Want some help?

EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, and only sometimes, maybe we can use a little bit of help.

Perhaps we’ve lost a job that we really liked, perhaps we’re in the midst of a divorce, or perhaps the dog that we were hoping might live forever, maybe she’s just died. Those are difficult times.

In the midst of such times, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were one person in all the world, someone we loved and who knew just how to help us at that moment?  One who had the perfect ideas and exactly the equipment we needed to put us back on our wheels again?

Here’s an example. Let’s say that all these bad things have happened to us and suddenly we’ve driven over the edge a life-crater, and the only thing we could think to do then is to sit on the bumper of our car (which fell to the bottom of the crater, on its side, in the mud) and cry.

We’re in the crater, crying, and about then do we hear this faint little sound, from a long way away (chug-chug-chug…). If only we could have called somebody, but when we tried to do that, our phone died, too.

(chug-chug-chug… louder now.)

With any luck, we were thinking, we could have brought a gun with us and ended our misery at last, but it turned out that we had left it at home this one time that we needed it.

Now the chugs are louder still and all of a sudden from above the rim of the crater we’re in, here’s the one person we hoped would come to save us, and she’s brought her industrial heavy-duty crane along with her.

She calls down to us, “Want some help?”

We would have kissed her, but twenty feet down in the crater, that wasn’t going to happen, so we just looked up at her through our tears.

Her crane is quiet now, not so much noise. Before we can imagine an answer, she shouts again, “Would you like a cookie?”

Before we could tell her that we need a lot more than a cookie, down comes a package from her. Bad-news good-news time. We missed the catch and it fell into the mud. But the package was not torn and with only a little effort we open it and in a minute we feel a little better than we did before. Our friend is gone for a minute and the next thing we see, looking up, is that her crane is peeking way over the edge of our crater and a heavy steel cable swings down toward us with a big hook at the end.

Is that strange or what? We prayed for help and here it is!

After our wheels rest on the highway again, she disconnects the big hook from our car.

“There’s some left,” we say, while we return the package to her, five cookies lighter. “How did you know…?”

“Happens all the time,” she says. “Some days you’ll think about a person you love and we your friends can tell. You can use some help, all right, and what we have along with us, it turns out to be just what you need.”

She hands the package back. “I have lots of emergency cookies in the cab. Keep these with you. They’re always nice to have with you while you recover from a crater.”

What an amazing story this is! And what’s even amazinger is that this story happens to everyone who needs help, anyone who has taken time to meet the ones who would be their helpers.

I learned how to meet them years ago. Chances are that you’ve met some friends then, too. From time to time we forget that they’re there, and we spend a minute sitting on the bumper and crying before we remember that we have helpers no matter how deep our crater may have been.

When I was 12, I met Horatio Hornblower of the British Royal Navy, 1795, through an introduction of C.S. Forester. Hornblower would sail into terrible events at sea, enemies and explosions all around him, yet he used his good sense, his powerful will and his fundamental sense of right, and a little bit of what seemed to be luck, to avoid being destroyed.

At that time there were just two books about Horatio. I loved those books! It took me a while before I discovered that I had become his friend, that I could call on the same qualities that he had used to keep me from being destroyed. I found that I had learned from him to avoid the enemies and explosions during terrible events in my own life. When I had to fight, I could call on him to teach me how to fight the instant before it it was necessary.

About the same time, I realized, that I had found a powerful friend and advisor in my mother, Ruth Helen Bach. She’s been dead for 50 years now, but I still hear her in my mind. “Take it easy, dear son, think your problems out, first. If you must fight, learn about the nature of your enemy, and discover, perhaps, that beneath their masks they may be your friends.”

Not aware of what I was doing, I began to build my own Board of Advisors. Of course I knew that I was the Chief Executive Officer, my decisions would determine what would happen in my life. But in time I learned how to convene my advisors before I made any major decision.

One day I added Antoine de Saint-Exupery to my Board. Saint-Ex believed in the importance of our mission on earth, important enough for him nearly to die in the sands of the desert, in the storms of the sky, and finally he died flying for the principles of the country he loved.

I found that my Board can be of any size I wish, and represents any idea that mirrors my own values. Today on my Board of Advisors are four living mortals, eight deceased mortals, 13 fictional mortals in various costumes, and two dogs.

You may suspect that one of the fiction souls may be Bethany Ferret, the captain of the Ferret Rescue Service Boat 101, the Resolute. You’d be right, of course. Such a gentle quiet unstoppable force to save lives, of course she’s there! In those five books of the Ferret Chronicles, I count eight of the characters who are now my Advisors. I could list them, but that’s what the books do, they tell why these characters are each teaching me how to reflect their own qualities.

Of course some of my spirit guides are there, and the two most loving dogs that ever have I met.

Look over my Advisors and there’s a painting of my own wish of the ideals I live for.

How do they work in practice?

When I’m desperately tired, when I want to stop instead of fighting on against fatigue, I call on one advisor, Bruce Lee. And strange things begin to happen. As soon as I call on Mr. Lee, he responds with a sudden burst of hidden energy, and it stays until my job is finished. Not just a belief of energy, but living real power, expessed in an instant number of finite physical foot-pounds required to complete the task.

That’s their gift.  The Advisors open an electric rainbow of energy, physical, mental, creative energy, that brings me through the challenges of any day.

How can I talk about these silly ideas for my thoughtful and resonable readers? Isn’t the suggestion of an invisible Board of Advisors, isn’t this crazy stuff?

My friend (and Advisor) Donald Shimoda all of a sudden appeared to me as I was writing this, with an answer:

“Of course it’s crazy stuff! You write about crazy things because they work for you! And now you think it will work for anyone who calls on the power of beautiful ideas. Bless you for writing these words, dear Richard!”

What can I say? Except for his polite blessing part, he’s right.





132 thoughts on “Want some help?

