IT’S ABOUT time, isn’t it?

For years, it’s been: richardbach-dot-com was a single page with a faint photo of the Messiah’s Handbook, and no amount of clicking would change anything.  Just that picture.

Because for all that time I didn’t know what to do with a website.

I needed to hold the site name, but didn’t want to go it alone, burn myself out again as I’d done twice before — a Compuserve forum long ago and a Twitter presence last year.  I’ve seen there are a couple of richardbach fan sites on Facebook.  I don’t know who runs those but I’ve looked at the pages once in a while, read what thousands of others had posted and wondered, Why can’t there be some place where I could talk with my world-around family, which cherishes so many values that I live by, too?  A place where we could perhaps find each other, as well?

I knew from experience that a Web presence can be full-time work, and sooner or later there’d be divisions as well as connections and somehow I’d have to address that and no thank you, I’ve got books to write.

My dear friend Sabryna Bach didn’t like the sound of no thank you.  “Let me do it, Richard!  I’ll find some way to get the website going and you can be a part of it or not be a part of it, but there’s your family out there and it isn’t right that there’s just…nothing!…for those you care about, the ones who like your books!”

“It’s awfully complicated, Sabryna…”

She took that as “Go for it!” and disappeared for a month or so.  Then she called again, “You’re going to love your website!”

“What website, Sabryna?  I’m gonna love what?  What have you been doing?”

– click –

She emailed a week later.  “It’s not finished, but it’s where you can look at it.”

“What’s not finished?” I wrote.

She sent a web address and a password for the construction site, introduced me to Chris Kresge, who took time from his Convenient Integration business out of kindness for Sabryna and the challenge of making me love a website against my will.

“You can contribute as much as you want or as little,” said Chris.  “But here’s the way it’s set up…”

At the end of that session he had me hook and line, if not sinker.

“Let me play with it a bit, Chris.”  Maybe it wouldn’t work the way he said it would. “I’ll give it a test or two.”

And here we are.  This place isn’t an article or a book or a movie or a talk or an appearance or an interview.  It’s all of those and none.  Here’s a home for short little bits of ideas, funny things that happen, a place to show the pasts and futures of what I care about, dear reader, if you should happen to be interested.

Room for snapshots and videos I take with my cellphone out around my house or from the sky, flying.  Room for comments and reflections I never quite knew what to do with, thoughtful stuff and silly stuff, too – events that made me laugh and one you’ll see that cost me a tear or two, but returned far more in understanding.

Near as I can tell, it’s a perfect way for one mind to be in touch with others compelled to shoot the same rapids along that river for which we care so much.

I’ve got friends for you to meet, books I’ve enjoyed that you might, too, movies that have touched me and a place to add what’s touched you, too.  There’s a way for us to be in contact directly, if that’s important to anyone, and a place for suggestions and and ideas and comments.

Chris has set up a fairly good firewall against trolls and destroyers, not impenetrable but I don’t imagine we’ll have many of those at a site like this.  Anything that’s a problem, tell Chris and he’ll fix it.

My bet is that this will remain a small gentle site for quite a long while, and that’s what I want it to be.  The books I write and the talks I’ve given have been intimate (L. intimus “inmost” [adj.], “close friend” [n.]), and I can’t help it this site will likely turn out that way, too.









20 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. Welcome back!! I have been checking for the return of your website for over a year and a half. It’s great to see it up again and I’m grateful for your recovery, 2 new books and the repair and flying of your beloved Puff. Wishing you good health, serene and happy flying with Puff and many more books yet to come. Thank you for your wisdom and inspiration.

  2. Richard, thank you very much for your books! It’s unbelievable what you write! I am delighted with each of your story!!! Please keep writing! I wish you health and long life! With love from Russia

  3. I’ve been with you ever since “Stranger to the Ground”…it was reading that book that prompted me to buy “Jonathan” when it was first published, years later. I spotted it in a bookshop in York, whilst the RAF was teaching me to fly at Linton-on-Ouse. I saw who the author was…and bought it instantly….the trials and tribulations of that seagull would be familiar to any one of us who have gone through the military flying training mill! I read it in one non-stop session, and then it circulated through the crew room…students and instructors…this was in 1971 and I would be willing to bet that it’s still there….anyhow, I never saw it again other than glimpses in the hands of some other avid reader. I suppose I ought to apologise for depriving you of sales!! Since then, I’ve read all of your books….and proved again and again that aeroplanes will look after those that look after them, going beyond their limits and making their own luck.
    I’m glad you’re back with us…it was a foregone conclusion, but I knew it would take a while….

  4. After nearly 22 years USAF (MSgt retired), I spent my career on the flightline (airframe sheet metal) and now work depot for F-22 and F-35. A friend in high school always called me Shimoda, but I was never able to pass my hand over damage and see it gone.
    I have been a fan for over 30 years and I’m honored to leave my name here.

  5. Richard;

    I am very glad to be here! First time, so I haven’t even looked around, but I have a feeling I’ll be dropping by frequently…

    Your books have been a part of my life since the 60’s and Jonathon Livingston Seagull; while I was doing some serious chemical internal searching, my father glommed on to that book, which turned out to be a sort of bridge between him and I, West Point/rocket scientist and fledgling hippie/musician/songwriter… helped us stay “within earshot” of each other through the coming years…

    I have to say that I LOVED “Oversoul 7”; although it’s been decades since I read it, Jane Robert’s book (Seth), “The Nature of Personal Reality” was a huge influence on me in the late ’70’s… so I came to your book (with them?) along that time… there’s always been something about time, itself, that I’ve found curious, and I loved all the aspects of that book dealing with time.

