Two Years Since

SOMETIMES ONE DOESN’T KNOW why things happened till later.   Till way later.

So it was two years ago that I crashed Puff into some high-tension wires.  I guess you know the story, in one second her wheels were caught in the cables and she slammed upside down into the ground, and I got to rest for most of a year, rebuilt Puff like new again and have been flying since.  It’s old history, yet I think of it, from time to time.  I’ve learned some lessons for me, but was there a story for anyone else, did my little adventure help anyone else’s lifetime?

All at once, the answer.  Only three words, built from personal experience.  Startling they are, but I think they’re true, they’re non-fiction:

We don’t die!

Most people who have lived through the adventure speak one time or two, for their family, their own story: “I knew I was going to die, but I didn’t.  I don’t mean in this accident, this lifetime.  I mean we don’t die, ever.“

Thoughts and spirits change in such calm words… spoken, sometimes whispered in quiet times, at home.  Listening, we try to share that feeling, and once in a while, we do.

What happens for the person who lived it is that we’ve just whispered the most important story we can tell, it means so much to us when someone understands what happened.

It doesn’t matter whether someone tells me or not – well, it does matter to me — but their telling says that something happened, that a wall came down that had been years standing.

So here’s a message from Adina, she lives in Sweden:

“I was reading a translated interview with you in the Swedish Magazine Inspire, and wanted to tell you that what you shared there means a lot to me.

“34 years ago my father died in an airplane crash together with 3 others. Similarly to what you were describing, the plane got caught and went straight down. They had flown from England to Sweden and were just about a kilometer from the airport, but had somehow gotten lost and were running out of fuel.

“I’ve thought about how they were experiencing their final hour and wondered if they even understood what happened going into the crash. What you shared in the article I’ve never heard of before, and it’s comforting to think that even though there must have been a lot of stress before the actual crash, the crash itself can have been a completely different experience.”

If I could talk with Adina, I’d say, “Yes!  It was a completely different experience!  Not what the newspapers said, not what anybody said!  Completely different!  Astonishing!  Beautiful!”

Used to be, I believed in continuing lives, they made sense, they seemed rational.  I don’t believe, now.  I know.  Every death ends in a dream.

I think that the afterlife seems realer than this lifetime, yet I’m pretty sure that our afterlife is a dream, too.  I think it is.  I don’t remember living it, but it makes sense, it seems rational.  My guess?  We live in beliefs of spacetime until we finally discover they’re good lessons, but they’re not real.  That happens, I think, when we know that the only thing that’s real, is Love.

Maybe that’s wrong.  If that’s wrong, I have such an incredible number of lives before I can think of something higher than that.

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  1. I had a spontaneous out of body experience when I was 19.

    My dear friend Corrie, sitting in the same room, could see auras. After I’d snapped back into my body, but before I remembered how to speak, she said, “Dave, don’t do that.”

    “Do what?” I was still disoriented.

    “I just saw a white cloud over your body.”

    Since then, I have not been able to shake the conviction that we continue. Knowing _this is what happens when we die_. If i ever doubted, I could remind myself: Corrie saw me. I had a witness.

    Much, much smaller scale than your experience, sure, but enough to show me. (Even though I don’t yet recall befores and afters.

  2. “argue for your limitations and sure enough they’re yours”….

    …there is no such place as far away.

    Thanks for sharing…

    somehow the language must become pure, and with your help I “feel” like
    “we’ve” come a long way in a short time.

    Love lasts forever

  3. Thank you so much dear Richard for telling us the death we know is not the end and we don’t die! Yes, there seems to be much more to us than we were taught and learned by our parents, schools and society we live in. Even though we don’t die, just after heard the news two years ago about the accident with Puff, it was amazing to find out you were still alive in this space-time, still with us. And to me, leaving us just like that would be over simplification of everything. I recently read the Illusions II: The Adventures of a Reluctant Student. It was good to have a chance of reading what happened and how you experienced NDE, yes you made it with your incredible strength.
    No mainstream newspaper, tv channel or media would not announce the news you just gave us to the world’s people. That may mean people might become aware of their own power, potential, equality and declare their freedom of not being part of herd mentality. (sorry if my word is too strong but I actually feel stronger sometimes)
    It feels the same, the only real thing is love, giving the life meaning and encouraging us appreciating beauty, giving the meaning to every little thing, making seemingly impossible possible.