  1. Dear Richard,
    Thank you (for maybe the thousandth time?!).
    Such a brilliant and beautifully framed picture. It is something that has been dancing in and around me for quite some time. Now it is Being Clearer. Now it is Being more Useful. Now it is Being more Conscious. Now it is More Appreciated.

    And, of course, it appears at just the right moment….as Life is presenting one of those opportunities that can test ones balance a bit.

    I AM now remembering and seeing the perfect sky more fully.

    Ongoing Gratitude.
    My best to Donald.

    Infinite Love,
    Steve Corwin
    North Carolina

  2. Dear Richard,
    no, not silly ideas, they are crazy and most beautiful ideas, and seem to work well beyond any reason.. It maybe, Donald Shimoda was teasing you a little bit 🙂
    If we lose all meaning of life, if all collapsed, one may think that’s the end and may even consider taking his/her own life and sometimes it happens. maybe all we want at that point, at the bottom of the crater, is to be able to start all over again and all we need is a beautiful idea from a good advisor.
    Now looking back, I am very grateful to meet Jonathan and Donald Shimoda, thank you.

  3. These days I’m classifying every experience on a scale from “easy-to-appreciate” to “important-for-learning-and-growing.” This helps me to appreciate everything faster.

    The “not-easy-to-appreciate-but-important-for-learning-and-growing” things I like to call “obstatunities.” obstacle/opportunity

    Harvesting obstatunities is fun once you get the hang of it.

  4. Richard,
    You really touched a very sensitive and very exciting topic at the same time.
    Example, Donald Shimoda, Savior and Messiah, the closest Adviser in Us we have because we grow on the basis of an organized religion. I have come to sense that my inner Mesias has a very similar to Donald Shimoda history and evolution according to my experiences.
    Richard is amazing you go into instant communion with any aspect or adviser of your Inner Being,…..we are surfing on an endless Ocean of Advisors, how wonderful!

  5. My advisors are also the ferrets, and you. My dad died a few years ago but he hangs around acting as my chief advisor. Your other books have several advisors and of course Seth. Thank you for the reminder!

  6. Yeah….i can go there….thank you for sharing and listing your inspirations for us. It was like reading an inventory 🙂 It can remind oneself that we, too, can also be an idea of another greater source….and, in turn, a part of someone elses ‘inventory’.
    What other insight did i get from this blog post? That comfort food is important to you 🙂

  7. Yes, Yes, Yes, it’s too true. What a lovely way to describe it. Thanks for putting it into those words. (Without knowing it, you’ve been on my board for close on 30 years now as well).

  8. Richard…as always, you put the words on paper that perfectly fit the moment of our individual need.

    Thank you.

  9. Your story about the creature in the stream learning to let go and navigate the flow has come in handy many times.

    Thank you

  10. Thank you, Richard, for a millionth time!
    I often reach for emergency cookies. They always bring me back.
    You’re words are so very inspirational! I take them all into my soul,
    and feel relived.

  11. Richard beautiful as ever to red your words and hear Donald Shimoda’s name again after so long. You are amongst several writers were my friends in times like this who saved my sanity and helped me love myself. Bless you manytimes

  12. Absolutely great .. I too have experienced strange things… Check out Brother Lawrence… I stumbled upon him by accident online and things seem to just get better and better…

  13. From the first time I experienced a loss and a helper handed me your books (let’s call them minutes of the meeting in this instance), I only have to reach out and open to any passage for calming energy. Thank you for reaching out.

    Keep up the crazy!

  14. Dear Richard,

    It is soooo amazing! The way you are able to go ever deeper into the “multiversal wisdom archives” just to shake us a bit with essential reminders!

    Of course! The Board of Advisors… How could I have ever forgotten this cosmic blessing?

    Being a Pilot, my advisors come in the form of Wingmans. Flying close to me, silently, everywhere I go! Always focused, next to me.

    How useful to remember…

    I’m never alone!

    A million Thanks Richard, a million cookies!

  15. “Of course it’s crazy stuff! You write about crazy things because ithey work for you! And now you think it will work for anyone who calls on the power of beautiful ideas. Bless you for writing these words, dear Richard!”


  16. Thank you so. Just the right person, just the right words, just the right recommendation and help so needed at this very moment.

  17. you know how on some quiet mornings when you are up before the sun
    welcoming in the day and you catch the things that were meant to be
    thanks for being one of those this morning :~)

  18. Thank you. You have been a huge inspiration ever since I read JLS (early 70s). Today’s e-mail and its contents just blew me away, once again, and provides me the needed wind beneath my wings to move forward somehow someway. Of course my first step is to assemble a BoD. Of course you know the first elected to sit. LOL. Thank you so.

  19. Your crazy stuff, the wonderful ferrets, Donald Shimoda, your gift of words have all meant so much to me for so many years. I can’t begin to adequately express my gratitude and love, so I’ll just say thanks.

    Sending you Light and Love (and cookies).

  20. A beautiful metaphor for the community that forms the pattern of our lives and experience. I’m glad to see you’re throwing authors on there too because I’m also fond of St. Exupery. of Hesse, and of a particular author I picked up for the first time in my school library in 1975, and my life hasn’t been the same since. Thank YOU Richard, for being, for sharing, for giving…

  21. Richard,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I value all of your insights from wherever and whoever remembered from.. You have been on my board for many years along with many others,past and present.. My Value and appreciation I place on ALL is a act of Grace in my Life.

  22. Hi Richard, I am so glad you seem to have recovered from your latest adventure.
    Like you I made a voyage to the other side. In spite of all medical predictions
    and to my dismay I was once again here. My body is battered a bit but my Spirit
    is now able to give my Brothers and Sisters a hand when they fall in the crater
    and start reacting instead of making thoughtful decisions.I the last few days, my
    friend , Deb and I just help 2 wounded hearts to turn around and reach For the Love and support of our Creator. I have been sending Jon’s adventures to a number people that need to remember!!!! My family has been with Jon since the early adventures. My father was a commercial Pilot that was licensed to fly before he could drive. He trained our pilots during WWII , tickling their stocking feet when they froze up in a roll etc.I even got to sit in front of him and move the stick when we buzzed my mom below. Your down to earth way of confronting the challenges
    of life is very real. Thank you!!!! Jo Ann.

