The Leaf Who Touched Madrid

IT HAPPENED THREE YEARS ago, in October.  I was walking with Zsa-Zsa, or rather I was walking down a grassy road on the property and she was being a Shetland sheepdog exploring the lefts and rights of the road, checking to make sure the  squirrels were properly where they belonged, in the trees instead of on the ground, that the sparrows were in the sky and not resting on the grass. that all the mice had their little passports to travel the covered mini-roads over the meadow.

Winter would be here, and ZZ would soon have to taste the snowflakes, check out the footprints of raccoons, watch eagles shake their frost and fly from the tallest trees.

There was a grand maple tree along the road, and my boots crunched a thousand leaves on the ground.   The leaves on the tree were dying, too.  Seasons, I thought, they bring gentle deaths to so much of nature, and they ready our days for new life, too.

The next step, I stopped.   For there on the road among all the dead leaves was a leaf that was perfectly green, a song of summer past.  I picked it up, and the one next to it.  I could hardly believe, so I took my little phone-camera and took a picture.


How strange!  Every other leaf, every one on the ground, was dried and brown.  The one, as though it was linked ever to eternal life, glowed in the road.

What a remarkable sight.  I put it down again, and continued my walk with Zsa-Zsa.  She was out of sight, but of course she know exactly where I was.  How did that leaf stay so green?

I wandered in the forest, but I couldn’t get the leaf out of my mind.  There must be some reason…  I never much cared for biology, I didn’t know what had happened to this leaf.  I must have thought it was green, a few minutes ago.  I didn’t imagine it green, did I?  Finally I turned home again, hiked back up the road, found the tree, saw the leaf.  The same leaf.  I picked it up from the road, brought it home, protected it from ZZ, who wanted to inspect it carefully.

I put the two leaves on the table.   They stayed there.  Months later, the snow swirling, drifting out the window, the leaf stayed, untouched by dogs or nature.  In time, it began to dry.  I picked it up, and part of the leaf shattered, fell to the floor.

Something happened somehow, a sheepdog may have gotten onto the table and curious, touched it with a paw, when it fractured into a hundred of pieces.

Still, I had made another photograph:


Then today, I had an email from Madrid, from Amelia Lopez at the website.  She had been healed miraculously, she thought, and she had read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.  I thought to tell her about the leaf, and she wrote back:

“Wow! The leaf!  I thought that only happened to human beings!  They say that happens to humans whose vibrations are really high, their bodies remain intact for a long time when they die, it seems their cells are impregnated with their high vibrations!  I never thought it could happen to leaves, too!  Is it possible that this was a leaf whose life was dedicated to Love?  Can Love alter the cycle of Mortal Life?  Can Love affect atoms and cells in such a way that in ecstasies they forget what they have to do when they die?  That time stops for them and they remain as they are?  Are you aware of the little miracle you kept at home?

“And you say you are not fascinated by Biology!  In what way can vibrations of a leaf be that high?  Maybe, aware of danger, she bent one day to save the life of a little caterpillar.  I have heard that plants suffer fear, or experience joy.  They are sensitive to all the emotions around them, you can register fear with electrodes when you approach them with a sharp object. If they can feel fear, can they feel Love?  Was your leaf a loving one?

“It is amazing.  How lucky you are!  How lucky she is!  She fell just where you would find her, you, the one being who would notice, so her loving life did not disappear into oblivion.  The vibrations of those beings are so high that they affect also those of the ones around them, maybe your little leaf can help you raise your own awareness.  Wait a minute! Isn’t she doing it just know?  Yours and mine?“

I  wrote back to Amelia:

“I walk by that tree.  This year, not a single green leaf remains!   Lots and lots, seas of brown leaves.  I can only agree with you, that it was that leaf’s love, her bending to save the life of a caterpillar that let the love of the Universe ripple through all the beliefs of dying.

“Look at what she’s done to thee and me: Never will we forget her, the wonder of her life will continue through us, and some day through your daughters, and through those to whom we share her story.  She is invisible to us today, sparkling among all the stars, like The Little Prince’s Asteroid B-612, living her life in the spirit of all the leaves that ever lived.  Some day, or perhaps for many days to come, we will scuff through the fallen leaves, and know that she floats perfect always, right now, this minute.”