  4. As i sit here reading your blog entry I am presently gazing onto Lake Powell, Az in the US in all of its glory….such an enormous, vast scope of planetary landscape. Is it real i think? Is this actually a truth, is it a dream? Is there such thing as life, as death? I have never experienced such a large space before- does this observation create new thought or belief today? I am in a sort of a state of confusion–of awe- perhaps a bit of jetlag too, but, i am excited to explore these new things. Love….energy force….remain constant for me….no beginning, nor end. A question i ask myself today is if i would need to experience an NDE to understand even more than this….right now what i am experiencing is already a saturating point for me.

  5. Hi Richard – 2 years, hard to believe. I remember the accident and was grateful to learn you were going to recover. I’ve been inspired by your books/other writings and am selfishly not ready to give that up yet. I love this little community and I love reading not only your posts but everyone else’s as well. Sometimes I learn something profound and other times I get a digital hug when I need it.

    Although I don’t believe in death (but instead a transition from one plane of existence to another), it’s still hard to say good bye to loved ones, even when I know it’s temporary. I also believe that when some people have NDE’s, they have a choice and come back because they have more to learn or maybe in your case, more to teach (or maybe both). I’m glad you’re still here to share your thoughts, musings, etc. with us. Although I know I have much to learn yet in this lifetime, I feel strongly that God = Light = Love. We are all interconnected and our lives touch so many others – hopefully those interactions are positive in nature; sometimes just smiling at a stranger.

    A friend told me about the following quote (attributed to Maya Angelou, but I can’t confirm): “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” My friend used it to emphasize that we should be loving and kind to everyone. Although there are many ways, paths to experience and live our truths, I can think of no higher purpose than LOVE.

  6. Hi Richard-

    I had a NDE on November 14, 2011. I haven’t written up my experience yet because I haven’t been able to find the words to explain what I experienced. In the beginning, I went back to the place that I had first seen when I was ten. My sister had died and she came back and visited me about six weeks after her death. When she was getting ready to leave, she showed me part of her Heaven. This is the place that I went. It was only in the beginning of my experience and that kind of dissolved and then I was in a mass of energy. I was separate but at One with everything.

    I wanted to share the blog that I wrote about my experience with my sister. It is in two parts. It is in the second part that she takes me to “her” Heaven which is the entrance gate to what I experienced 40 years later.

    In Light and Love-


    • Kate,

      I followed your links and read your experiences with your sister, before and after her death. Thank you for taking us along. Individuals who have passed come to me, too, and often I have no idea if they are real, or if it’s my imagination/wishful thinking. I’ve bookmarked your blog and will return to it, dear heart.

      Much of my life has taught me that hope is a four letter word in the worst of ways. It’s nice to know that it can be the opposite of my experiences. Since I grew passed my childhood years, faith has also taken on the connotation of hope – pointless illusion. So many things time and again verified that my negative experiences with them were valid. These days as I heal myself, I use different words. Hope and faith are permanently jaded for me.

      But for you, this was you story and it is profound as well as simple. It helps me reconfirm that the experiences that I’ve had with my deceased loved ones returning off and on are not just my imagination. Thank you.

    • Dear Kate,

      Richard is quite correct; your story is indeed a gift. And it was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Yet I know as you do that threads of love connect us all and that we are one.

      Thank you for reminding me of that today.

  7. Great piece, thank you Richard. It has been said, that the truth is so grand, we can not conceive of it in our earthbound reality. I think that is true, that we evolve from one dream state to another, all the while learning, expanding, growing in multidimensional ways.
    We can play with that in this lifetime, and see how to “bend” the rules we’ve been taught, but the thought of what lies beyond, around the next corner, is what motivates me. What else can we do? What else is possible? I love those questions!