  23. Perfectly timed, of course.

    Immense gratitude.

    Thank you for being a guide, a light, a reminder of who and what we are.

  24. I read my Hornblower paperbacks until they fell apart, when I was a teen, finding I had much in common with Horatio. You’ve been on my board of advisers since “Stranger”, which I bought years ago on the way home from work, and finished it in the wee hours of the morning. Along with Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh, Tenzin Gyatso, Robert Frost, Viktor Frankl, Abe Lincoln (how to keep your sense of humor when everything is coming unglued), and many more, including four cats that taught me more about life than I ever learned in school. My life has been enriched beyond imagination by reading, and I feel sorry for those who can read, but do not; they are no better off than those who cannot read at all. Thanks for your part in that enrichment. Be well, regards to Puff – I really enjoyed “Travels”.

  25. Good Morning, Richard!

    You are so right! Each and every time I have found myself in a bad situation, someone has appeared to lend a hand! And sometimes a complete ‘stranger’ (afterwards I wondered about the stranger part) would show up to help! I will never forget the times when I was younger and was in some really tight spots and someone popped out of nowhere!
    But so far, no cookies! The next time I find myself in a jam, I will send out a message for help, with cookies!

    Thank you for all of the inspiration over the years.


  26. I love Catherine’s reply. I am so glad that you are on so many boards! I can think of a couple of times that seagulls and ferrets had cookies for me too.

  27. Hi Richard! Ever that playful sense of storytelling, ever the keen pen to render the image and thought so well. Your posts are rare events these days, and cherished all the more for the smiles and head-scratching wisdom they convey. I read, smirked and pondered… To a person not ready to see the “helper,” the shadow of that crane above could quickly seem some sort of threatening dragon, that cookie package a potential explosive device calling for prompt cowering against the crater’s mucky wall. How often we all miss opportunities, imagining them as threats. Long enough in that crater and it quickly becomes home, damp and gucky though it be. Thanks for the friendly reminder, and hellos from springtime Switzerland.

  28. Bingo Richard,

    Sam has been on my advisory board for years and helps me through hard times again and again. Another member of my board is my Marine DI who still tells me to this day, I will get knocked down, and all I have to do is get up one more time than I get knocked down and I will eventually get where I need to be.

    Thanks for a great read and gentle reminder.

  29. Since the first day I pictured a blue feather in my life (late ’70’s) to that time I read of your near-death plane mishap, you have always been among my top “life” advisors Mr.Bach. Once again, you have come through with cookies & a crane. I have been trying to help my sister through here ( and my) grieving over the loss of Mama last Sept.11th.
    Mama Anna was a beautiful human being. In spite of a doctor in the early 50’s saying she would have all kinds of complications due to the “RH’ factor, she never deterred from her quest to be a mother. Two boys and two girls, 2 years apart and 2 months apart, all quite healthy, was the answer to her resolve and faith. I guess I am living testimony to the rhythm method’s effectiveness.
    Sixty-two years later, I held her hand as she breathed her last. At that moment, Tiffany the 5lb and 10 years of loving MaltiPom, awoke and lurched up from against Mama’s thigh, looked towards the window and barked 3 times. I truly believe she watched as Mama’s soul passed on. I have peace with that thought. She received the “Angel’s passing” she so richly deserved. As sadness will sometimes descend upon me, I have only to see her and all her motherly love comforts me in a loving embrace.
    This little writing of yours has helped me to recognize my “advisory” committee. You, Benjamin Franklin, Victor Hugo, of course Jesus, and many many more have so wonderfully brightened my dark moments and further illuminated my brighter ones. I know that this will help my sister pass through her time of grief a bit. Thank you again Richard.

    • So many of our Board, so many of those who write to us in books, tell us that no matter what happens — if we seem to be hurt or if we seem to die — we are already perfect expressions of Love. I think they’re saying that we’re already immortal, right now! Once in a while some of us come here on Earth to learn a few of our more difficult lessons (forgetting we’re immortal even while we seem to be mortal is one of them). Could our grieving be a test? Is the belief of death our simple forgetment that we’re already and will forever be together with those we love? That seems to work, for me.
      If it takes me a lifetime to learn that one single lesson, it will have been worth every minute I’ve spent here.

      • Richard,
        I think the most extraordinary metaphor is that of the caterpillar becomes a butterfly …, like caterpillars consume all kinds of beliefs, some confusing, other harmful …. Then comes a time in which gradually digest no more. ……,the caterpillar has matured, we have matured, we have drawn enough …. and start periods of reflection, silence, relaxation …., then we choose our own personal advisers-Richard Bach, Deepak Chopra , Echart Tolle, Leslie Parrish, Bruce Lee, David Carradine, mythologies, stories, tales and legends … and the caterpillar is ready to transform into a butterfly …..

  30. The Board can be from fiction, some of mine are. Sometimes they only have to bring a piece of music that carries a ton of emotion. Just what you need. And sometimes you only have to look up to or down on a cloud. As a pilot, you know what that means.

  31. I think I speak for many when I say, we have missed you! I can’t imagine what has happened in your life lately, but here, virtually, even more are here for you! Don’t stop writing and inspiring 🙂

  32. Dear dear dear Richard, You and I met in 1977 in Escondido, CA (when you were still with Leslie). You, as guest speaker and I shared some deep insight and connection. I so well remember your saying to me (paraphrased): “Love is just around the corner, Ardath. Like me, your Soulmate will appear when you are ready” The very next week I met my husband – Dr. Russ Michael, transformational author of “Finding Your Soulmate” 🙂

    Today, @ 73, I AM a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, joyfully spreading “cookies” all over Playground Earth, lovingly guiding others to transcend the “Illusions” and live fully the extension they truly are as Source.