And today, at last, the leaf shifts into your consciousness.

Happy summer!

39 thoughts on “The Leaf Who Touched Madrid

    • James, may I ask you why you say that? I am sorry, I may be missing something, different cultures :). Why do you think her name is relevant? What did you see in her name?

      • Dear Amelie,

        I think James is referencing one of the greatest Aviation Legends, Amelia Earhart, who followed her passion for flying and adventure to the edge of this space-time and beyond…

        Amelia Earhart, for aviators, is another green leaf that will forever stay in our consciousness…

        Amelia, what a delightful name! (Amelie as well!)

        • Thank you, Juan. I thought James might be referring to her, but I wasn’t sure. It is a poetic, beautiful coincidence, our names. We not only share names, the Love of flying as well. With our bodies sometimes, metaphorically others. Because Flying is what we do here, at this site.

  1. YES! Such a lovely leaf. I want to love that way. I want live with my heart open and expanded. Thank you, Richard, and most of all, thank you leaf from that beautiful tree. <3

  2. There is something undeniably magical about autumn maple leaves. One of my fondest memories was finding a preserved yellow maple leaf between the yellowed pages of an old book I was reading. I was probably about fourteen, going through time of conflict with my mother. Finding the leaf that she probably placed there years ago, somehow made me feel akin to her. We didn’t stop fighting then, we still argue quite a bit now. But the yellow autumn maple leaf remains in my memory as a little link that connected our souls.

  3. It’s lovely when this happens. I’ve been listening to Bob Dylan’s Forever Young lately, even if he’d never written anything else, that would have been a life well spent. Then I read about your leaf, Richard, synchronicity, a sign that we are on the right path. Your leaf seems to be a Forever Leaf.

  4. Love it! I’ve been fascinated with plant and tree intelligence for years, yet never connected it with Love. I got interested in it after reading of experiments done with a sort of “lie detector” to show emotional responses of plants. That was sometime in the 1970s, in an electronics magazine. Sometimes I’m really dense! What better to express Love? When you think about it, plant life provides so very much. Maybe it’s expressing Love most of the time? And I agree, on the Forever Leaf!

  5. What a beautiful story! That leaf also reminds me of something else. Gosh. This is hard to put into words. I feel a bit silly.
    When Amelia spoke of Love, the higher vibration, something from the bible (John 15:1 – about the vine and the branch came to mind. I’m not a bible scholar or religious but these things come to mind sometimes.)
    I AM the vine and you are the branches. He who remains with me (Love), and I in you, will bear abundant fruit; for without me (Love) you can do nothing. And later in the chapter it says, Love one another just as I have loved you. I believe that Amelia is correct. Love defies the material sense of illness or death.

    • Oh, here it is. I must have slept on this idea. This leaf knows that although it appears cut-off from its source of life and from other beings such as that caterpillar, it is not. We are all like that leaf. We can be fooled by appearances, by our bodies into thinking that there is a separate you and a separate me but we are all together in this. We can believe that there is decay and death, a time when we will die, but it is not the only reality.

      • I read somewhere that cuttings from the same plant will react as though they are still connected to the original. I have separated and repotted my Mother-in-Law’s Tongues and have noticed that, even though they are in different rooms on different floors, when a leaf falls down on one, a leaf falls down on all of them.

  6. Such a beautiful post, Richard, as are all the other comments that followed it. Unfortunately, I am an empiricist and not a poet. However, I would like to add that I am experimenting which a phenomenon I call “reverse aging” without being aware of the underlying reasons for its manifestation. These posts added validation as well as beauty to what I believe can be true.

  7. Clearly, in the Light of Love the NDE changes the vibration of atoms and molecules and is the healing and harmony in body and mind.
    During the Ascencion of the Spirit-Mind I have come to sense that the body does not dies in cremation or burial,
    the pure heart only recognizes the Master, not the crowds …

  8. What a beautiful and powerful leaf! She shared Love with you. And you send us this Love. we will give it to someone else… This leaf will live in our hearts now too.

