The Missing Gremlins Post

IF YOU FOUND that post deleted, it wasn’t a Gremlin, it was me.  It began this way:

THEY WERE DISCOVERED before the first years of the Second War, and they were found first in the Royal Air Force.  Aircraft engines would run just fine on the ground, then quit on takeoff; the radios would work well in the hangar, turn silent in the air; brakes would work perfectly, but on the next landing, one of the brakes would fail completely.

They drove ground crews and pilots mad, they did.  Until one mechanic gave them a name: gremlins.  They were so popular in those days, invisible little guys who didn’t mean to kill the pilots, just have a little fun with them.  And there were a few anti-gremlins, too.  Some planes came back from missions in the war with six feet from a wing missing, an elevator gone, three engines stopped and one running just enough to make it home.

When the war quit, so did the employment for the gremlins.  Lucky me, I had a rare team of them in a P-51 I owned briefly.  The supercharger failed at altitude, brakes sometimes stopped, the engine would overheat just after takeoff, to spray glycol over the windscreen so that I had to look past the oily glass to land. Of course the radios were inop in the air. The other planes were fine, the ’51 had this earnest family of gremlins.  It was such an easy aircraft to land until once I put one wheel in the dirt on landing and the ’51 wrecked itself in the sagebrush.  One anti-gremlin felt sorry for me that day…by his courtesy I wasn’t hurt and what was left of the airplane didn’t blow up.

Then, years later, computers came along, and when they arrived, those unemployed gremlins moved in the hearts of some of the young human beings who liked computers.  Their name changed. They weren’t called gremlins, any more.  They were called trolls.

Just like the gremlins, they didn’t intend to hurt people, but to have a little fun with us. Rarely would they damage one’s computer, but nearly always they’d find a public forum, bury it, spangle it with coarse what they thought ought to be adult language.  Nothing much happened, save that people who didn’t care for their black and white words left the fora, turned their attention elsewhere.

Of course trolls don’t often, don’t ever, I hope, find a place on this site.  They try, but so far no luck.  It wasn’t till I looked at the filters that I saw hundreds of spams caught in the spam-webs.  I caught a troll or two…

… and then the post went off where I didn’t want to go, about some plans for the site that I realized did not belong here.  So I deleted the post, and forgot that it would show up on your computers anyway.

Everything’s fine, this was just a mistake of mine, which happen so rarely they they seem to be the work of gremlins.

Thank you for your patience.

17 thoughts on “The Missing Gremlins Post

  1. It’s interesting about mistakes….it seems that we only notice the ones we are meant to see….who knows how many more there have been that we were totally unconscious of.

    • I have again begun my exploration of Richard Bach’s work, your work Richard. I subscribed to this site several years ago during a period of great learning in my life. I hope you continue to post. Your words, your thoughts, your flying, your gifts of communicating about the realms beyond comprehension continue to amaze and sometimes baffle me. I AM SO GRATEFUL for your gifts to the world, a world of great confusion and great emergence and transcendence these days. Please continue…

  2. This reminds me of Roald Dahl’s wonderful story “Some time never”. Not only humoristic, but it contains also a very disturbing description of London after a nuclear attack. Maybe the best anti-war story ever written!

    I also like your very humorous description of your crash with the P-51 in “The bridge across forever”. Especially the rock-song playing in your brain when you realized that you where inside an aeroplane which was about to catch fire and your remark that the parts which costs a few thousand dollar a piece are the ones that tend to break up as first!

    Many times working on the computer I get the impression that Microsoft employs a large team of gremlins…

  3. I often think that this life must just be a game simply because of all the problems we have to deal with and solve. Humans can’t seem to enjoy anything easy, we get bored and have to have races with two legs tied together, put a blindfold on to pin a tail on a donkey, put time limits on what we do. As you once wrote, problems have gifts, and if we don’t have a problem we have to invent one. Then we moan like they’re nothing to do with us, and call them gremlins. We just need to regain our sense of humour and stop ruining it for everyone by being bad losers and taking it all too seriously. We are all gremlins.

  4. Thank you ! After a few months another déjà vu. As they say in my favourite movie: “deja vu means a mistake in the Matrix” (from Matrix movie). My translation is: “Do not forget, it is a simulation / game”

  5. Funny history, gremlins. Their life cycle, apparently, goes from Mogwai to Cocoon to Gremlin. Mogwais, it is said, were created on a faraway planet and were intended as ambassadors of peace on other planets. Gremlins are described as an unintended side effect of the Mogwais.

  6. Perhaps it’s a time thing. Perhaps gremlins come into being when our minds are not in the present – the now. I’m sure we’ve all heard of the Friday afternoon, gremlin infested car, where those on the production line have had their minds on Saturday night, rather than the task at hand.
    Everything that has ever happened, or ever will happen, everything happens in the present, yet instantly becomes happened, it has moved on, it has become the past and no longer exists. But the present – the now hasn’t moved on, it remains ever – present. It is eternal, it is everlasting.
    Where do I exist? I can only exist in the present, the eternal, the everlasting. So how much better for me to have my mind focused in the present – the now.

  7. happy to have found this site, and very thankful for all the wisdom you’ve helped share… your books are magic! I look forward to reading & re-reading them. I would like to do with music what you have done with writing… help people & flow… I’m not sure I even understand, but I hope to have a clearer view a little down the road. just wanted to say hi, & thanks for all the immeasurable inspiration. !!

  8. Gremlins and Trolls, part of my daily exercise. Upon triumphing over the little things thrown at me, I await the next challenge. Having learned from previous exercises and preparing for the next, the challenge is to see how much planning ahead can make the next episode survivable as well.

    Lessons learned and applied. Ready for the next…

  9. I run a few websites and the trolls seem to be more prevalent on some than than others. Sometimes the trolls are people pretending to be trolls leaving inappropriate comments. Other’s act more like Gremlins, a picture shows up where it is not supposed to a link does not work, A site freezes… a post is gone, all with no explanation.

    I wish I could explain it but it is just one of the mysteries of life. I would love to hear more about the P51 and your adventures flying it.

  10. I had been flying for almost 10 years when I began to notice mistakes I was making…small ones, never anything large enough to damage me or my aircraft, but mistakes nonetheless. I was never able to determine if I had just begun to make the mistakes, or had I just gotten enough experience to notice mistakes I had been making all along. I’ll never know…..Perhaps they were gremlins.

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