The Three Languages

I WAS THINKING THIS morning, writing with a friend, and realized all of a sudden that beyond our normal verbal language there are three other languages we can understand.  We hear messages from the our carrier (her word for the body), messages from the spirit, and last from the soul.  The last two use our own thoughts for its language.

The carrier speaks of fear and danger and death, the monkey chatter of words in all the languages of mortal minds.  Other physical things, too, like challenge, like striving, like sex, it’s a joy and sometimes a distress when it speaks.

Spirit speaks the subtle and unexpected, the voice beyond words.  Our friends on the Other Side, guardian angels, our highest right, speak spirit, sudden inspiration, a warning from time to time, as comments from them come to keep our mortal carrier and our highest aspirations going.

Soul speaks life and love, untouched by beliefs, uncaring about the fate of our body.  When we think we’re dying, it loves us, speaks to us then and ever.  Love, I think, is the highest language there is.

On the Other Side, in the Beyond, there’s no carrier language since there’s no body, no physical senses are required.  Thought only, telepathy, not a word of human language at all, so we can talk with our beliefs of animals, trees, flowers, all the same connection to everyone.  When our Beyond self speaks from time to time with a mortal, it speaks thoughts, and we translate thoughts into our own human language…perfectly normal for us.

Can this be true for you?  It was startling, to me, but still true, when I thought of all the messages sent for me in this lifetime, and read about the messages to those who have met trouble, too.

Why bother with these ideas which others think are nothing but random thoughts?  Seems to me that the better we practice and understand pure thought, the easier we can talk with other aspects of ourselves and others, on their many levels.  Can we practice speaking back?  Will they respond?  Maybe it’s just fun.

And maybe my pleasure is languages, the rivers that join souls and spirits and mortals together.  Is there someone in this little family who hears from time to time and maybe speaks these languages, too?

I think that could be true.

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  1. I love reading your posts. Although I never comment, I choose to join this conversation.

    For me it’s very simple. Anytime I’ve had a great idea or made a good decision it directly comes from the other language. Unfortunately chaos can come from listening to my carriers voice. Never a problem when I speak from my spirit or soul.

    This is where trust plays a major role for me. Hearing the other messages and trusting them with my soul are my combination for happiness and love.

    Thank you Richard.


  2. Yes
    I always know the difference and always listen
    and I’m actually sometimes tired because the body and soul tug me in different directions. Sometimes it’s like a war inside.
    but in the very end the soul will prevail and peace will be here for good.
    Sometimes I wonder if it’s even possible-peace while still living this body, this story.

    • If it weren’t for the tests, which I think are supposed to teach us Love, peace would be easy. Short-term struggles as mortals, traded for long-term peace, understanding and non-destructive education as spirits, I’d say that’s a bargain.

        • It seemed so easy, when we signed. We know we were immortal life, we had all the connections with others, the loving, the knowing of who we are! A quick little game as a mortal, and we’d learn more! What fun! We knew about the amnesia, but sure enough, everything we trusted about ourselves and our friends, and about Love? We forgot.

          • I know remembering will be really fun. I had one experience when I was 16. I think it was akin to your silent fires from your previous post but from the feelings side. I was far far different from most people around me back then. Now I know why- because I remembered a bit more than average, always. I had a long talk with a boy about what love is and I got frustrated that he didnt get the universalness of it. And as I was going to sleep that day I asked with all my being- if love as I know it should be exists then show me what it’s like.. I didnt know who I was asking- god, my soul, someone else- but I still asked- and that time was different from others because I got an answer. I was suddenly flooded by the strongest current of love imaginable- as if my heart opened up like a door and that inpouring love outpoured from my being back outside. It felt like electricity and light, like flying, lile hearing celestial music. You know that white is a blend of all colours and all colours can be seen if it’s put through a lens- well that love felt like all feelings imaginable felt at once and more, like there was everything in it that I can ever think of and dream of, like I could embrace all with the scope of that love….they let me stay, amazed and overwhelmed, with this feeling for a couple of hours and then it slowly subsided, letting me go to sleep. It still shone through a lot for maybe a week and my mom kept asking questions- who was I in love with, and I couldnt explain much, just smile….
            I know that love of this kind is almost too much for this small body and this world but I know it would be really really fun to remember it more.

      • I agree with that Richard, but sometimes the other stuff gets in the way…on days when the physical insists on it’s own way. Like Margarita, sometimes it’s a struggle for me.

  3. Beautifuly put…
    I have always wondered when and how you came into contact with your spiritual insight.
    Illusions for me encapsulates so many universal truths- how did you receive this information?
    I have shared on social media that all that spiritual seekers need to know is in your books which predate the multitudes of books theories that exist now.
    If you can I would love you to share how you came to this knowing.