  9. I have accepted the death of the mortal body long ago. So far as I know, no one has managed to prevent the mortal body from the inevitable decay sufferred even by the loving leaf. What seems significant is maintaining a youthful spirit and mind which in itself seems to provide longer life to the mortal body. At 62, I sometimes look in the mirror and say, “I do not know who you are, but if you hold still I’ll shave ya”. Sometimes the image in the mirror just doesn’t match the feeling within. I am thankful each day for what I know is a time-limited capacity to enjoy life and to experience love in every moment. Thanks Richard!

  10. My mum always said she was nineteen inside. I’m sticking with thirty, after those grown-up late twenties, I realised that I could just be me and that ‘adulthood’ didn’t really exist, at least for me. You are always the oldest you have ever been, so I feel the same inside now as I did when I was six, or any age. Perhaps if I stopped looking in the mirror I wouldn’t have a problem. I wonder how we would judge each other, or ourselves, if we did not have a physical body progressively getting creakier. It’s a shame we aren’t like Chiang, getting stronger and lovelier as we learn more. We live the wrong way round.

    • Oh Sally, please do not stop looking in the mirror. Next time look into it and see the beauty it witholds…..loving each and every part of what is seen…from within to out. Only then, like Richard said below, can shift take place. You may just start seeing yourself in a different light.

      • Thank you for the reminder Jennifer, I know you are right, but it is not always easy to remember. I suppose we are programmed not to be vain, so it is second nature to see our faults, somehow that is equated with humility. All wrong of course, but we need to change our whole perspective. I’m still at the baby step stage I’m afraid, and fall over quite a lot.

    • This reminds me of Richard’s words: “Never forget the little kid you once were”. I try to keep that in mind. It works against getting too grown up.

    • “Envisioning!” What a powerful concept. Holding such a beautiful idea in thought, gradually does our world of belief change around us.

      • Yes! What a joy to watch my world change as I choose to see it differently. Not just an attitude, but a change in the world. Yet time and again I forget this. And I wonder why. Maybe if we always held in thought the world we choose, it’d get boring? It’d make sense, having chosen these adventures before “birth”, to include a lot of challenges! And from out of nowhere, I just wondered if this leaf knows how much joy she’s spread among so many? It may sound silly, but I think so!

        • I have been blessed with being able to envision most of the important events of my life… I owe this to the perspective my parents and Richard give me with JLS. The fact is, I don’t know another way of living! But envisioning is not something that just do. First you have to know what you love, then focus… Let go and focus… Easy to say, some say… Practice, perspective and perseverance are the key.
          It has worked marvels on me!

  11. Fantastic discovery!

    Another hint from the deeper reality… There’s more to what we see with our physical eyes…

  12. For many years the concept of “aging” interested me. I once read that blind people do not age nearly as rapidly as sighted people simply because they do not know what they are supposed to look like at a certain age. I also should mention the experiment where a bird was put into a cage and only was permitted to see white. Eventually the bird himself turned white. That being said, this brings me to my experiment with “reverse aging.” If you remember, Richard once wrote, ” Say you’re a master….and you are!” Well, reverse aging is just like that too. Every time someone says to me, ” You’re 64?!? I don’t believe it!” Then I say, ” But it’s true. I’m reverse aging.” I know it simple ( some of the best ideas are). And here’s a bonus: it’s free, and it works. Say it. Say it to yourself. Say it to anyone who asks. Say it a lot. Because a lie believed eventually becomes the truth.

  13. Ричард, Вы прекрасно впечатлительны. Долгих Вам лет.
    Кристина Травова
    — Machine translation from Macedonian: Richard, you are perfectly impressionable. Do you long years.
    Christina Travova

  14. Richard – you once wrote something like, “Rarely do members of a family grow up under the same roof.” I thank you for providing this electronic ‘house’ for our family to drop in occassionally and share such interesting insights. Without it, I could never have met so many of my brothers and sisters out there who remind me through their postings that I am not alone afterall – and certainly neither are you!

  15. Thank you for such a beautiful story! That little leaf has touched my life now, too – and is helping me raise my awareness. I feel blessed; I have an overwhelming gratitude for a little leaf and your exquisite ability to share her tale. She will live on in me and I will pass her story on to others.

  16. Something very unusual has been happening with me with leaves and it’s been going on for a quite a few months. It seems that almost everywhere I go I see heart-shaped leaves, either on the ground or dangling on a branch. They are calling out to me for attention. They are little notes of encouragement from Spirit, telling me that I’m on my true path.

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