Why Does This New Book Have To Be So Different?

EVERYTHING’S DIFFERENT, when I’m writing.  I thought today that it’s like living in a dream world, and a writer must orbit, in his dream ship, around the story-ideas that drive the book.  I’m maybe half-done with this one, and maybe It will never be published.  If it is, it will be the strangest book I’ve ever written.

For a while I was considering shutting down this website, since everything I wanted to say was in this book.  What a silly thought, yet nothing else seemed to matter.  Then things switched totally around and I learned about a way to have a business site on Facebook.  My friend Anne Louque, after we had talked about it, almost instantly had it up and running there: The Official Richard Bach site on Facebook.  I don’t know how it will work, but it seemed a good idea to publicize the earlier books, which I shall ever love.

Still writing.  I pray that these pages do not take forever to finish.

Thanks for your patience with me, and for being here.



59 thoughts on “Why Does This New Book Have To Be So Different?

  1. It’s about minds, Richard. Beautiful, interesting, eccentric, original, thoughtful minds. On a site like this a person can express themselves. They can extend their mind out to others and those others can respond back. It’s a magical give-and-take among us all. So, you see, it’s not just about whether you’ve said everything you want to say in a book. How could you think that, anyway? Life is ever renewing our perceptions and insights, isn’t it? Think what gems you may glean from some stranger — answers unexpected to the usual questions. Here is where the heart can also communicate because this is NOT a business site; it is an exchange of thoughts and feelings site. The thing with Facebook is that it has become so public a “famous” person should be forewarned not to put anything personal on it. Facebook has now become the “advertising marketplace of choice” for the 21st C. I have no problem with that, but let’s not pretend our hearts are communicating! It didn’t used to be that way but people are no longer feeling safe on Facebook anymore. All the crazies go to Facebook. Few will take the time to look up your personal, private site. Here, on this site, I’ve read some deeply moving, personal, helpful comments. On Facebook, the comments tend to be a long list of one or two words:
    Me too!
    Here’s hoping1
    Good luck!
    At any rate, I, too, still love your earlier books and recommend them all the time. They changed my life and that’s no exaggeration. And I love that you are saying your present book is the strangest book you’ve ever written. Strange is good. Strange is inviting. Strange is a winner! I pray it is so damn strange that everyone in the world is talking about it in the future. So, yes, we will be patient with you, Richard, and you be patient with your pages and the length of time it takes to finish them. Where are you going in the long run, anyway?

    • I absolutely love your words Zoe. Im relatively new to this site and to your books Richard but I look forward to opening it, I have not yet read your piece nor any comment from your amazing readers that did not inspire, provoke thought, make me feel something deeply or just marvel at the depth of heart and soul that is precious and out of this world.

    • So perfectly delivered Zoe! Those were the exact thoughts that ran through my mind reading Richard’s thoughts. And yes “life is ever renewing our perceptions and insights”………so why put any pressure on the immediate. As you once told me Richard..”You have nothing to loose.” Don’t think, don’t care, just have fun” writing! We have plenty of time to wait…..especially for something wonderfully strange!

    • Zoe, I just read your note. Yes, this communicating tool is more personal but I think Richard will reach more people on FB.
      Looks like he will need to keep both sites going. [Grin].
      We all love you Richard.

      • So often we think we’re alone on this planet. That happens, I think, because we haven’t found a way to meet our true family. A hundred or so of us have discovered this page. And as some have said, there’s something about the comments that helps us feel the aura of home. I’m sorry I ever thought about deleting it.

        • This website is such a special place! It brings us very close to you, Richard. You really see us here. Facebook is a jungle! It might be a good idea but could never give you/us this ‘cozy home’ feeling like this website does. So, I really THANK YOU for deciding not to delete it! And, I cannot wait for the strangest book you’ve ever written to come to live! You take all the time you need, we are always by your side patiently waiting…

  2. Please…don’t shut down this site. The sense of loss when the previous incarnation disappeared was enormous. I check in here every day, hoping to see something new. Even if you say everything you have to say in your new book, you say yourself it may never be published. And even if it is, aren’t you even the least bit curious to see how we will react, and to hear the questions and comments we will invariably have? As Zoe said, Facebook might be fine for selling all the existing books, but this…this contact with you…not the famous author but rather the gentle, inspiring man….is so precious. I would bombard you with (unwanted) emails if I didn’t have this place to exchange thoughts. Thank you for being here.