  8. You have provided so many new, encouraging thoughts for me to think about. Growing up, I had a scientist father who was an atheist. He believed that once you die, that was it; that there was no afterlife. However, he was such a good, kind man and thought religion was a good thing for people, that it gave them strength and hope when they needed it. My mother, on the other hand, was a very strict Catholic and had a very strong faith in God. How they ever got together, I will never know, but they had a very long, happy marriage.

    My father loved birds. He had bird houses in all the trees in our vast backyard and had a feeding area for them as well. I think they represented freedom to him and he thought they were beautiful creatures. Just before he passed away, we had a long, lively discussion about his beliefs and how I disagreed with him. I told him that I didn’t believe in any particular religion, but I thought there was a higher power and that somehow our energy or spirit lived on after we left our bodies. Right after he passed away, there was a bird that constantly kept trying to come into the bedroom window, and a wild bird landed on my mother’s shoulder when she was on the back patio. This continued for about a week and then it stopped. At the cemetery, I placed a beautiful, small marble bird on top of his tombstone. A hurricane blew through about a month after this and played havoc at the cemetery. Many tombstones were overturned and trees fell. When I went to the cemetery, my father’s tombstone was still upright and the marble bird, which wasn’t glued or affixed to the tombstone in any way, was still in place. I may be wrong or silly about this, but I think my father was trying to send a message to us in his own unique way that there is an afterlife and that he was okay.

  9. Richard, my best friend is dying…I sent her Illusions2 but she said she couldn’t get into it – we’re long-time Bach fans and your first book Illusions really answered some of the most profound questions we had at the time (still). I think she was expecting more of the same. Yet I find myself sharing the book with her whenever we talk – she’s in that wretched place of not trusting the medical establishment, yet needing them at the same time. Your story highlights that struggle – when you finally left the hospital and regained your sense of wellness, your power, your intrinsic belief in who you are – a perfectly conceived, immortal soul who happens to don an earthly body. Of course you returned – to assist millions of us who need help with our awakening, thank you & thank God for you.

    • Patty,

      Have you read, Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs and Communications of the Dying by Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley? They are hospice nurses. I started reading it when I sister was dying. I finished it after she was gone. It is superb.

      My love to you during this difficult time.

  10. I love the intent of this website and i love your books, esp. your “if there is one thing i’ve learned in this life it is…” sometimes, okay once, but i know it will happen again, the words seem to glow, highlight themselves and seem to speak themselves in my mind and i think, i must know this guy. i feel such a connection.
    your words are like food.
    thank you!

  11. When I first heard about the crash, my reaction was “Oh no!”. For about a minute. Then I decided that you’d do whatever you wanted to do, and whatever it was it’d be right. Still, I’m rather happy you decided to come back. Illusion it is, I think, but also a representation, an expression of ultimate reality.

    Little could I have imagined what a profound effect it’d have on me! And I think maybe you chose the crash as yet another test of what you’ve believed for so long. But for me, the concept of Love as the only reality was new. I’ve spent more hours than I can count pondering that, trying it on for size. For me at least, it fits. I’ve even borrowed your affirmation often, then paying close attention to my own reactions. “Me, a perfect expression of perfect love?” It isn’t easy, but this illusion of world can seem very different, with a little practice.

    Another fun concept (also new to me) was what you experienced. A perfect landing. While all those observing saw a violent crash. Both equally “real”, being nothing more than expressions of reality. And I hope some of this made some sense! At any rate, thanks Richard. 🙂

  12. Hi, Richard – I just want to say how glad I am that you are still hanging around “here” doing your thing, creating more joy. I recently re-read Illusions I /Reluctant Messiah, and it was like reconnecting with an old friend. With 30 years more discovery (or re-discovery) under my belt it was even better than the first time — WWDSD (what would Donald Shimoda do)?
    Thank you.

  13. It is beautiful. Funny that I learned of this 25 years ago reading Johnathan on a solo. This life is the dream. Or at least that is what I have come to believe. Space and time are here to teach us about everlasting Love!!! Thank you for being a mentor like none other.

