vivir más allá de la realidad vana. Y después de no saber nada más de sus libros, un día lo busqué en la red con verdadera nostalgia. Creo que hacía sólo unas horas se había colocado el último post que consideré casi una despedida eterna.
    Hoy me sorprende este correo, tanto que olvidé mi Inglés y escribo en español para poder decir con toda mi fuerza interior que Richard Bach ha sido, es y seguirá siendo un regalo inigualable para esta humanidad que busca algo mejor en sí misma y más allá de sí misma.
    Gracias por volver! Gracias por existir! Gracias por haberle permitido a su luz brillar ante nosotros. Dios lo bendiga

  35. Dearest Richard, Your books made me own my life, which forever changed it for the better. Years later, my wonderful daughter was going through a particularly receptive time in her life and I gave her Illusions to read. She experienced a similar transformation. I’m sure other authors have shared your philosophy, but none have articulated the profound thoughts in such a simple and enjoyable way. I once met you in person at a book signing. You were so warm and personable even after greeting so many. You could not convince me that I did not feel your spirit and see your aura. I have never had that experience before with anyone else. Many years have passed and now I wonder if I imagined that feeling. Somehow, I don’t think I imagined it. I think you are an old and bright soul.
    All my love and gratitude,

  36. Richard,
    Thanks a lot for what you have done for so many of us. Don’t ever doubt you have changed our lives. You have answered our questions, you have made us feel we are not alone. I can’t wait to get your next email. May God (The Purest Love) be with you every step of your journey.

  37. Dear Richard,

    I often wonder if when you wrote Jonathan or Illussions if you knew what a profound affect they would have on so many people.

    You see the thank you’s in all the post but I can’t imagine that anyone could ever completely comprehend how their words could change others lives. But you have by showing so many of us the true nature of ourselves. You’ve given us words to stimulate our own thoughts not to blindly believe.

    I met one of my dearest friends because in our very first conversations he asked if I had ever read the book Illusions. We often get out our individual copies of the Messiah’s Handbook to generate a topic for discussion. We haven’t always agreed but we understand the true meaning of friendship because we embrace our differences.

    One of these days I hope that the story I am writing will touch people the way your words have. Your books have given me the courage to fulfill a promise.

    Like so many others, I am forever grateful that you cared enough and made yourself vulnerable to the rest of the world by sharing your thoughts.

    I know it’s not possible, but if in this lifetime or an alternate universe, there is a way to repay you, I will without hesitation.

    Thank you again.

    Happy Flying Always,


  38. Though I am just another corner of the world, I feel close to you always because of Jonathan…and Illusion which became part of my life. Thank you Richard for being with us in this life time

  39. Thank You Richard
    for your inspired thought and the love you have expressed – on this site and in each and every one of your writings.
    May inner joy and peace be with you, as you pursue your projects.

    Looking forward to more “thought-sharing” when you are ready to return – with your comments and questions sparking lively and inclusive talk.

    As always, may we know
    “All there is, is Love”

  40. With warm wishes and sweet dreams.
    God bless you on this new journey. I’m sure we will see you back here in a few months. There is more for you to give and us to learn.
    I hope you write about allowing God to lead us. You know, no preaching just pure love of the Almighty. That is what the world needs. I know you know and can help lead through your writing.

  41. Dear Richard and Family,
    The two beings who in these 4 years have given me wings to fly, see, feel and act with a harmonious perspective within my being are Richard Bach and Matias De Stefano, a young Indigo born in Argentina …. with these two wings already I begin my first high flights in the style of Juan Salvador Gaviota and Donald Shimoda in Illusions …., Infinite Thanks Richard,

  42. Dear Richard,

    May your spirit soar and your heart sing in this next step of your journey!

    Thank you for all of your words of love through the years. Your books live in my heart.

    With admiration and love,

    Lynn Van Gundy
    Portland OR

    (Formerly WHFL)

  43. Thank you Richard, for your time and presence both here on the website and in your books. For your thoughts and ideas. For sharing your adventures and travels. For nudging my mind just when I needed it.

    As others have also said, my life changed for the better when, as a teenager I first opened a creased copy of JLS. Learnt a lot from you ever since. Fly high towards what ever is next on your horizons.