    • Everyone has spiritual insight, but thanks for saying it matters to you. Seems normal, except that I’m just chattier than others. If there’s more to it than that, I’ll write.

      • Thank you for your reply. So this was a ‘knowing’ of the universal order of things rather than how some get channeled advice from their higher self, Angels or Spirit?

        • I think we don’t need channels from others. Nice, but not required. Everyone has a direct avenue to the highest in us, though there’s a few brambles on the way, if we haven’t walked there before.

  4. This is really very good, Richard, and your ability to draw it out from others like Margarita, above, is wonderful too. Rare and very valuable communication is being shared.

  5. Thanks for this post and it’s synchronicity with current events in my life. Yes I do hear the two other languages. In my experience the soul and the spirit speak to me through my body, through feelings, and are particularly active when dancing. And they will come at different time of the dance. I learned that my body never lies, while my mind can.
    So in my perception, I would see the ego, often verbal, language, which is like what you call the carrier, and aside of that we have the soul and the spirit languages that could express somatically, or even through energy. And the beauty of this is that as human being we need both and welcome both.
    What do you think?

  6. I’m just catching up and felt I had to say *something*, though I’m still absorbing this post and the latest one. It is fascinating how the right things seem to come just when I need them. So for now, thank you!

    • Steve,

      Like you I’ve been busy with other things and now I’m trying to catch up…which is why I’m chatty today. This particular blog for some reason took two days to reach me. But two days ago I was super busy, so I guess it worked out.

  7. I was so moved by your post and your dream Vi and can relate to what you express – I have very little knowledge of dreams but I find them fascinating – I actually thought that characters in a dream are aspects of ourselves but I don’t know if this is correct. If so were these figures trying to cut at your young feminine innocence that was emerging at age 14 in this beautiful pastoral scene? Or is the knife symbolic of cutting away illusion and false identity. Can one say that you made it through that mutilation and became so much more ? It has a feeling of some kind of initiation to me albeit a painful image.

    • Jane and Richard,

      I finally went to the other blog and saw this post there, but I’ll answer it here. I have dreams that are predictive. It’s just that sometimes I don’t know it at the time. I’m afraid to trust it. So many people go on insights that turn out to be bogus, that I am very careful.

      Some things in my life mutilated me emotionally. That’s what it was about. But I learned and grew from it all, so it was all worth it.

  8. As I sit gazing at the beautiful tree, I realize suddenly, I am one with thee,
    Always have been, always will be,

    Language, how precious!

  9. Richard, your words so often find me when I need them most. Im in the throes of a language battle as we speak…the voices of change and some fear overpowering the inner voices of strength and confidence. Thank you for this post and for reminding me about perspective and the power of words and language!

  10. Richard,

    “And maybe my pleasure is languages, the rivers that join souls and spirits and mortals together. Is there someone in this little family who hears from time to time and maybe speaks these languages, too?”

    I do or else I’m learning to. I believe there is a knowing beyond words which originates from our Other Side self. Sometimes the words from the Other Side come to me in hesitant form, and I wonder if I’m just making it up. In Biblical terms, it’s the doubting Thoma or Thomasina in my case – the mortal part of me. The message is there. I absorb it, and it is translated, maybe by my spiritual self? I love being in communication with those on the Other Side, be they ones from this lifetime who have crossed, guides, angels or souls. Since this is all illusion, are we really ever separate? My mortal self says probably not. My spiritual self says, no we aren’t, we just forgot how to listen or be in tune. It’s a great adventure for the child in me who loves to consider possibilities. Then there are moments of Satori where all is clear.

  11. The experience Margarita describes highlights for me that what I have called spiritual progress has to some degree just been a re-arranging of the “old psychological furniture” rather than an emptying of the space to let the Divine speak to me. I also recognise a frantic desire to avoid personal discomfort, pain, depression, self deprecation creating a kind of inner contraction to safe limits. It has been largely a choreographed exercise of change on my terms which is a catch 22 I think, or an exercise in futility. The thought of surrendering to the complete infinite unknown and experiencing what almost sounds like a dissolution into love is awe inspiring. Would this be like opening the veil to the Other Side or is that kind of love possible “in this body and this story” as she says. I sometimes find that in trying to love I confront the primitive in myself and spend a lot of time trying to ‘destroy the enemy” when perhaps I should love it and let Love prevail. I’m beginning to feel like a stuck record. Jane

    • I actually dont know to this day whether it’s possible to live this kind of experience here for longer periods than what happened to me. Maybe it is. I dont know…

    • Jane,

      I really don’t ever surrender completely. Lack of trust issues because of past experiences. So many times when I’ve done that, it ended up in a mess. I also don’t think in terms of the “Divine”. I think we are all even, with no one superior, and learning, depending on what “reality” we are in at any given time and our levels of growth. So I wing it.

