The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Heaven

DOES IT HAPPEN, that after a while one has a curiosity about the afterworld?

Maybe some people have the curiosity, and since the blessing of my airplane crash it’s been floating around, just out of touch.

“Out of touch,” he said, “since you’re not caring enough, right now, to know.”

It was a guardian spirit.  A handsome male angel.  I’ve seen a number of guardian angels for the last year and a half.  Maybe not seen, but talked with.   I know they can do all sorts of things for mortals.  To understate a bit: they’re our friends.

“I know that I’m pretending to be a mortal just now,” I said.

“Well said.  ‘Pretending to be.’”

It was somehow all right to ask.  “I talk more easily with female spirit guides.  Would you mind…?”

He didn’t blink.  “Stand by,”

They can shift — could I shift, if I were an angel, or a guide?  Well, I could get someone to change places if I weren’t the right one.

“Hi.  How can I help you?”  What a sweet face.  No wings, but so dear.  As though I knew her.

“I want to know about afterlives.”

“Of course,” she said.  “What do you need to know?”

“I was there not long ago,” I said.  “In one of them.”  After the crash.

“Afterlives.  So you know, don’t you? You know there’s more than one heaven.”

“I thought there might be more than one.  Because, well…how could everyone go to one afterworld?  All those radical different beliefs?”

“Good!”  She was pleased. “Our heaven is matched to our sense of Love.  How long did it take you, how long to consider, that there might be more?”

I couldn’t lie.  “Seventy-some years,” I whispered.

“You probably had lots of other things to learn.”

“Airplanes,” I said.  “Can I ask a question?”  She had long hair, a long dark pony-tail.  I knew she lived in an alternate heaven.

“Of course.”

“How many, do you think…”

She made it my question.  “How many afterworlds are there, Richard, would you say?  How many heavens?”

Instead of telling her, I have no idea, I told her my guess.  “An infinite number.”

“We like to say there’s an indefinite number, but you’d probably agree.”

I smiled.  “More than anyone can count.”  I got it right.

“And that’s because…?”  she said.

What’s a because answer?  “Because everyone has a belief of what it could be for them, and they create it, same as we create our beliefs on earth.”  Interesting, I thought, the hereafter, it’s our belief, too!

“What if they don’t believe in an afterlife?” she said.  “It’s just blank for them?  Everything’s dark, forever and forever?”

“Maybe for a while it is.  And then someone like you, some one they love, might mention that if they moved a little toward the light…”

“But it was dark.”

“Because they couldn’t see without a suggestion.  Soon as she said, ‘Toward the light,’ they’d see it.”

“Good.”  How could I be good, when the guy said I didn’t do any homework?  I prefer women angels.

“So there are hereafters that are hell,” I said, “and some that are heaven?”

“Whatever we truly believe, that presents itself as true for us.”

“So what’s real?  Is everything beliefs on beliefs?”

“Oh.  You know that.”  What a smile!

“Are angels always beautiful?”

“Thank you,” she said.  “We are, in your heaven.  The higher you rise, the beautifuller are the scenes, and the angels, too.”  She repeated herself.  “What’s real?”

“All the worlds, they’re beliefs.”  But I knew, or at least I was convinced, “Love’s real,” I said.

“You don’t say God?”

“Nope.  Love.”

“Time for you to wake,” she said.  “What a pleasure, to meet you!”  She smiled, as though she had talked with me for a thousand dreams.

18 thoughts on “The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Heaven

  1. I love it! Very reminiscent of what I’d read in Seth Speaks (Seth through Jane Roberts) long ago, only displayed in your usual playful, ‘self reminds self what self already knows’ style of writing which I’ve adored for nearly thirty years now.

    Thank you so much for your sharing! Love is real!

  2. So, what is real : God or Love? They say Love is God. I think God would have no objection if we give Love a little more importance than Him.

  3. Well Rhiannon, you echoed my feelings/thoughts about this one, though I
    *still* haven’t read any of the Seth books. Thank you!

    I’ve kicked this subject around in my head for years, only to realize heaven
    is whatever I want it to be. Now if I could only manifest a fast-forward to
    October, for the regular book release of Jonathan, with part 4… 🙂

  4. I think everyone’s definition of the afterlife is as varied as their definition of their dream home. You want five bedrooms, a bath for each? I say, no thanks, one of each is fine for me.
    Perhaps, instead of ‘afterlife’ or ‘afterworld’, we change just one letter. How about ‘alterlife’? When our physical bodies quit working, our life doesn’t end, it just alters.

    • Yes! A great analogy, I think.
      And alterlife sounds good to me. Or just next life. Though I then get lost wondering what “next” means, outside of space-time.

  5. Yes! Thank you for once again reminding us, for giving words to those misty ideas dancing just beyond our understanding and transforming them into solid, beautiful, crystal strong knowing. I’m grateful.

  6. The afterlife is a great subject to research. The more it’s considered the less we indulge in the seven spiritual sins such as greed, envy, etc. and the more we value love and the service to others, including animals. Victor Zammit has a wonderful web site dedicated to the afterlife which includes a weekly news letter (Friday Report) His web site:

  7. I am so grateful for your “input” into my whirly world and mind. Thank you for the calm way of showing your “self” – and sharing your insights, ideas, questions and suggestions. Being a pilot myself – seaplanes included – maybe someday you might come visit the Evergreen Air Museum at McMinnville, Oregon. I belong to the Thursday “A-Gang” as a volunteer. They know me there as “John Guenther”

  8. One suggestion about the afterlife, just remember! It’s where you were before you were born. You’ve already been there, and so decide to recall. It worked for me. Blessings, Carol

  9. I experience heaven each time I clear all the negative garbage out of my mind to find the peace and love that always resides within me. I find heaven in chance meetings with loving souls who bring a smile to my face – whether human or animal or bird. And I find it when I paint or sail way offshore where there is only blue all around and the sound of water swishing against the hull. I find it in alone in nature or sharing a special time with friends. I even find it sitting in solitude on my deck amongst the trees and birds and just give thanks for being. How could I not find heaven then in the after life when I can take the memories of such rich experiences with me?

  10. Heaven is a beyond time/space “place”…..that you have been pointing out to us for over 40 years. We are awakening to it now more than ever.
    Thank you Richard.

  11. “What a sweet face. No wings, but so dear. As though I knew her.”

    Worlds, bodies, all illusions. It’s really just a shift in attention, and we meet dear soul friends again and again for new adventures.

  12. Sir: I’m glad you’re well, given the accident 2 years ago…I don’t think you’ll recall this, er, well, you wrote me on the back of a post card in 1988; I remember that…in this, I’d just like to say, that I found Jonathan Livingston Seagull to be a really great book–I’d like to get your “travel w/ Puff,” (you mean the Magic Dragon, yes?)…Interestingly too, your just as old as my Dad…oh, geez, I just give up. Thank you for your writing!


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