  14. Your books had such a huge impact on my life and now I feel so grateful that I Googled your name a few weeks back and found this! So often I’ve felt so all alone in my experiences, of which there are many! Reading all this makes me feel at peace with it all! Thank you!

  15. Richard,

    Two years. Quite the anniversary. (For some reason I always seem to receive your new blog two days after it is released.)

    I’m glad you didn’t die, even if death is an illusion. I told myself that after my boyfriend died. I told myself that after many of my loved ones died. But for me, they were no longer in my physical space, and while the loss is apparently not real, it is to me, from where I sit most of the time.

    I’d like to go clam digging with my dad again. I’d like to sit with my mother by the slough running passed my parents’ home. I’d like to play in the front yard with my sister. I’d like to spend a day with two of my old lovers. The connection with them and others is love, and they are now gone. I talk to them from time to time. They come to me sometimes, and I appreciate that. I’ve been told time and again by one of them that I am never alone. But on a cold day when life has been too harsh, I feel the inner loneliness for those who have passed.

    I’m not in a hurry to join them, even though the missing them can be quite poignant. I still have things to do and learn. My most profound lesson now is delving into the depths of love.

    Thank you, Richard. Thank you. Thank you everyone else who has posted here and/or is reading Richard’s blogs, but not commenting. Kindred souls are connected at the heart through an interweaving of love.

  16. Dear Richard in reading one of your books 2day came across ‘Why not self-induced dreams, to travel and see and learn whatever we want to learn?’ Why not indeed? Requires:active curiosity and persistence. A knock, if you like, and the door shall be opened. You have an ability to enter into and experience mental sensory imaging, at will. Most of us have it only in dreams, then those who go beyond meditation and those who purposely practice MSI for goal achievement. We can all open that metaphorical door with effort, what we find may be something that needs new understanding. I am sure reading your writings a few decades ago was part of my continued search to find and open that door. Eventually met someone who had your ability and willingly helped me in exploring a relatively simple means to finding a way thru the door and understanding some of what we experienced. Yes more than this life needed. Thanks for your part in the journey. Seems I needed to find that book of yours yesterday to remember something important.

  17. Of all the plays we did in our university theater one particular production has long been in my memory. Written along a story line that reminds me of “Jonathon Livingston Seagull”, the play “Lazarus Laughed” (1925) by Eugene O’Neil follows a fictional account of what might have happened to the man Lazarus after he was raised from the dead by Christ. As the story develops in the play there are both believers and disbelievers of what Lazarus keeps laughing and saying that there is no death. In the play there is a group of characters (called both the Followers and the Chorus) who keep reciting a chant or a variation of it that goes like this:

    “Laugh! Laugh!
    Fear is no more!
    There is no death!
    Laugh! Laugh!
    There is only life!
    There is only laughter!
    Fear is no more!
    Death is dead!”

    As the stage manager I saw all of the rehearsals and performances. I already believed that there is no death. Some members of the crew and cast along with several audience members at the performances found themselves confused by what the message of the play meant, especially the “death is dead” part — and said things like “I don’t get it.” Some did “get it” after seeing it a few times. My favorite reaction was a made by a fellow student who after seeing three performances came up to me after the play ended with a great look of excitement and said, “Bobbi! I GET it! There is NO DEATH!”

  18. Dear Richard,

    Even though I know there is no death, I am so grateful you are still here writing about life and your adventures with Puff after an amazing recovery. The special messages in your writing continue to touch my mind, heart, and soul and helped me to find my own unique life path. How grateful I am for that, for I could still be wandering lost in a maze of illusion like so many do today.

    I had an amazing experience nearly thirty years ago that showed me what reality was. I was doing an exercise that asked me to name what I was seeing and to say out loud that what I was seeing was not what I was seeing. I was very confused by this, but nevertheless did the exercise and for days wondered what it was I was supposed to see. Then while walking through a park with a backpack of groceries, the trees and buildings and lamp posts started to move and the word “love” echoed all around me. I was so astounded by this I set my backpack down to stare in wonder as everything continued to move and vibrate the word “love, love, love…” Tears rolled down my cheeks and when I finally said, “I get it. Reality is love,” everything became very still.