    • Oh. Now that you’ve said that, and for the angel who warned me in the sweetest words not to delete the website, I won’t even think of erasing it again. And thank you…I hadn’t thought that I’d be deleting your reactions, your comments about new ideas to come. What she said for warning, I used as the introduction for _Part-time Angels,_ which will be published shortly. I don’t think I printed that introduction here.
      _Part-time Angels_, by the way, is lots of what we’ve talked about before, in book form. The new book, the one I’m writing now, comes after this one.

      • Oh wow! What a great title….’Part Time Angels’! No, you haven’t shown that intro here as of yet. I love the title….amazing that you have so many books up your sleeve…..like a magician!

      • So looking forward to “Part-time Angels” Richard!

        I can imagine it will be a very touching book to so many of us who, once or twice, reached out to someone in need of a warm shoulder or kind advice.

        Congrats and thanks for being so relentless!



  3. Richard,
    If the books I read more, especially Running from Safety, One and Illusions II have helped me enormously in my evolution, with your two last books that will be published, this web site will be of great support for future generations with full consciousness that the only reality is love,

  4. i feel so honored and appreciative to have this very special connection with you and the others here on this site Richard. This site is sort of like a substantial matter of energy that supports ideas and values that i identify with and make me who i have come to know as Jennifer.
    The concentrated efforts you have been putting into your book have been shared i think by many us here who await word on your progress, like today, I am blessed to be included here and to have come to have a better understanding of yourself-a caring writer who has embraced those who care back and have similar values. You recognize the importance of this for us all and this i am so grateful for. I am eager to pop over to your facebook business page in hopes to support you in anyway that i can….you are one of kind! 🙂

  5. Sharon you probably speak for all of us who visit this site even people like me who read but do not participate .Thank you Richars for not deleting it.

  6. If you move to Facebook, so be it, I’ll still look out for you there. So saying, I look forward to opening each e-mail reminder from you with eager anticipation. ot least when you get back to what got me hooked on your writing so many years ago – talking about aeroplanes.

    Must go. Got a Cub to fly! And no, I still haven’t figured a good top door catch either!

  7. Richard I am so glad you continue to write and share. “Illusions” was one of the first books I read after an Awakening Experience and calmed the fearful mind on so many levels. ~JoySters

  8. Richard, you have no idea how your books have changed my life here in South America. When you think again about erasing this website or not writing anymore, please remember all of us. We need your books to speak to our souls.

  9. Dear Richard thank you I feel like a long lost friend whatever happened to gift of wings will there be another book ? whatever happened to Drake and the school of perfection I loved that story .
    I have all of your books.

  10. Hi Richard – it’s been a long time since I wrote any comments, but I was so excited to see your latest post. Thank you for letting us know you’re still thinking about us. I wholeheartedly agree with Zoe and CA Sharon. It would be such a loss to lose this website. I not only learn and am inspired by your musings, but I’ve gained so much from reading the responses as well. I’ve found such uplifting treasures among all the posts. Because of various reasons, I’ve chosen not to be on Facebook. I use my husband’s account if there’s something that I really want to see, but rarely do even that. Of course I would join if that were the only way to connect with our little “family” of spiritual, like minded thinkers. Anyway, it’s good to hear from you and I do sincerely hope that you finish your latest book. I’m not the only one eagerly awaiting its release and now you’ve got my interest especially piqued with “strange”.