    I AM eternally grateful for all the sweet cookies you share with the world. And remember, Richard, whenever anyone labels you “Crazy”…it gives you a wide latitude of behavior. There are NO LIMITS!!! Allow absolutely nothing to “stall” your “YOUniversal” wings of expression of ALL-THAT-IS WELL-BEING.

    In Love, Light, Laughter and Beyond ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Ardath, aLOhA Happy Life Coach in San Diego

    • Would you like to know how I found that out?
      When I needed to remember about my help, perhaps you needed to remember, too.

      • Thank you Richard. Isn’t it amazing how it’s always present especially when we feel most vulnerable? This brought tears to my eyes. I do not know you other than through your books, yet the timing of this post and your response to me reminds me how we are connected in the most amazing way. I really like the idea of a having someone show up just in time with cookies and encouragement. One of my favorite people, a new thought minister, said that the most important message you can give to anyone is “I believe in you.”

  33. Richard – thank you for being an important part of my life since I picked up my first copy of “Illusions” those 30 years ago. You’ve walked with me, and shared my world. Accordingly, now that you’ve read this, thank you for welcoming me into your world. I’ll try not to make much of a mess.


  34. Dearest Most Wondrous Richard, you and Mr. Shimoda have been on my Board of Advisors for since I was about 16, now 45. Along with my grandparents, my beautiful husband Keith (gone from his physical form 7 years now) Meriwether Lewis, my son and daughter, and 1 yr old grandson. (Sometimes the wisest of the bunch.) I’m happy to report you all get along famously! I’d like to send a thank you to each of you as well, for your most recent assistance. Things got very hairy for a while but are great now, all thanks to my Advisors’ . Thank you, thank you!! To all my spirit guides!

  35. Dear Richard,

    A board of advisors, what an intriguing thought! Of course, you have been on mine ever since the seventies – along with Jonathan and the creature who refused to cling to the rocks again and was finally lifted free by the great crystal river. What a priceless, priceless gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will reflect upon this some more.

  36. Dear Richard,

    On the enchanted night of the “Blue Full Moon” this is just exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded of at this very moment. As I wait for the results of a test for the “c” word, you are there once again with the wisdom that has guided me since I was in 8th grade, 1972. You have been steering my ship ever since we met and I am most humbled and honored that you have been a life-long adviser and I am grateful for you more than words can say. You have shaped my life. Thank you kind Gentleman.

    • Now I must hand yet another gift from your Board of Advisors:

      _We don’t die!_

      Example? Antoine de Saint-Exupery (b. 1900 – d. 1944), thanks to his position on millions of Boards today, he has become Antoine de Saint-Exupery (b. 1900 – d. never).

      Those who tried to kill him in 1944, not only have they failed, but they’ve helped him to live more brightly in our lives today. The killers failed, just as those who tried to kill Socrates (b. 470 bc – d. never), John F. Kennedy (b. 1917 – d. never), and Martin Luther King (b. 1929 – d. never).

      Mortals become immortal through the gifts they give to others. True for them, true for those on our Boards today.

      • Old Soul Wisdom:

        “Mortals become immortal through the gifts they give to others. True for them, true for those on our Boards today.”

        Lovely to ponder on.

        More Old Soul Wisdom:

        “Row, row, row your boat,
        Gently down the stream.
        Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
        Life is but a dream.

        Thanks for being an integral part of my lucid dreams this lifetime and introducing me to a whole new world with many yet undetermined destinations and futures passed to be.

        In Peace and Light,

  37. This is a timely passage, ever pertinent, and a thought provoking perspective I had not considered before. As for silly, this is as silly as a seagull seeking higher awareness and evolution, and we know how that worked out ;).

    …I wonder how many people will have you on their “board” … Ah, there’s your nomination for my board coming through now…

    Humbly and with Best Regards,
    Tony Russillo

  38. Thank you for waking me up today and not just reminding me of this Work,
    but telling me new ways of doing it and its infiniteness.

  39. Thank you, Richard, as always.
    Just when I’ve been wondering about one of my board members (you) your post arrives.

    Thank you for the reminder that things come to you when most needed.


    • Nothing there to wonder about, since I believe that spiritually, we are perfect expressions of perfect Love, here and now. Forever. I’ve found that it makes a huge difference to me, no matter that the mortal expression of us believes it can change, living our dreams of good lifetimes and difficult ones. What a great test that is, to hold our perfection within us, when tests come by. The tests like cookies, when they come. A package of Choco Chips handed to them, the tests are easier.

  40. My dear friend Richard,

    At a time, when I was at an all time low, I took in hand a book titled Illusions. I began to read, it expressed something that would be called ‘inspiring’, I continued to read until the end, it still remains as one of the most ‘spiritual’ books I have ever read. I left that book behind, in some moving from place to place, yet, recently I repurchased it and it remains as one of my most cherished books. The path that was journeyed at such time has led me to this day, it is a most wonderful day indeed.

    I have received, once again, a message from the ‘messenger’ that once gave me ‘inspiration’ and now, once again, has provided a well received message. I have a bountiful list of ‘guides’ and so called ‘staff’ that has provided me with great insight and energies that helps me to continue to provide a personal life that I am unable to complain about, in fact, to the opposite, I simply adore it.

    I recently ‘questioned’ the reliability of those who I call my ‘dearest friends’ that I have never met, yet, include in my daily life. I am able to continue to provide a list of dear animal friends and those of greater wisdom than I, yet, that would be redundant and perhaps a bit of ‘self serving’ attitude, which I do not desire to produce, yet, gratitude would be the purpose of such provisions.

    I Thank One and All…

    In closing, I would like to point out, that the ‘right words at the right time’ would be quite evident in ‘my’ life and I am only able to say, from the past and from the now, thank you so very much be ‘being’ what you are, for your are a messenger, most profound and once again add the name of Richard Bach to a list of most renowned individuals that one may never meet, but are abundantly available to each and everyone of us. How marvelous this is now known, it has ‘given’ me much needed understandings or those who I have ‘called friends’, and such would seem to be evident now, since kind and wiseful words have been, once again, spoken at a time of questioning.