  44. Every time I see a seagull I smile and think of you. Enjoy your new adventure and enjoy all your blessings and all the people you have blessed by your life. Peace joy and love. Happy Holiday dear friend

  45. Thank you, Richard, for providing this space where we could connect with you. Wishing you the best with all your other projects. May we hear back from you soon 🙂

  46. Have only recently discovered your books and this very special place here – have been glad to visit if only for a short time and to enjoy the community of souls. Much gratitude and good wishes for future take offs and landings. Jane South Africa

  47. It’s been great having you be part of my life for so long. You are like an old uncle who always has some great things to talk about and talking with you through your books always adds to my growth and enlightenment and leaves me with a warm feeling. Like the “last samurai ” said to his friend who was leaving him : “I will miss our conversations”. Best of luck in whatever you are going to do and I hope we may be able to converse again.

  48. In a nutshell, had I not found you when I was in 8th grade in 1972, I don’t think I would be alive today. You have been my rock and my inspiration my entire life and have always given me the strength I needed to find myself and to face the challenges of this perceived realty. Simply put, Thank You for Being.

  49. Dear Richard thank you for all the love, kindness, reality checks your books have inspired in me and wishing you the very best for your new journey.

  50. [Comment removed]

    If this comment isn’t removed then we know Richard has ceased to read these comments and will not leave any more comments. His post was short and final. If it IS removed, then I, for one, will know he’s still out there .. watching .. 🙂

    No offence to anyone,
    Much Love to everyone,
    Peace, to all beings.

    • Do you wonder if we ever reach a peak in our own creativity?

      I didn’t know till now, but today I believe (thanks to David’s comment) that the horror of Peak Creativity will never descend upon anyone.

      Why would I write _Thanks to everyone_ if I wasn’t dying? Is there a purpose to say such a thing when we know we’ll be around for an indefinite period?

      One purpose would be that I truly care for this little family that we’ve created, and I love the spirit which brings us here. Another purpose could be that I believe I’ll be gone in the relatively near future, which is true. (I may be wrong about that, but I think it’s true.) I’m in excellent health, yet I’m slowing down, and some dreams and strange events lately seem to be in harmony with that idea.

      However, I have one last book to finish. So far I’ve written a third or half of this book and sure enough, I believe it will be a lovely story. My problem is that I may become so interested in the path that leads from one appearance of life to the next one, that I won’t spend enough time here to finish the manuscript. That’s a burden which I intend to carry.

      My plan was not to respond to any comments till the book is finished, but David’s comment was so original that he has, at least for a minute, changed my plan. Now I’m back to writing. (There’s this fascinating “person” who meets me there.) I’ll tell you all about the story, soon as it’s finished.

      Love to all (and thanks to David),


      • Thank you so much for that reply, you are beautiful, especially for putting up with my post. I believe it, (what I said), for all of us, it wasn’t flippant. I believe the book will be finished, you have given too much love for it not to be, these things are not accidental, nothing is, as you know. We are all blessed by what you have given. You inspire me.

        I *love* you.


      • Your reply made me tear up, Richard. I know, I know, there are no good-byes. It’s just, change is never pleasant until we decide to make it that way 🙂 Waiting patiently for your last (I hope not!) book.

  51. I have been a big fan of your books, and today was the 1st day I looked you up online. I am rereading your books…. Odd and interesting that life is taking you on a new adventure. I would love to meet you in person one day.

    Have fun with your adventure.
    Hugs from someone you have never met. Andrea from Texas.

    • Andrea,
      I am sure that we as spirits have met again and again, whether between lives and very occasionally in other bodies and spaces-times … we are all adventurers, students and teachers ….,

  52. Hi Richard,
    I was too late on the technology to find the website until u
    You were on your way to another adventure. I wanted to express my gratitude for you and your books. Avid fan. Since Illusions was a first edition. Yes, life changing . I always have at least 2 copies on hand along with J L S to pass along when hope is needed. (I have passed along at least 40.)

    You probably will not agree, but I consider you to be the originator and father of all the self help careers of Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay etc . I haven’t read one yet that doesn’t make me smile and say to myself…”didn’t Bach al ready say that?”
    Much love and gratitude to you and for you. You contine to inspire me for 38 years and going. It could not Have been easy being 20 years ahead of the times.
    Love and Light to you wherever you may be. Always.

  53. On this December night, looking up towards Arcturis on a frosty fall night, I am reminded of my favorite prosaic chapter that you may have ever written; ‘OOMM’, chapter 3. “Let go.”

  54. Time/space is of no matter. What IS? Only love. Always love. In all ways love. Do we love less if we’re of supposed distant time/space? Here, without a stroke of a typed key we still know and feel love and if never an “Ever, Richard” again… Richard is no less love and loved. We are no less love and loved. With thankfulness for gently nudging me out of darkness and helping secure a pen in my writing hand. Truly, Julie

  55. Dear Mr Bach, I wish you Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
    I wish in the next year you to continue to give us the jewels of your mind which are flowers of wisdom in the garden of time. You guide us to the border of separating reality from illusions, to the path of dreams which takes to the highway of happiness.
    Our planet raves in the fever of wars, poverty and indifference. I want for 2017 to be a year of humanity, the awakening of drowsy pity and stamina. May the comforting peace to heal the wounds of the world and to become blessing of Christmas.

