Welcome to Jonathan’s New Home: jonathanlivingstonseagull.com

I’ve wondered all these years, could there be a place in the world where those who love the ideals of Jonathan Seagull can meet?

Wouldn’t it be a joy for me to meet just one person who values what I value, who paints the colors of their own portrait quietly on this canvas?  Not only a joy for me, but for others who have been touched by Jonathan’s wingtip, sometimes a whisper, sometimes it changed their lives completely… would it be possible to say hi to them, to ask them, if they wished, to tell us about a world they see, about coincidence brushing their lives?

At last it’s happened. The opening day for the site is March 31.

What will happen if we meet on line? One wrote me a note years ago, that reading Jonathan, he had decided to quit an advertising position in Manhattan. He would finally follow what he loved, to sail his little sailboat around the world. He told me this on a postcard mailed from Portugal. I never heard from him again, but what a life he had chosen, and how it had affected mine, and now his note meets your life, too.

Come visit the new website, tell us your story, if you wish. Did Jonathan touch your life, did it change you? I’d love to know, and with your permission we could post your story to share with others.

Thank you for your hello, and for listening to my own, at last.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Jonathan’s New Home: jonathanlivingstonseagull.com

  1. Dear Richard
    After so much time I find you again in internet and see you are fine again. I am so happy to know it, Since the accident I have been thinking and praying for you be ok. Take care of yourself, you mean much for me and for all the people who love you. Blessings and light, your “student” from Brasil.

  2. I’ve been touched by Jonathon. My 3rd grade teacher loaned me Jonathon after I explained that I left the primary grade playground to challenge the older kids to the 50 yd dash. I wrote this to Richard after the crash, but am not sure if he got the letter. I’ll turn 50 in a couple months and my sister lives in Seattle. When she asks when I’m coming for a visit I answer, ” when Richard Bach will meet me”.

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