  11. So good to hear from you. We are all on a Journey, up and down, under and over, in and out, every which way is UP!! Looking forward to more and more of your Gifts, Richard.
    Blessings, Naomi

  12. Richard – every time I see an email message from you, my heart races, and I happily click onto your site. Your words, your thoughts bring so much inner solace to me – it’s as if time stops, Richard appears, and reminds us of who we really are. A thought, a story, a sentence, even a word from you, summons us back from the perpetual illusions of the mundane, to the arms of a brother soul.

  13. Ричард Бах, большое Вам спасибо за Ваш труд писателя.
    Вы – прекрасный человек!

  14. Richard the book you wrote ‘Illusions- the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah’ saved my life. I read the book, thought it was amazing and set it aside. Six months later I was in a pretty nasty car crash. I cracked the car windshield with my head (421 stichess(?)), pulled my left arm out of the socket (which the doctors but back in). Spent two months more or less in a coma but am trying to be all right now. When your life changes like that so fast you discover who your true friends are or aren’t. If I had not read ‘Illusions’ and believed in what the book said I would have died. The doctors said I couldn’t remember what happened but I do remember lots of it. Even a view of the Emergency Room, ceiling (light blue).

    • You’re so patient, Beth. A hundred years from now, the doctors (if they’re still here) will know that some of their near-death customers will remember everything they did and said in the Emergency Room.

  15. I too hope that you will keep this website going. Somehow there is a strong sense of community here — a community of people who are “friends” on some level — that a page on Facebook doesn’t really have. A business page on Facebook works well as a public relations forum for people that are customers or fans and “like” the organization or group of people that page represents. It serves as a great tool for keeping in contact (like the Constant Contact email service) with regular customers or followers. It’s also a good method of advertising and providing information about their business. A business Facebook page could work well for you in this way!

    I regularly check out several business Facebook pages for organizations, causes or people I am interested in. While some have a sense of comradery (as in we all like the same music group), I have never come across one that has the sense of community that your blog site does. Although the initial draw to this site is that we all like your writing, it often feels like there is a connection between people here that goes beyond that in some way. So my hope is that you will keep this going for that reason — at least for now and even if the great majority of your creative energy and time have to be directed elsewhere. People that understand what happens in this site will understand that. Thank you!

  16. I wish we didnt need all those sites and internet at all because all of uswould be able to communicate by thought. But until we can, it’s here for communication, not just for expressing oneself. So it’s all good. WIll go and find that facebook page if it is available already.

  17. Glad to hear you will continue the website, especially since I do not do Facebook. Look forward to your book. I have enjoyed both books and website for a long time.

  18. Different is good. And so is ” the strangest book I’ve ever written.” Part of what I’ve always enjoyed about your work is you take my mind to different and sometimes strange places. This expands my horizons, breaks old limitations, gets me to think in new ways. And it’s just plain fun. I’m glad you’re willing to be you and fly into these new uncharted territories of space time.

    And it’s good to hear from you Richard. I’ve been wondering how things are going. Seeing an email in my inbox telling me there’s a new update on your site brought a smile to my face.

  19. Richard,
    I used to think I was searching for “the nature of reality”, but I have come to discover that that has a very materialistic bias. Instead, “creative imagination creating” may come closer to it, so we are all deeply involved in it and the results are limitless. What makes for a good story is a “realistic explanation” at least until a better one comes along and we are all capable of producing one! So keep on keeping on!

  20. I’m laughing at myself now, because after reading Zoe’s and Sharon’s comments, all I could think to say was “Me too!”. Truth is, I don’t have the words to describe what this site means to me. It’s a family. And I feel a part of it. I don’t have facebook and really have no interest in it, generally preferring the more out of the way places on the internet.

    Even if I contribute very little, or nothing at all, it’s an adventure and a joy to just sit back, read and absorb the thoughts of so many strange/advanced/enlightened beings here. “Strange” because I’ve never met very many who really understand how I feel, and the profound effects your books have had (and continue to have) on me. It’s…beyond words. So I agree that strange is good. 🙂

    Does it really matter how long it takes to finish the new book? There was a 20 year gap between “One” and “The Bridge Across Forever”, for me. Then I went semi-crazy ordering all the books I’d missed. However long it takes, we’ll be around!