  56. I will add you to my Board of Advisors. I appreciate a mind as imaginative as yours and I could really use some help at this time. Thank you for your inspiring words. See you in my dreams.

  57. Seems I’ve arrived to the party late. Everyone is leaving. . . . I first read Jonathan Livingston Seagull when I was 8-years-old. It was a terrible thing. I spent hours lying on my bedroom floor crying because I knew that book was the Truth. And I knew I had already lost touch with this Truth, even though I had only been here, in the physical, for a few short years. I then spent several more hours with a red pen in my hand, copying this story I had found in the library word for word onto white, lined, notebook paper. It was the 70s, I was eight, and buying the book or even using a machine to copy it wasn’t an option. Nor was stealing it. But I couldn’t bear to part from that Seagull, so I used my best penmanship. I still have my hand-written copy of JLS in red ink on white paper. Though it’s in a scanned form now. And rest assured I have purchased several copies since then. 🙂

    • Hey, Red! I did that too! I copied the whole book, word by word, in a notebook. I think I lost my handwritten copy when I moved cities a couple of times, though. Also, I went on to buy several hard copies later and also the Kindle versions. I made it a point to read all of Richard’s books after JLS 🙂

  58. Richard Livingston Seagull,

    A soul moving through time, I wondered what it would be like to live, yet with not enough awareness to ask a full question. You showed me through your writings. JLS was my first, then Illusions… I carried Bridge with me in the cockpit when I got my first ticket.

    Jonathan sounded lonely to me, but focused through difficulty on his growth, he became our teacher, like you have been for millions. Those of us chasing money, presenting falsely, fearing criticism, don’t yet see, but thanks to someone who goes ahead and shares, we will, some day.

    Your gifts to humanity are your charm and wisdom. You share a higher plane of life for which flying can only be a metaphor: to work, focus, look ahead, think, consider, to leave base instincts behind and and soar to greater heights than anyone who clings to the ground can possibly imagine—topping clouds and seeing things, experiencing things, that bring you closer to the universe far beyond the sky.

    I read your work and saw myself in your pages.

    I don’t yet have the wisdom to know where you’ll go, but I believe it will be beautiful and light, and you won’t need an airplane to fly. My husband, who was very much like you, has gone on before. I am so thankful we got to meet you at Oshkosh.

    Blessings to you, forever.

    Jennifer Livingston Seagull, ATP/CFI, who has learned to soar.

  59. Hello, Richard!
    Hello, America!
    Writing to you from Sevastopol, Crimea.
    2017 finally arrived! Glad to say it, because looks like this year will bring us lots of new changes and new happiness. I offer everyone of you to leave everything painful and sad things in the past year. It was a hard one for many of us. So let everything bad transform into your experience and everything good into something you can take and carry across the years.
    No matter what will wait for us tomorrow, it will be in future we are building.

    Pryviet from Russia!


  60. Do we actually ever leave or return or are we always here in one form or another. So maybe this party continues ? I hope so, and David seems to be the catalyst. But Red surely must be the unique guest ? Could one count the number of people on one hand who have written out a much loved story ? That’s one amazing little boy! Have been reading “Running from Safety’ and experienced for the first time a kind of rush, an ecstatic kind of lightness as I read your descriptions of flying through and out of clouds – in a few lines of words was the most awesome moment and I can recreate it even without having the book in my hands. Onward the celebrations.

  61. Dear Richard! Your books are NOT just tales or nonsence of a madman, your books are REAL storys, and I ask you – I beg you- DO continie to share with people all this! PLEASE!!! You are SO needed to the world, you are so needed to me. Please, dont leave this material body as long as its possible.
    …and, especially thanks for: you know, when my psychologists ask me to draw them my system of the world or to squeeze me in their own system, I give them your books!
    – I hug you so much from all my heart, Lena from Russia
    …. I think there was only an inscription on the Door- “the existence” 🙂

  62. Dear Richard
    I have been reading your books since the first of the 70’s, I can’t think of a time that I dint have JLS & Illusions. You have opened up my mind to things still to be imagined, places to sour to, I remember my first solo flight, and cross country, other lands to visit like Saunders-vixen,

    I met you in Oregon on a wed nite church talk, I think it was summer of 1993/4, Mary was the minister, I don’t remember the church, just south of Portland, or.

