Things I Learned an Hour ago:

     WHEN we dream at night, we’re locked where we are by the beliefs of our trance.  We think the story in sleep is the only life we have, and we’ve forgotten how to wake up.

But it can be done.  An alarm clock can wake us, a touch, the bark of our dog.  Or (hard to do) we can remember ourselves in a different lifetime than our dream.   Sometimes in our dreams we think that only our belief of death can change what we see.  Now, waking up, I know isn’t death, though, it’s merely that we wake from one dream into a different one.  Is that true in waking life, too?

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  1. Hi Richard,
    I have been a fan of your books over the years! You touched my life years ago and just keep on touching it with every wonderful book. I listened to you on Coast to Coast, was so great to hear your voice! The photos are wonderful from Puff! You are a very lucky soul!
    Love to you,

  2. I’ve managed to “wake up” in a dream several times over the years – every time I do I immediately start flying. Which is lovely & fun, but always results in me waking up.

    Never considered if I could “wake up” in my waking life. I’ve always that that’s what dreaming & death were for. I’ll have to give it some thought. What would that mean? How would I be different from before.

    Many thanks for your wonderful books. “Illusions” helped me change my life.

  3. Yes from our waking life we wake up some day. We find ourselves in a different dream. That’s what I think. And the level we wake up to is the level of our Is. And when we get there we know that level is a dream, and that there are higher levels still. The concept of all things being thought before they become things is known at the Is level. The idea that the Law of Attraction is the basis of all things.

    I think it would be helpful to understand while we’re here in space-time that this level is like a dream. What we have on our mind creates what comes.

    About the dream we’re having from which we dreamed the Is level, it seems to me best to concentrate on what I’m doing here. I am currently trying to program to understand and work with the Law of Attraction and the knowing that thoughts become things.

    I love reading your words, and thanks for giving more of them through this web site. Thanks for helping me write. Your words here are charged with enthusiasm and positive-ness, reminds me of your books.

    So now I want to mention that when reading the Puff book, I was a bit surprised at how much of your instructional dialogue for future pilots was negatively oriented. “Always keep an eye out for places to land, pay serious attention if there are gusts to 40, watch out for this, keep an eye for that”. It seemed you were constantly thinking of what could go wrong, and I could only think that if I drove my car that way I would likely be attracting accidents.

    Richard you taught me Law of Attraction before I ever heard anyone talk about it. When Don said to you, while you were trying to watch Butch Cassidy and Sundance at the theatre, “we write our own scripts” and “we are here for fun and learning” .. that’s an example. The blue feather on the cover of the book, reminding us that we attract things into our experience with our thoughts. That’s an example.

    So have to tell you, as I was reading the book I was thinking, “he attracted himself an accident by being so focused on the various things that could go wrong.” (I learned about your accident the same week I got the book)

    You sure made a good thing of it though. I’m getting ready to read Illusions II again. Will visualize more great words from you going forward, with only a few small mishaps along the way. I don’t think we really need those Hospitals and tubes in us and stuff.

  4. You don’t imagine how happy I am, having found you’re back here! Time and again I’ve checked news on your recovery, and now finally I know you and Puff are in the air again!
    Your books have been a shining light for me since the seventies, and the timeless wisdom in them has accompanied me throughout my life. Thanks and love from Austria + Happy flying, Richard and Puff!

  5. In meditation I’ve had that experience like you wrote about in Bridge, waiting in the car for Leslie. LOVE! I think that is also what Chaing talks about as “being there.”

    Over the course of 6 months I was able to go there at will. It’s not a dream, that “place.” There’s no space or time there. No me and not me. No duality of any kind. From there I couldn’t even believe in here. It was something completely different than any dream I’ve ever had. I call it PLOJO – peace, love, joy and oneness.

    That was 5 years ago. It has only happened a handful of times since then. It changes everything, if you let it.

    My current understanding is that most people do choose to reincarnate but there is definitely a non-space/time option.

  6. I think we waken from one life to another every single time we open our eyes. This life I’m living today is not the life I lived yesterday. I’m at a different spot on the river.
    Think of life as a sailboat. My boat keeps sailing, even when the sails are down and I’m asleep in the cabin. Oh, sure, I toss out the anchor and try to stay in one spot for a while, but the currents still sway me, I bob up and down, and sometimes, the anchor breaks free and I’m pushed against my will down the rapids.
    When I wake up and go out on deck, the first thing I notice is that the scenery had changed. My boat is the same, and maybe I’m still anchored along the shoreline, but maybe it’s rained, or a bird has build a new nest, or a river otter is sunning himself on the riverbank. Sometimes, I’ve gone around a bend, and found a whole new landscape.
    Some day, this boat will probably sink, but that’s okay. I’ll either find a new boat or learn to sail without one.

  7. Great to see such wonderful comments above from the family and how, not surprisingly (especially all reading your adventures), we all have glimpses of a similar outlook.

    For a lot of my life (especially after reading your books and many an esoteric treatise and meeting my own Shimoda) I have felt that being ‘awake and in the world’ (but not of the world) was like going to work-school – and then at night we ‘clock-out’ and go ‘home’ (with no peak hour). That, between lives, we check the soul-employment listings and ‘clock-on’ for some decades of Earth realm experiences and service. ‘Workin’ the Earth-plane’. Well, of course, as Donald pointed out – fun as well.

    It’s interesting that Sharon above uses a boating analogy. In the early days I saw it as ‘deep-sea diving’… a long, long stretchy lifeline hose reaching down below the depths of incarnation. Sluggish movements under constant pressures. Fragile air hose. Clumsy, clunky movement. Things take soooo long to manifest. Inspiration take so long to be given weight up on the surface of the ocean and to sink them to the seabed.

    At night we lose the weight of identification and consciousness rises to a greater freedom and floats to the surface and breathes fresher air and de-suits and at least gets to see the stars. Sit on the deck and discuss techniques with our diving guide and talk to our crew about diving locations, weather, condition of pumps and lines, and most importantly – what treasure we are finding. Now, where were DID I put those maps again?

    This turns the whole idea on its head – where life is a spiritual diving expedition.

    Of course the next stage along is seeing the dive and the boat as one continuous consciousness – but not from the bottom up or the surface down… because even the individuated diving experiences, the boat, the crew and guides are all part of a greater dream of ‘Light exploring form’ on all levels – where “form” and “structure” are used to describe thoughts and feelings and the movement of coloured vibratory fields and Rays.

    And behind that Light? As Teska says above… just like you saw – catching a micro-sleep in the back of Leslie’s car outside the The Academy – falling backstage…. love, love, love.

    But why? And, other than Light expanding out and finding experiences, I also believe that the Light is bubbling and filtering through matter and infusing it… altering how it vibrates… raising it… bringing awareness. Enlightening.

    Sleep is like an in-breath and out-breath that we do each day as we play our small enlightening part and blow our bubbles of light into the world. There are many levels and many descents and ascents. Often an expanded version on a higher turn of the spiral – symbols and correspondences.

    Waking up – truly waking up – to this full life of Light means we start to move beyond waking and sleeping and identify more and more with the larger Life behind it all.

  8. How true it is “if you have the experience before the knowledge, you can nearly go mad.” I had the experience of sudden manifestations before I understood the science behind it. And although everything was unfolding perfectly for me, this seemed scary and strange and disturbing to my long held belief system. Until illusions. Until you. I carried the postcard you sent me everywhere I went until one day I lost it and needed it no longer. Thank you, Richard. You were there when I needed you.

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