The new book has disappeared…

Today Life with my Guardian Angel is gone from  I wonder why th…

Because it is soon to be published by Rainbow Ridge Books.

The publisher will take a few weeks, and then the e-book version of Guardian Angel will appear on and a few other places on the Internet.  Later it will appear in a lovely paper version which will be found in bookstores and on the Web, too.

More information and dates, as soon as I know.


18 thoughts on “The new book has disappeared…

    • Many thanks to you, Sharon. The book’s time on Amazon did what I hoped it would do: it showed the publisher that some readers did in fact truly like this book. And you made it be there! Thank you!

  1. Wow! Great news! Iā€™m one of those people who love going to bookstores and getting ā€œrealā€ hands-on books to bring home and read!

  2. Arrrrrrrrrr – I waited too long. Now I guess I’ll have to wait a few more weeks! I’m re-reading your entire bibliography Richard – and enjoying it immensely. I also love watching, through your writing, you evolution through the decades.

    Congratulations on finding a publisher. Bravo. Something to look forward to when I catch up to “Life with…”
    Love, light, spirit and connection,

  3. Yay! This is where you belong, in a book store! I am so happy for you. I will be buying the “new” version as soon as I see it in a book store!

  4. I love your latest book – added it to my collection. It was very thought provoking and caused me to reflect. Love when books do that. Your comments have helped me with my flying and I thank you for that also.

  5. Congratulations, that is awesome news. I usually order books from Amazon, so it is good to hear it will be back soon. I am currently rereading “One”, it seems that whenever I reread your books I gain something new. Thank you for sharing with us all. Have a beautiful night. – KJ –

  6. Congratulations!! I ordered my copy through Amazon a few months ago. It is great that I can tell others to soon get a copy at the local bookstore on a shelf for all.

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