    I have so much I want to say, but I’ll just say love to you, and my all your endevers be as you wish. I would love to stay in touch, am hoping we can.

    Much love to you.

  63. Dear Richard
    I have been reading your books since the first of the 70’s, I can’t think of a time that I dint have JLS & Illusions. You have opened up my mind to things still to be imagined, places to sour to, I remember my first solo flight, and cross country, other lands to visit like Saunders-vixen,

    I met you in Oregon on a wed nite church talk, I think it was summer of 1993/4, Mary was the minister, I don’t remember the church, just south of Portland, or.

    I have so much I want to say, but I’ll just say love to you,

  64. As always, I cherish the many beautiful thoughts which have been given flight here! I also send you love and gratitude.

    I finally bought Part-Time Angels, which arrived today. Someday, I told myself many years ago, Richard’s going to write a disappointing book. How joyous to be wrong! Though I suppose you *could* still write a disappointing book, if you really tried? 😉 Meanwhile, I’m loving this latest treasure!

  65. thank you very much!
    the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull saved my wife from depression.
    all thoughts vyskazany you in this book is so often called for her head.
    you are a magician.
    now her biggest wish is to meet you and talk.
    after all, you have to know so much!

    thank you for everything!

  66. I don’t know you in person, but sometimes I think “I miss Richard, waht’s going on?”
    Then I go to read some lines of one of your books, in order to make your “Seagull’s world” closer to my imagination and soul 🙂

    I am glad to know of your projects and I send you a hug light as a feather!


  67. I found only now your beautiful page. I wish to thank you for being beside me when I was a kid and remembering me who I was when I grew up. You taught me how to survive in this time/space reality and not forget that this is only an Illusion. We are all one and will meet in one dimension or another . There is only love. Thanks

  68. Thank you for the impact you and your writing has made in my life, the lives of my children, and the lives of my students. I wish you the best of luck in all your future projects!

  69. Thanks for reminding me of all the lessons Ive already known my whole life. I’ve found a friend in you between the words of every page of all the books of yours ive read.

    I carry the messiahs handbook everywhere I go, because it never fails to help me remind myself what is most important when faced with adversity. You are a brilliant writer that has touched my life forever.

    Until I meet you again in another dimension, or another book.


  70. Its amazing to read book and realize that there is a person in the universe with the same mind, world outlook and thoughts.😊
    You are the greatest auther i’ve ever read.
    Thanks for your books ,dear Richard🙏

  71. Albeit, I wasn’t ready to accept ALL your ideas back in the 80s, I tremendously enjoyed reading JLS, Illusions, One TBAF. Now, more than 25 years after having read them, other teachers are saying in 2017 in different ways what I already read in your books.

    Your books are aging like a good wine.

  72. Dearest Richard
    Your books have touched my life in so many ways. I discovered illusions at 19 whe. I was questioning everything about the world and a friend leant me a copy of your book. I read it all way through then walked into my local second hand book shop and found my own copy. It was meant to be the lady had just put it on the shelf. Since that day 30 years ago I’ve bought at least 8 copies for friends. I read your book at least every 5-6 months and each time I feel more connected and with purpose. It’s very well loved and worn and special. THANKYOU for sharing your wisdoms I have loved every book I’ve read and now I’m about to re read the messiahs handbook. Best wishes

  73. Love you Richard. Your books pretty much defined my understanding of the universe and what we are and what we do. the only thing I don’t know is WHY// Why does everything exist? But I probably won’t find the answer I’m looking for, at least not in this reality. It’d really be amazing if you replied. Thank you so much for changing my life and helping me stay afloat in this vast world of fear and beauty.



    • Why do teachers need examples from their students, why do they need incidents from our personal lives, for us to learn the lessons they’re teaching?

      • I believe that any given point in our “life” journey each of us can be either student or teacher. As we progress through out journey of this reality, we learn what we need to know while teaching to others as needed.

        This would be similar to what Jonathan was presented in Part 2 of JLS.

        As a teacher, I’ve found it most instructive to students to use examples from their experiences to relate to them in terms they more readily associate with as part of the lesson to bridge the communications gap.

    • Hi, Michael,

      Don Shimoda answered that question in ‘Illusions’. Why do we come here at all? Two things: fun and learning; learning is finding out what we already know.

      If you read all of Richard’s books, you’ll find all the answers you need. They aren’t always obvious, but they’re there alright. But answers don’t become meaningful unless and until they change us.

      It’s in our nature to express ourselves. Hence, everything exists.