    I have kept a copy of “The Bridge Across Forever” for decades now, re-reading it now and again, loaning to friends – but only the ones who actually return things!.

    Just finished reading “…Messiah”; I’m almost certain I have read it before, but it must have been decades ago, too, as so much of it was fresh. Pressing on to “One” next… I’m sure I’ll find more of your recent work on this site.

    THANK YOU…. no, THANK YOU! For writing the books you write, for giving that much of yourself to the world. I very much appreciate your efforts!

    That’s about all for now;

    John Seth Sherman

  6. Glad to see your site up and running, love all your books,learned to fly in the early 70’s but never got my ticket, love airplanes !!!

  7. Dearest Richard

    It is 40 years since a Catholic friend of mine handed me ‘Jonathan’ and said, “This book was written for you. It is your beliefs.”

    Since then Richard, Jonathan and Donald Shimoda have been a constant a wonderful part of my life. I have more than one copy of most of your books Richard and I frequently re-read them. Jonathan and Donald Shimoda to me are very real beings whom I love very much. I cannot imagine life without you all.

    I have always loved flying even though I never became a pilot but I now have a 12 year old grandson and he is already learning to fly with his uncle at the local Soaring (Gliding) Club. He just loves to fly.

    To have this opportunity to actual write to you Richard and try to express how much I appreciate your books and the lessons and teaching in them. Richard, Thank You, Thank You I can never thank you enough.

    Regarding your recent crash. I am so thrilled that you were able to heal yourself. It proves that what we believe isn’t just beautiful it is practical too. As we all already knew Love is all but to actually achieve what you have done and heal yourself inspires us all and proves what your books say.

    Your new books are so wonderful and it is so uplifting that both you and Puff are both flying together again. I wish I could see you both. What a magnificent sight.

    Take care of you Richard. My prayers are with you and your books and lessons are always with me.

    Katie Norton

  8. So good to see that you’ve recovered your health. Your books have been an inspiration for many years. Welcome back. “Peace and long life.” (Spock)

  9. Es una alegría enorme leerte también por aquí, aunque se me complica un poco por el idioma, pero algo hago …. Cada uno de sus libros son parte de mi vida…Desde Argentina, mucha luz y buena vida!

  10. it must be time for me to make some changes because i found your website had “stuff” on it today. glad to see you are well. i am going to sit here and read every post.

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  12. Dear Richard.
    I’m a long time fan and hope you continue writing these sweet inspirational stories. I can’t put a finger on how these writings affect me, but it’s very, very positive. My personal spiritual world includes Buddhism, Jane Roberts and Seth. Mary M. Moore and her channeling Bartholomew, Sasquatch (who lives near me) and just expansion and awakening from this dream. I hope you are very happy and healthy. Thank you for creating your website. Life is good.

  13. Richard you are such a genius and it’s incredible to be in the same lifetime as you. This site is a blessing and I look forward to reading all the posts. Illusions was the first spiritual book I ever read and Shimoda is very real to me as well. I always carry it when I have to fly, for good luck. I hope you tell us how ‘his teachings’ have influenced or continue to influence your life.

  14. Yay! I hadn’t checked richardbach.com for a long time I guess, because last time I did it was still just the manuscript picture. I always thought that was so cryptic, I’m so glad to come here today, find your site (has been up for a couple of years now) and hear about why the little picture was there for so long…and nothing else.

    As most people who comment here, I love your work and have similar wonderful inner adventures, and also am a writer. I saw you in Portland once (out in the suburbs at one of the spiritual centers but I can’t remember the name of it)…and it was an incredible day for me…I had several woo-woo events happen during and after that presentation. I also brought a book for you to sign, it was an original copy of Stranger to the Ground, and I was so happy to show it to you.

    I know you were a follower of Seth (and you knew Jane and Rob). Do you also know or follow Ester Hicks and Abraham? Just curious…

    So glad you are back…wish I had found you sooner…Yay!

    • Welcome back! I was an acquaintance of Seth, and a friend of Jane and Rob. Seth and I had a gentle disagreement about the word “reality,” but so much else he said made a grand internal conversation. I don’t know Ester and Abraham, and I’ve heard good things about them. When others mirror our own beliefs, they’re our teachers! Are we theirs, too? : )

  15. Hi Richard happy to see your face on the site, and also the plane too, happy to know that the incident has been resolved only with some damage, but nothing seem to be irreparable, perhaps you was more worry about the plane than yourself…
    So best wishes for a quick healing, hope to see you soon on some cloud, with the plane naturally.
    Greetings and good wishes to you from Italy

  16. Hello:

    Great site!
    I found it after looking for the great Mrs Parrish…
    What a pity she doesn´t act anymore/she was (and I bet she still is) so beautiful.
    A film where she acted that I used to adore is THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION (she was 40 there); seemed to be younger.
    It was famous here in my country (Brazil) – even today I was watching in a site were vídeos can be seen. Another one was CRASH _ her role was a nice person (I think she played a NURSE).
    And if you have contact with her… tell her she has another fan!

    Rodrigo O Rosa

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