    About two days later the same thing happened and everything moved as it had before, only this time the word “peace” vibrated through the air. Again I said, “I get it. Reality is love and peace.” Everything became still again and since then I have never had to have a reminder of what ‘reality’ is.

    My feeling as I write is that I probably would have thought myself nuts if I hadn’t first read “Jonathan” and “Illusions” to open my mind to other possibilities. I can’t thank you enough for that.

  19. Loved all your books, read them more than once bought them more than that to give away. I heard about the accident, yet never heard if you were still on the planet. My body has died 3 times this lifetime, I remember in detail. The other day I was gifted with Illusions……one of my favorites…..I decided to google you. Happy you are still on the planet with us. Life and death is like stepping into another room. Everyone is still in the same house but you can’t hear or see each other, or most of us can’t. I am thinking these days, we all come together for a reason, a purpose and till that is done, we are here on earth. Once we finish we are gone on another journey. Sometimes in dreams we can cross over and say hi, give some advice, some comfort. Sometimes some of us can hear and or see our loved ones. So Richard, I agree there is no such this as death as an ending, only another beginning. So, it may be time to write another book or make a movie, might as well give it a shot, you are not done with what you came to do, or you would not be here. I for one am very happy you are here. The more souls that can share the light and Love here, there better. Peace my friend.

    • Thank you, Linda. I keep wondering, like other folks these days, why am I still here? Is there some book I need to write? Does this little website mean so much that I’ll stay on earth, typing, even while the next room seems so interesting? Are you right: “…we all come together for a reason, a purpose, and till that is done, we are here on earth.” How do we meet the others? Distantly, on the Internet? Can my angels do better than that? I’ll wait here to see if they can!

      • “How do we meet the others?” This is an interesting question…is it by internet, is that the only option? Is our participation here a projection of our needs and visions? Are we seeing each other…perhaps seeing ourselves in better light? Is it even possible to view and meet ourselves, one another, in a different format? I think that our angels are providing infinite opportunities… we have the eyes to see, the vision, the sense? Perhaps no longer do we as physical bodies need to meet in traditional formats….perhaps it is in other forms as you write about that we meet-it must be, as many of us feel so close…where is it Richard, that we are meeting? Do you know? It has to be more than just here as you say.

        • I’m puzzled with your question, Jenn, since I know nothing about how to make meetings happen. Maybe just a few at a time? Try a meeting in Europe? I think about it, too — I read all the responses we make, and find, of course, that we are fascinating, thoughtful people. Still no answers, yet, on how to make meetings happen.

  20. Hi Richard, I too enjoy your writing, admire your way of thinking and honor your way of living. Two years ago today, I could tell you exactly where I was and exactly what I said just before I heard the news of you and Puff. While you were in the hospital and I thought and prayed for you I was struck with the thought that you had spun a cocoon and were transforming yourself. Whether you returned here to the world and to us or went on, you would no doubt emerge as a butterfly.
    I, for selfish reasons, am glad you decided to come back for a while. Besides, what’s a few days or a couple of years in forever anyway?
    I’m glad you’re here!!

  21. Richard, over decades you have been my friend, my companion, a sage at my side. Somewhere and on some level you know me, too. You as Richard, your carrier, or as I have called it, vehicle may not have that info. But it is surely yours. I have given as gifts countless of your books. I have zapped clouds with friends, have picked up any book at hand, opened to any page and put my finger down looking for my “fortune cookie” from my angels and higher self. This, when body, soul and spirit are not well heard for me.
    I want to tell you that I remember my death from another time. One only, but I remember. It was so amazingly full of love and color, for me. Also, in the middle of something unrelated, I have heard a voice in my head saying something valuable, wise. My higher self, a loving spirit ? I do not know. And maybe it does not matter. We are one.
    Near death in a hospital when 23 years old, scared, there suddenly were familiar beings I spoke with. Now I can not say who they were, but I knew them and I know some were not yet here, mortal.
    You were there in your word/book form for so much.
    So, finally I can say to you how much I appreciate your adventure here, this time around! Body, soul and spirit! As is said in other languages and cultures, “The God in me greets the God in you”!