    My Most Sincere and Deepest Appreciations, my Most Dear Friend,

    • Don’t forget, Daniel, that your Board, your dearest friends, we love you, too. Since we live beyond the worlds of space and time, we’re always ready to meet with you and share our experience and counsel. Every once in a while it may be counsel with a smile, since some of us have a wider sense of humor than others. Even as a fairly solemn member of your Board, I must admit that the funniest counsel is sometimes the best to send. You can test if that’s true with your friend Mark Twain (assuming he hasn’t been fired yet).

  41. Dear Richard. Did you know that when a beautiful fairy that can give you thousands of millions of truths of revelation, sits on the arm, the hand pierces the unbearable pain. The whole hand begins to burn, like a little heat. I want to pull the ball and chase away the Fairy. You already don’t care about truths and discoveries. You completely takes control of the pain. And at a time when patience is running out and you’re ready to give up, from somewhere above sounds command:-“don’t you dare! You can! Because Fairy visited just for you! Be patient. It’s worth it. “and when you’re offense, passed the test until the end, you open love and comprehensive understanding and you’re grateful Fairy for this test because there was no pain. All illusions. Including pain.
    Your Sergey.

  42. Last week pulled out Illusions and read it over and over again. It’s been years but I felt the need for grounding and soul-questions to be answered. And today I see your post. I know you are on my Board and never thought about it that way before. Thanks for reaching out, it helps us both I think.

  43. CDN commercial pilot’s license, C140074. Over 10,000 hours seaplane time.
    Read Jonathon when it first came out. Then most of the rest of your books.
    This morning taking our two rescue dogs for a walk, A small branch dropped out of open sky beside me. I looked up and saw a gull flying by. Then hundreds began circling around me. They continued until the thought, Jonathon popped into my head. Then they all flew away to do seagull things. So, I googled Richard Bach, and here we are, another new book of yours to read.
    Thank you,
    Dale Penner

    • I wonder how many of us have had strange events change our destinies. Our lives altered in little ways or in major, you’ll-never-forget this, transformations. My life changed when I was 16 years old, the day on a breakwater in Corona del Mar when I listened to the sound of the wind over one seagull’s wings. One change, have we had, or dozens in a lifetime? Thank you, Dale, for finding this place, and thanks to that branch and all those seagulls for bringing us together.

  44. Both of my parents died and they were always my powerful advisors, thank you for reminding that they still are…I love how simply and nicely you described “want/need some help” situation.

  45. Whan happens if you hear a voice coming from the Board saying that there’s nothing to see or to do out of the crater and that you can’t be happier out of it? The crater become a kind of hiding and that silly Advisor keep telling you can be safe there.
    What’s wrong? The Advisor, the advice or me, as CEO?
    Instead, what if the crater is not a real crater but an opportunity?
    Anyway I think I’m going to work on my Board of Advisors, it’s such a wonderful idea.. Perhaps one of them told me some minutes ago to come here to learn about them. Thanks Richard…

    • Nobody says you have to act on an advisor’s comment, even if all of them think your plans are wrong. Whatever you want to do, it’s you who makes the decision. To the best of my knowledge, they don’t talk about the past, or about things you can’t change.

  46. I was just rereading Illusions today and thought — hey! I wonder if he has a blog? And here I am.

    This post truly resonated with me. I often seek guidance from my late father and my beloved dog. They both died within months of each other 25 years ago. I was living in Olympia and going to Evergreen State College at the time. I was lost, completely adrift in grief when I first read one of your books. Your words helped me through that dark time in ways I can’t even articulate. I embarked on a more spiritual journey and my life changed in so many ways. I crawled out of that crater again. ‘Thank you’, is all I can come up with. I hope it’s enough.

  47. Dear Richard:-) thank you for the wonderful worlds that you create and open your books change lives (my life they changed very abruptly.) I have about a year travel in dreams. It was difficult for me to accept what is going on with me, but after reading “illusions”, in my head, everything fell into place:-) while you are travelling to other worlds?:-)Dear Richard:-) I beg you pardon for my English:-))) Hello from Russia.Yours Sincerely, Sergey Lemudkin.

  48. What I like, as I consider my Board of Advisors, my helpers — Inner and Outer — what tickles my are the little surprises, the parts I didn’t plan.

    For instance, one of the bodied “outer” members of my “Board” helps me often (in fact he treated us both to delicious burgers just yesterday), does what he can, but is also a licensed pilot.

    I think that everyone here may be as tickled as I at the coincidence that his name is Don S.

  49. Thank you for the lovely read, and all of your lovely reads, all along the way, Richard. I remember reading JLS and Gibran’s “The Prophet” back to back in high school, here along the coast of Maine. So you’ve been on awhile, along with Gibran, and Neil Diamond, which is kind of interesting to me, because there the two of you also did some work together back in those days. I’ve often called the Advisors, “The Karmic Board”, sometimes a bit ruefully, but it serves the better always, never the bitter. Anyway just dropping in to say hello, and that I’ve been hearing ya’ll lately out there on the Slipstream. I too had a NDE (and saw an angel — (my first memory is the angel) and both as a child. Peaceful thoughts your way from a fellow light traveler. 🙂

  50. Phew, that was just what I needed, a little encouragement! (And cookies, I make mine handmade shortbread… or maybe cheesecake!) I was just feeling burnt out and with grief. Thanks. Yup, you have been on my board of advisors since ‘Illusions’ (Which I read standing on one foot in the bookstore, all the handwritten part because I just couldn’t put it down.) thanks. wishing you a merry day.

  51. Each minute, every day, a bundle of thanks to all angel ideas
    -angel ideas now sitting on my “just set-up board of advisors”
    -available with their just right, no limits response
    -to whatever my need might be – and yes, including cookies.

