There’s No Such Place as Far Away

7 thoughts on “There’s No Such Place as Far Away

  1. Thank you, Richard, for writing this book which I will find comforting at this time when my husband just passed a week ago today (7/31/16). Of course, I love ILLUSIONS also. Aloha, Kani Ingrassia

  2. This is the book I have been searching for and could not find. I needed to go directly to your direct website. Is it possible to purchase this book through a book store, website, or other location. Looking forward to learning about having this book in my home. Thank you. Connie Deuschle

  3. I received this book as a child from a person who was very important to me, right after it came out in Hebrew. I remember how I loved the amazing artwork and how I often came back and re-read it over and over and over again. It’s been a long time since then and I have never forgotten this book, not the birds, not their questions and not the ending. In my mind, this book is the special ring. Finally now, after rereading it when I’m close to 30 years old I think I finally, really understand it and I’m ready to gift it to someone special as it was gifted to me.

    Thank you for being an important part in my life with your words and wisdom. Eden Strokovsky

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