  22. Like many others, I feel there is so much more than the fragment of life we see here. Experiences, anecdotes, stories, hints, (as well as a certain logical progression that is too long to go into just now), cause me to live and think that physical death is not the end, that our consciousness continues far past what we see here.
    And yet…… there have been times in my life flying, diving or motorcycling where I have been in danger. I fought hard to survive. I had to call on all that I knew. Why? If there is so much more, if the death of the body is ultimately inconsequential, why did I do that? It wasn’t as though I had to think the process through, it just happened, I reacted instinctively, almost on autopilot.
    I am not alone in reacting in this way. There are so many stories of people battling enormous odds to survive. Why do we bother? Reason does no good. As I said, there wasn’t time to think, just react. And I am certain that if the situation arises again I will react again.
    Is it simple conditioning? We learn by copying, those around us?
    Is it muscle memory? The body knows before the mind can react.
    Is it a biological imperative, pre-programmed into our bodies by evolution? Those bodies that didn’t have it couldn’t resist poking the tiger and didn’t survive?
    Are we just stubborn?
    Is it a combination of the above and much, much, more?
    Life is good, we stick around….. but it would be nice to know why.

    • If we choose a life with lessons we need to know, would we say, “No danger, please, nothing uncomfortable, nothing that could kill me.” Does the illusion of death matter to us, or to our friends and guides on the other side? _We are already safe!_

    • I also noticed even those who overdose will try to not drown or not fall; death out of their control, not on their own terms, choice.
      We struggle to stay here because we are infinite…because we don’t have to grow old, sick and die. We can fly.
      I agree Richard. We wouldn’t learn if we didn’t believe the stakes were so high; without fear, their is no concept of courage.
      In the book ‘Riverworld,’ Richard Burton (I think it was him) chose to drown because all of them kept coming back after death at another place of the river: Risks and rewards were meaningless; courage, honor and love were meaningless…
      I understand my rewards are as great as my great personal sacrifices and so most of every day I have to feel depressed, hopeless and in fear of the future (like being on the street this winter) to earn my courage and see my place here. Yep, I’ve sure pushed myself into a deep, deep, dark hole. But I keep thinking I’ve made the choice when I could be rich living on my computer skills.
      I hope we soon choose to unite in the love of sharing between friends and my difficult times of loneliness are in the past.

  23. I’ve been wondering how you were doing; your books were a huge influence to me in my 20’s. I just finished a class your son taught and wanted to ask him how you were doing but didn’t think it appropriate; glad I thought to google you – happy to land on this site, and SO glad you’re doing so well after such a seemingly horrific event.

    I do find it interesting, though, that you used the word “rational” at the end. I don’t see how much, or really any, of this is ‘rational’, and struggle today to try to re-believe some of the irrational stuff I used to find comforting and exciting and engaging. Thanks for your words and experiences!

    • Thank you! If a seemingly horrific event turns out to be a blessing, what sort of reasonable path did we follow to realize the change? Exorationality?

  24. yes it’s not death that we’remostly afraid of, it’s the suffering. I know I still do. Death itself is peaceful and magical. Suffering is what it is….

  25. So many after death/ascension questions were answered spot on, after reading Sylvia Browns life on the other side. Like why when I was young I would feel horrible bouts of homesickness even in my own home.

  26. I’m pretty late to this party. Have carried your books with me through move after move. Always gave me a lot to think about as I made the choices in my life. You and Puff have been on my desk since published and I hauled it to FL for a beach read. I’m not through it yet, but wondered some things and that led me to your website. Sorry for your accident but glad you recovered. Glad Puff did too. I’d never have written, but your mention of Somewhere In Time, which I love, and this discussion here, I thought I would share with you my short story. I’ve always wanted to learn to fly, and now I am in love with the prospect of a SeaRae. We will see. Thank you.

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