    The board welcomes its newest member
    -Mama Cardinal
    -bright and beautiful songstress
    -our spiritual lift in times of gray
    Sponsored by Ferret Gals & Guys

    “Board of Advisors Idea” (love it) – courtesy of Richard
    -I thank you very much

    As always, all that truly is – is love

  52. Wow. Richard , I came here today because I wanted to share with you what happened on the way home today, and I read this amazing post, well there are no coincidences are there.

    So…I was feeling victimized / belted up after a crap ending to my day where I felt like I would be sold down the river at the first opportunity anyone got.
    Yet I had had an interesting day otherwise. I got contacted by an agency re a potential job and that felt so good. A change went in at work smoothly.
    So driving home feeling crap talking to the Universe about my new job, I asked for a sign I would get a new great role..within a couple of minutes a blue Maserati, then I realized my energy wasn’t right so I focused on the joy I felt about the potential new role I had heard about earlier, I tapped into the feeling and I expressed what I wanted, including no gaps between roles, and then I asked my new guides (I recently replaced a bunch of them) to show me a sign, for some reason manifesting a blue feather came into my thoughts aka Illusions. But I said I wanted a Rolls Royce or a Bugatti….guess what in less than 2 mins I saw a two toned Rolls Royce. I laughed out loud and thanked my guides and the Universe. I know that I can and will manifest an awesome role, because I manifested. Rolls Royce. …I had to share.

    I realize now that I have always had a board, I just never called them that. You and Jonathon, Madeleine L Engle, Saint Ex have through your books always been there guiding me when I needed a helping hand.
    Thankyou so very much xx

    • I love hearing stories like this….great reminders of the way things work for some of us. Thank you for sharing on this page..hope to read more like this from others too….every bit counts towards knowing i am not alone.

  53. Thanks so much Richard,
    Here I was staring up teary-eyed from the bottom of the crater.
    In between jobs, low self-esteem.
    …and you came up with cookies!
    And Bruce Lee!
    And it might be crazy, but all I had to do was think of him and it worked!
    I got this wonderful blast of warrior, dragon-slaying, I-can-take-on-the-world energy!
    If this is what it’s like being crazy, count me in!
    Now to go get them cookies…

  54. I thought I would just drop a note to say I found “Illusions II ” in a random way. I was looking at some books for my reader when I found you. I don’t believe in coincidences I believe they are a whisper in my ear of where I need to go. I have been led to you many times over the years and have learned so much but the best I have learned is to listen to that whisper. I want to thank you for the joy you bring to so many lives. And I too believe every story ever written is alive right now, all those characters are continuing on in their own lives. Thank you once again and thank you to that whisper that brought me to your book.


    • Here’s a “HURRAY!” and a “Thank you,” for your blessing, from all those characters. They continue their lives, of course, and even now they’re glad that their adventures have touched your own.

      • Writers of books opened my mind to new ideas and took me on adventures that the people around me never understood. What amazing wonderful things I have learned and I’m no where near done. A little Jonathan Livingstone Seagull showed up in my life as a teenager and said “It’s ok to want to fly… it’s ok to want to fly far” and I’m doing my best.
        I hope you are enjoying your days and are glad that you chose to hang out here a little longer.

  55. I just found this blog today + i believe it is your birthday – I hope it has been joyous!
    I learned of the Master mind group, and the advisory council from Napoleon Hill and Jose Silva.
    Seems to me that all the great teachers use similar techniques. I am thrilled to know you have dogs on yours! Your advisors are happy co-creative partners with you. Perhaps helping to inspire you to reach us, so we can all dance in the joy of our own truth together; We are One, never alone, and there are always more cookies.
    Richard, “Thank you” is inadequate but physically all I have to offer – vibrationally, i offer love and peace to you all.

  56. I know you don’t focus on celebrating earthly birthdays, my friend. But somehow all throughout yesterday….from sunrise to sunset…I found myself closing my eyes to think of you and surround you in white light. I continue to celebrate your birth into this space-time continuum. Your writing touched my life so profoundly. I wouldn’t even BE here…let alone my children and grandchildren. All the lives that they touch…that I touch…the karmic credits go to you. So Joyful Birthday, Richard Bach. (Feel free to not post this.)

    • You’re right, Jean, I don’t much care to celebrate birthdays. I know we were never born and shall never die, but must I answer in a cloud of words: “In this belief of a limited lifetime, shall I continue to celebrate one day when I used to think I suddenly began to be, even though I have learned that was never true?” Not a loving response to, “Happy birthday!”

      I’m delighted that the stories have found you; I hope I may have earned the angel-points that you have blessed to me. Your gift is one we can share with anyone we love, on any day, in any lifetime.

  57. A new perspective, a story of getting from here to there. Recently reading Part-
    Time Angels was intrigued with “Securing the K”. A writer’s discussion & research of crop circles, and her meditation on the mental image of a dragon fly in a green field. In a later check of crop circle pictures she found a picture of Dragon Fly Crop Glyph in a field in England.

    Prior to my reading “Searching the K”, I was visiting with friends. We fell into a discussion of talking/listening circles – a group where each person may talk in turn. The others in the group totally focus on listening (some need to learn this skill (myself included).

    Today, visiting Richard’s Newsletter, I realized this site is a perfect model of a talking/listening circle, Hallelujah! Each person’s posting is their uninterrupted talking time. Each person reading that posting is in listening mode.

    Thank you Richard. Reading your Newsletter, we’re able to participate in a special kind of talking/listening circle. And as we become more experienced, we may see a blue feather, a Dragon Fly Crop Glyph, or …………… 🙂

  58. Greetings Richard,

    I am thrilled to have found your site and newly written thoughts and words. Thrilled! I speak of our friend Jonathan most everyday as I watch each sunset here on the coast of California each evening.
    Reading this post has reminded me of the many times, that seemingly at the bottom with my elevation at a minus, the hand of a friend extended down to lift me up, dust me off and put me back on my feet or sometimes, to just hand me a cool glass of water and say “You’ve got this, now get moving”. Divine Syncronicity I’ve called it most of my life… For each I am eternally greatful. I only hope that when this particular flight is complete that I have done my part as others have for me…

    Thank you for all that you have taught me through the words of your adventures from Bi Plane, Stranger, Johnathan and Donald,
    many Blessings Richard,

  59. I found your journal entry at the time when I needed it most. I was down in that crater (still am) but I see your box falling towards me and feel a relief as those cookies come closer. You are one of my advisors. Thank you. So Very much. Thank you.