    • What a good reminder, Steve. It took us more than a hundred years to read “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!” And how late are we to have read the Odyssey? Homer must have been waiting centuries for readers, after finally getting it written.

  21. Dear Richard,
    Both Zoe and Sharon are so correct in their assessment of your writings and Facebook. I hope you don’t use Facebook except for selling your books, I believe there are many of us who see that site as a place for less evolved humans and I’m being very kind.
    Try to see the evolvement of our enlightenment as the reason the new book is different, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some already know the information your presenting, I’ve read and listened to several well known channels who present information that I already knew, some expressed their lack of understanding when the channeling was profound but they caught the meaning later on. We are not here to judge, especially you and the wonderful messages your books have contained. I agree with Sharon in CA that to lose this site and the very powerful people on it would be sad, it’s very difficult to find the same like minds at other places, I hope you see how very important it is for us to come together and share our wisdom with everyone, you are important, loved, and appreciated more than words can express! Remember, You and all of us are always in our rightful place, meeting the people we are meant to meet even if it’s on the computer.
    Finish the book, there is a reason you started it! The rest will flow through you easily, take a break and go fly, that always helped me!

  22. SO glad you’re not shutting down the website! I still read, quite often, “There’s No Such Place As Far Away”! And there’s always Illusions!
    My best wishes are always with you!

  23. Readers to find Richard on Facebook you must enter.
    Official: Richard Bach

    P.S. Richard you might want to change the name on your other two FB sites so people won’t be confused. Or write the new website on the other two FB sites.
    What is your goal other than communicate with the public? You have been one of my favorite authors for many years. We must not let age and the fast pace of electronics intimidate us. You have much to give, still. Glad to read you are back to writing another book.

  24. Richard,

    Great to see that email this morning saying “Updates from Richard Bach…”

    Glad to hear that you are still writing and that it’s so different.

    Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future…

  25. Dear Richard,

    I’ve looked you up online several times since I first read you in 2001. By 2009 I gave up hope… you used to be so reclusive! I once wrote a letter to you and tried to get in touch with you–just to say thank you for all your books–via your publisher (or someone else, I don’t remember). Then, later, I dedicated this to you on my blog:

    I found out abour this site as I finished reading Travels with Puff… on the last page. I was so thrilled to see that you have been actively posting and responding to comments here!

    Thank you so much, again, for sharing your stories and your ideas with us.

    Much love,

  26. Thank you for this update. It is good to hear from you. It seems much change is in the air these days, and I appreciate the effort to keep this up and running. Best wishes on the writing and I hope it all keeps flowing for you…….the magic dragon song was on my mind this morning. Blessings.

  27. We don’t want to lose you to the eternal void that is Facebook. Facebook and this website are like day and night. Your fans feel comfortable and safe here to share their thoughts and ideas with you and each other.

  28. Dear Richard,

    Please keep this page as much as possible.

    I have read most of your books, all of them are great.
    In fact two of them changed my life (I am a Pilot since about 35 years, Hang Gliding, Ultralight and Private, no Commercial) this two books were Gift of Wings and Biplane. Every so often I read them again.

    Thank you very much for sharing this page.

  29. “the eternal void that is Facebook”… that about sums it up, other than to say how much I wish I had copied every post from your earlier (pre-incident) site. There were so many gems there, and missing them now, I feel like I loaned out the only copy of one of your books that I so much want to read again. Is there anyway to access those old posts? The “suicide” discussion was so enlightening,,, and your post about Lucky makes his visit to you in the hospital so much more profound.
    thanks for taking the time for you “on line family”.

    • I didn’t think about those. I wonder…is there enough of them to make a book? I will find out. Thank you, John!

      • If you still have them all, archived and safe, they would certainly make a fine book. I especially loved the stories of Lucky and his little sister.Please, if you have them…we would love to read them again.

  30. Richard,

    Thanks for choosing not to destroy this site and these stories. I just pulled “Illusions” off the shelf tonight and re-read it (for the 50th time). Something told me to Google you and I found this site.