  12. Language is a gift of the conversations we are either a part of or are gifted with listening to. The conversations of the soul, the mind, the spirit and those which we do not have a name for yet but know they are happening. At times with others and then the times where we are listening participants.

    A feeling we have toward another person or life force is a subtle but real conversation. No words are spoken or perhaps no touching contact is made. But the energy between the two flows, swirling, soaring or at times simply resting. The energy’s communicate in their own language.

    There are times we communicate with nature. Or perhaps nature communicates with us. The feeling of a storm coming in. The language of the dropping barometer conversing with us of a pending storm or weather change. The conversation that we are being allowed to listen to if we are open to it.

    A loved one passes. The language that was used between that person and the ones left behind continues with the same language continuing the conversation until all that can be said has been or it is time for that soul to move on.

    To me language is infinite. When fortunate, I am given the skills for that moment(s) to communicate with that energy and feel the joy of that gift.

    Thanks Richard, this one made me think. Really enjoyed the back and forth on this.

    • Diana,

      You say this so succinctly. It’s right on. The most intimate communication I’ve had was with my boyfriend as he lay dying. Some of the most unique feelings I have had have been communications without words with those who have passed, when they made me aware they were visiting.

  13. I learn something today from writing about and sharing a spiritual experience. Even if the experience happened over 40 years ago, the power of the experience is still there. It was an experience of being cheered up from being depressed about finances and related matters by (an angel?) a tall blond woman who appeared in the wall in front of me while reading at my desk. A day or two before some shelves of books had broken off the wall and came crashing down on my desk breaking my glasses, books sliding across the floor. The tall blond woman in a white robe was flanked on each side by a row of older men in various colored robes. The woman was wearing gold-rimmed glasses which she tweaked and asked me, “Do you like your new glasses, Mike? You will be getting them in tomorrows mail.” I had gone to a town 40 miles away to order new glasses and asked that they be sent in the mail. The next day was a snow day, no school, no mail, nothing much moving, but on the day after that the glasses were in the mail box. The older men, some with gray hair, but not much of it, were clapping and shouting, “Way to go, Mike!” and other encouraging words. I had never felt such a “rush” of love, it felt like a wave that thoroughly penetrated me. I have to say that since that time I have never since been that depressed, had some difficult experiences, but just remembering that experience gives me a calm sense of peace. What I learned today was the power of that experience of so many years ago, which was an expression of DIVINE LOVE, lasts forever and can be shared. If you feel that wave the LOVE is yours and yours to share. That’s the nature of DIVINE LOVE.

    I have felt that same LOVE in the experiences expressed here.

    • Is there anything that keeps us from sharing these amazing events, once in a lifetime, or a few, in this little family?


      • First I think we need to begin, ourselves, to recognize the nature of these “unusual” experiences which I would call “non-dual” or spiritual experiences. They transcend the limits of time-space and I think we gain that by intuition, not by rational thought, as in recognizing the universality of love as stated in the comments above. Then we can communicate the experiences to others, but there too there must be recognition of the nature of what is being communicated, spiritual information. Some who do not recognize the validity of spirit and are even solidly opposed, I believe, are unwittingly keeping the door closed and not choosing to walk that path because they see no value in it. This touches on the idea in Scripture that “a sin against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven”. There may be a whole lot of packing moral interpretations onto this, but I think it is not that it is ” such a terrible sin” , but is simply stating that believing in spirit or Spirit is a free choice, a matter of free will. Nobody can make the choice for us. It is more like choosing to jump off a roof or to run a red light. There are consequences. We can avoid those consequences to choose not to do those things.

  14. Michael,

    One of my issues is the way I was raised in fundamentalism. It was so restrictive, so damaging that I junked what I’d be taught. Then I studied the religious beliefs of other faiths and found a lot of them “know” that what they believe is right, even though a lot of these beliefs are mutually exclusive and/or contradictory. Going on faith, therefore, will never work for me. The people who I was raised around who do that are lost in an abyss, at least for now. They don’t see it as a problem. They “know” they are right. So I’m always careful as to what I “know” to be true.

  15. I liked this post! Very often I feel I have communication using other languages than that my carrier uses and it specially happens to talk with persons I love as I had a special continuos communication with them no matter distance or time. As example with my daughter, very often we do not need words to communicate ourselves, sometimes we play a game we invented, she thinks very hard (when she is at school) “I am going to tell my mom that I am fine and happy”, then when I pick her after school, she asks me, “Mom, did you receive my thoughts?” and yes, I had during the day a feeling that made me happy because I knew my daughter was fine. We started this like a game, and now it happens spontaneously. It is amazing how we can read and listen words that have never been written or said on a explicit or traditional way. It is good to know that all of us can communicate with other languages.

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