  60. July 7, 2016 Perfectly timed! Thank you!
    Dave Bleakley a tennager enchanted by the Jonathan in me 40 years ago!’

    Thank you Richard, and all your helpers…especially your two beloved four legged companions and, of course, Donal Shimoda!

  61. I’m very happy for your ideas. When I’m thinking about finishing, there is always my Advisor… secret power of all writers.

    Thanks, Richard.
    Greetings from one silly boy from Czech Republic!

  62. Dear Richard,

    I’m new to your website. Having recently read many of your books and being profoundly affected by them all, I days ago had a wonderful dreadful event.
    The short version is as follows. A worker left a clear slippery substance on our back patio unbeknown to me near the sliding door we use as an exit. I had a horrific fall which left my artificial knee in a twisted perpendicular position. Intuitively, after finishing a fully body slam onto the concrete, I reached up, grabbed my leg and slammed it back into position. The ER Doctor during my subsequent 5 hour visit for Cat Scans and X-rays was astounded I was capable of that “adjustment”. I didn’t share with him my instant reaction to the whole event. Before being assisted off the ground, I thought of you and ILLUSIONS II and began immediately, calmly and without tears or complaint, repeating over and over silently to my Heart:
    “I AM A PERFECT EXPRESSION OF PERFECT LOVE, HERE AND NOW.” I left the hospital with a splint cast on my right arm, a splint on my right knee. The next day as I awoke and continue to repeat your perfect words on the way to my Doctor’s office I remained in a jovial calm state. I told the Dr. I didn’t have even the slightest bruise anywhere even though the majority of my body had slammed violently onto the concrete patio.
    He said the hospital reports had shocked him, “no fractures, no torn ligaments, tendons etc.”
    He said though I had full functional use of the right hand and knee, the tissues were affected as though they had been smashed with a hammer. As he spoke I was mentally repeating your words. Which, clearly, had performed their miracle for me as they had for you. My normal mild aches and pains of daily activity were more sensitive than my fall. I left the Dr. without the splints and continue to repeat your words as I go about my normal activities. The best part of this wonderful event is the Knowing.
    Knowing the words you taught me are true and more important than any others I can speak. Thank You. I do hope you actually do get to read this if only for the fact that I want you to know how profoundly your willingness to share your words have positively
    changed my entire life, past-present and future.
    Sincerely, With Infinite Gratitude and Appreciation.

    • Just about everyone shares the stories that have changed our lives, brought some sudden sunrise into our way of thinking.
      We do that, and sure enough, nobody cares. We think nobody cares.
      We forget that once in a while a few people do listen to our stories, they’ve been touched with the ideas, they remember them, they test them, and rarely do they tell us.
      Lucky me, and lucky this little website, where from time to time the adventures of our own stories come home.
      Thanks to those who write about the miracles which aren’t miracles at all.
      Thanks, Nancy, for showing us how they work.

  63. Hello Richard,
    First I want to share this with you:
    I read most of your books years ago, and loved them. When I thought my daughter was “ready” we read Jonathan together. Some years went by and I suggested Illusions to her. It sat waiting for about a year. Last week she read it and says it is GREAT, her favorite, telling her friends, loaning her (my) copy… It is to say the least, fun and so inspiring to see these 19 year olds, this technology (may I say addicted) generation excited to Read! your wise and wondrous book.
    I myself came upon Illusions 2 last week, and read it. What a journey.
    I am compelled to ask, although I know I may be overstepping my place as a reader, how much of the healing journey is true? Please, I am not cynical, rather I am struggling, and I am not succeeding – I am not getting better/ stronger/ well, and the struggle just seems never ending- years…, and I think I have asked for help from down in this crater, and I have a wonderfully loving spouse, dog, friends and family I am so so grateful for / to! and doctors and alternative medicine practitioners… but I remain a challenge to them and to myself…and it seems no one is coming to the crater rim with the knowledge-crane needed, to help me out of the dizziness, extreme fatigue, poor sleep, weakness… Sometimes it’s seemed I’m on my way up – I’m walking better, I have some energy, but I don’t know why- I tumble back in the hole. Then thoughts like….I must not be doing the right thing, I’m not ‘practicing’ enough, not grateful enough, or maybe I’m just meant to be unwell, unable to do the things I love… And then I read this book and I think, am I an expression of perfect love, will there be no permanent damage? Can I heal? How… how to ask more clearly? how to culitvate faith…how to recognize the crane?
    With deep gratitude for you, your books, (and now this blog!)

    • Every reader who finds your questions here might offer different opinions about your healing. (Some would say that you are already healed, no matter what your belief may be.) The most important advice, though, comes from within you. Here’s what happens when you turn the question around: “Dear Robin: What do you need to be, or think, or pretend, that will lift you free from the weights that hold you down?” And then, I guess, it’s up to you to follow what you already know.

  64. Dear Richard,

    I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from being in your blog path. I have read your books more than once and find that as I grow, so do the ideas and lessons you have shared. I have referred many people to your books as has my wife, she’s a therapist and with good grounds has shared your name and your books.

    I have rather late in life started writing, first for myself and then for other people and I have written several books. I have been told that they are influenced by your style of parable and grounded lessons. If this is so, well I”m pleased and proud of my work. I’ve also been told that some of my work is similar to John Grisham which is also quite flattering. I’m still processing and trying to understand the publishing world, which is unto itself a strange place to visit. In all this activity, your point of view, experience and a guiding word would be most appreciated.

