4 thoughts on “Travels with Puff

  1. I read your books in the 70’s. Continued into the 80’s. Saw your talk when I worked at Illusions bookstore in Olympia. Gave your books to friends over the years. Finally, I met a pilot, writer and master mechanic of my own last August and gave him Illusions with a twinkle in my eye, if only because I knew he would both love it and be perplexed with it.
    Many blessings,

  2. I can read it also in English, but, to have it in Italian it should be such a bigger pleasure.
    A Gift of Wing was the first book I read, and it was just when I was starting the Italian Air Force Academy.
    Ciao Dick

  3. Hola Richard
    Hace un poco más de 20 años en un momento muy difícil en mi vida encontré tu libro El puente hacia el infinito en una libreria… Fue el libro que cambió mi vida… Gracias por tus frases y por todos los libros que he podido leer de tu autoria.
    Muchas gracias por ser mi inspiración. Un gran abrazo

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