      Take care.

      – Pushkaraj

  74. hello, Richard. I have read Illusion, on many occasions and i just love that book and many others that you have written. I have it on my mp3 player to listen to when i go camping, so as i lay on the green pastures of a English farm field, there i am with the sound of illusions playing as i fall asleep, dreaming of the pastures of the mid-west. with our friend Richard and Donald. keep up the good work.

  75. I thought you’d appreciate this. I was walking with my husband and we were talking about birds. He told me that pilots love birds. You see them all the time. And then he told me how amazing it is to see a hawk flying while flying in a plane. You never get to see it that way when you are on the ground. It reminded me of you and Jonathan.

  76. I have been reading your books for years and years and I find them quite intriguing, I must’ve read them three or four times each. Thank you for the many years of knowledge and entertainment.
    We share the same birthday so I want to wish you a happy birthday on June 23!

    Sincerely Rhonnie L. Stehman/Reinford

  77. I found JLS in 1975 when I was truly lost and looking for the answers as part of my search of an extremely inquisitive mind. Jon spoke to me then but I was not yet ready to understand all the lessons he was teaching me.

    Since that time I have wandered far afield and learned so much, always venturing with Jon at my side, whispering advice and help to guide me in my search. I will confess that I wasn’t always ready to listen or learn but that didn’t stop the lessons.

    Yesterday, I found myself back at the beginning of my search for truth when Jon took my hand again to show me what I have been seeking to learn for over 40 years. My original copy of JLS has long since disappeared but I have replaced it with another and I sat down to ask Jon for advice on a perplexing point of understanding that I was wrestling with and he very quickly simplified my confusion.

    In my wish to thank Jon I found my way here to find members of my true family, waiting for me to finally make it back to the place I’ve never been but believed existed. I am truly blessed to be able to come here and offer thanks for the guiding words that have meant so much to me over the years. We have journeyed together across so much and have experienced life, love and pain together. I know I have much to learn yet and find joy in that opportunity for adventure.

    My reality has shifted yet again and I am off to find new frontiers to explore. Thank you, Jon, for all the lessons that you have patiently presented. Thank you Mr. Bach, Richard, for your courage and honesty, to write the words that have changed me.

    Your books have been like a life preserver in the sea of confusion that have lifted me from the depths of lost and alone to this place of family and flying. Your words give me hope that I am not crazy and that these lessons that have been provided are not the foolish gibberish of a confused mind but the truth of love and reality that I have learned.

    We each are on our individual journey as an adventure and mine has been lonely at times. However, I now know that I am not alone. I have a family that understands and believes the same as I do and I am encouraged and lifted up yet again, to try harder, reach farther and seek the next lesson.

    Let’s fly!

      • Thank you Matt. I would like to share one of my favorite quotes from Richard’s work:

        “Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly.” JLS, Part 3

  78. A whisper and this nod celebrating this grand day of your beginning Richard. It’s an awkward and uncomfortable dilemma: check Amazon for a new offering or the obit’s! Hoping for the new offering with little regard for the latter as this life shall only and ever have an apparent end…

  79. Hi Richard, a younger me once started to write a screenplay of Illusions . It had been such a large part of our family learning, passed as gifts many times, and more popular than that best seller “The Bible”. I was so full of enthusiasm and set about finding your email address to let you know the good news (not an easy task). You came back to me with a cease and desist letter (haha), completely shattering my “wall of Illusion”. Do not mind however, that young man was so thrilled at least to get a bite out of the old pilot behind the pen. I think you asked if I knew a good man and friend of yours “James Cameron” as he was also in New Zealand…sadly I did not.

    Your 81 Richard at the time I’m writing this, Not dead by a long shot. My dear Mum is 86 now and while she has needed some new parts , she is still sharp as a tack. Rest assured if the Illusions movie does not actually manifest in this physical plane , that it has been probably well produced I think at least twice. Definitely once in my universe and I would think most probably in yours also… but who’s counting

    Go well old friend , and thanks for all the ink so far.


  80. If you do stroll by these pages, I just want to say “thank you”. Hope that whatever projects you are working on bring you joy. Your books have opened my mind to all the possibilities, who could ask for more? KJ

  81. I don’t usually comment or post anything. But i’d like to note, coming back to these pages is much like coming home after freezing day spent outside. You can finally take off thick clothes, have some warm food and meet your family.

  82. Dear Richard
    Thank you for every book. You’re the writer whose books had a great impact on me when i was 15y/o, now i’m about 30 and i still find a brand new things in your books, bless you, and big-big-big thank you
    with a lots of love from Russia

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