    Is it possible to get your feedback? If not yours, perhaps someone you respect that could take a look and tell me if what I’ve done is good or not? I like it myself, as does my wife and my friends. I’ve had one of my books edited by Kirkus and they liked it as well. I guess I’m interested in someone I think will be impartial and in whom I have respect. I can imagine you may get many requests like this, so perhaps it is just too much to ask, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I refuse to argue my own limitations or yours. 🙂

    Bob Polston

    • My method to find feedback is this: “Do I like what I’ve written?”
      If I think any words could be deleted, I delete ’em. Then, after there’s nothing left to delete, I publish the book. Either it is wildly popular or three or four readers may find and enjoy it. At this point in my experience, that’s it, that’s the life of a writer.
      Other writers need and enjoy the ideas of editors and focus-groups before publishing. That’s fine for them.
      Do whatever you think is the happiest path for you.

  65. Dear Richard,
    Last night before going to sleep, a thought popped up in my mind: I could talk to Richard! And, here I come to this page and the first thing that I read is: Want some help? I didn’t go through the whole post. I read just a bit because you know I do want some help. I have learned what I could learn here. It’s time for me to move into the new world(which happens to be Paris). I just haven’t been able to. Why is it not happening? I am just caught up in illusions here. I see the light but the resistance is a lot. Paris is the next logical step for me. Paris is my first step. Paris has become everything for me. Paris signifies absolute freedom to me. Here, I am not free. I am not myself. I am living a dual life. I am carrying a cloak around me that’s hiding the real me. It’s a burden. I am a bird. I want to fly. That’s my purpose. I want to move in all the directions. Why haven’t I been able to move into my next world yet?

    • Why haven’t you been able to move into your next world yet? The only one who can answer that question (of course) is you.

    • …because of a base fear somewhere….take the advice of Bob the writer up top there..”.nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Or better yet, the adage that we all know….”the comfort zone is a nice place to be, but nothing ever grows there.” Sometimes if one is very much into detail, they end up cancelling the flight before ever starting. Maybe use less thought, and just do it. I did! Yup….got up and came to live here in Belgium cause i had to fly….that was nearly 30 years ago….never looked back 🙂 There is nothing wrong with living out your dreams….you deserve them….they are yours and only yours…you have the ability to bring them into living expression physically.

      • And how do you do that you ask? Envision it already there…for it is! You just need to see that. Richard’s books do that…at least for me. Reminds me that it is already there….the knowledge, the healing, the visits to ourselves in different worlds….whatever one wants to call it…..it is all there already….just look and see it:)

  66. For some reason when I read your words, tears come. And they are welcome, needed, soul sustaining tears. I live life fully, yet there is a uniqueness to humans that ultimately seems alone. Your words remind me that this may not be so, one needs to see with the spirit as well as the eyes.
    Cheers and ta, Richard Bach.

  67. I am continually inspired and enlightened by you Richard. Just watched JLS and my heart is filled up. Thank you for sharing your work all these years with us!

  68. No not crazy. You sow seeds in the imagination of your readers that grow into wonderous worlds and give pause for the what ifs in life………….

  69. Gracias por estas palabras que me has ofrecido. son como una perfecta respuesta a mi deseo de poder disfrutar de los maravillosos momentos de mi vida a pesar de las tormentas inesperadas que se presentan sin previo aviso. He leído varios de tus libros, pero no todos. Sigo encontrando algunos nuevos y leyéndolos con pasión y alegría

  70. I’ve been feeling quite lost and picked up Jonathon Livingston Seagull to reread after 20 or so years… Finished and found your web link on the back cover, so I’m here and find these words that I needed right now. Through time and space, I thank you for reminding me that I am never alone, we are never alone… Tomorrow I will strive to fly with Jonathon, and remember the wisdom of Don Shimoda… Although if I find a blue feather or a flock flying high, I just might scream a little 🙂

  71. Richard, you have been on my board for many, many years, since I found you writing the words that were in my head (literally – when I read you it was such a shock that my stomach dropped through the floor – “how does this man know me, how did he get my thoughts in to his head?”).

    When I was at the absolute bottom of my crater someone went to my room, picked up ‘Illusions’ and dropped it down to me. It fell open at exactly the right page to remind me of how things were, of course.

    I’ve thought ‘thank you’ a million times since. Just in case they’ve flown by you, here it is in good old black and white – THANK YOU X

  72. I didn’t know they were called advisors. Now that you say it, I think I have several.
    Elina is one of these, maybe she will read this.
    Hello Elina !
    Hello , and Thank You, Richard !

  73. Dear Richard!
    My English must be not good, for I am a Russian from Ukraine. But i am happy to have this chance to thank you for all the great work that you’ve been doing. First you were a memory from my youth and some days ago i found this blog surfing the net.
    I am quite a known songmaker in my country, but my dream is to become a writer! Something is wrong with this dream, it doesn’t get any closer since i first felt it! I hope to catch an answer surfing your blog 🙂 These words are so near in time, unlike your books that i’ve read earlier!
    Those books had taught me personal freedom (it was a very hard way!) but i hope to get to the next level. Thank you for Johnathan, Illusions-1, the One and many others. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with the readers, it’s so inspiring! Alexandra

    • Alexandra, May I please offer grand advise gifted from the generous brilliance of Richard Bach. “Don’t think!” While I THINK we should question everything we THINK we know, when writing don’t try, don’t think, just let words come through you. Don’t worry about proper sentence structure if the words say exactly what you intend. With love and hope you’re doing exactly what makes you happiest in this blink in time/space. Julie

  74. I love you Richard. I love the feeling of you from your writings. I love your board of advisors! I myself have a Council I made up, and they are all non-physical channeller types and one dead partner. I often feel them in the beauty of the swaying palms all around me in the swimming pool at my condo, waving and swishing in the breeze and telling me how frond they are of me. We hold group talks around an imaginary blazing campfire often. I’m so glad I got the impulse to come by the blog and got to read this. A friend sent me a giant head shot of the most AMAZING seagull — and poof – I thought of you AGAIN. I love the cookies AGAIN, I Tink you will never be safe from them!!! Thank you for your spirit!!

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