    I read “Illusions” for the first time as a cadet at the Air Force Academy in 1979, a year before my brother, a fighter pilot, was killed in a military plane crash.

    The story of you, Donald, his death and the subsequent dream helped me to process my brother’s sudden death. I have treasured you and your books ever since. But I’ve been out of the loop lately.

    Thank you for continuing to write and for this site, Richard.

    I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

    Chris Duel
    San Antonio

  31. From one who loves to hang out here at the oasis, THANK YOU so much for keeping the place open!

    Much Love, Light & Laughter winging your way.

  32. “For a while I was considering shutting down this website” —–that broke my heart right there, yes it did.

    “I’m sorry I ever thought about deleting it.”—-yeah well, it happened, it was a scare, and in some probable reality, the site is shutdown…Ye gods! I think I’ll go cry a bit. Excuse me for a moment while I wail, “Why, gods, why?”

    “and for the angel who warned me in the sweetest words not to delete the website, I won’t even think of erasing it again”—too late, the thought was done. Yep. You shut ‘er down. Somewhere there is a reality that grew a bit darker, one that became a little less fulfilling for others—the site is shutdown. But I imagine the probable-Richard there goes on to do a new thing that more than makes up for it, something incredible the fans never saw coming. I can dream still, can’t I? Probable-Richard doesn’t sleep on the job, no sir he doesn’t!

    “Richard – every time I see an email message from you, my heart races, and I happily click onto your site. Your words, your thoughts bring so much inner solace to me – it’s as if time stops”—agreed. Well said. I concur whole-heartily.

    That magical moment of an email update, a new post from Mr. Bach! Like fans wildly rushing the stage to hear a word and be close to their hero/idol/inspiration—pick a word that works but the truth cannot be denied: too much love here to let it go. And we require very little, and treasure whatever thoughts or ideas you would so generously share from yourself. It should be easy—we are so easy to please. Sure there isn’t a bit more fun to be squeezed out of this old rag here? 🙂

    Of course, choice and all that. But I don’t Facebook, whatever will I do! It’s like the pre-tech days, a beloved author comes to town, sometimes just briefly, sometimes a bit longer. A book-signing, or coffee with close friends, fans chasing for autographs. But then the author decides to stay away. For good. —What pain! What loss! Fans all in disarray, confused. No word from the publisher/agent, no simple goodbye. Just outright emptiness. Man that sticks in the craw right there. Puzzling…

    Luckily the nature of probablities, luckily the decisions that must become fulfilled in all ways. And I’m so glad that I’m in this probable world where you didn’t! —I am blessed, and I hope that you are as well. (Nice angel-whisper, and glad you had the ears to hear and the wisdom to consider the advice, all for the better-ment of this slice of humanity gathered ’round your feet, like happy little children at storytime begging to hear more.)

    —peace, and be well (in all realities)

  33. I’m grateful for the yesterdays and the now with you. I understand there’s no promise of tomorrow. To connect at all has been/and is a most cherished and unexpected gift. <3

  34. Dear Richard.
    It is good your book is so different! It makes it unique even for you. That’s why I’m pleased. There are no two identical books in the world. That is great because otherwise it would be too boring. Nice to see your news. As for Facebook it is a good step. Convenient to a general public. But I have a personal request: please, don’t destroy this site. I feel here myself like your guest, like I came to you and we are talking to each other.
    P.S: thanks for “The Warrior of Light”, you really helped me! I had the same problems like Budgeron, because I was loosing my inspiration. I called my main character so casually, but you caught the main idea. I swear, you came like an angel from heaven and saved me!
    Richard, you are genius! Thank you! Privyet from Moscow!

  35. I love the new facebook page Richard, a wonderful start, as if an early formation of the universe, a baby universe, much more to come, a place to grow together more, to share and to be inspired.
    With regard to the idea of deleting your website, I guess I know how it would feel. Once I wanted to re-read your posts and wrote the address to enter the site. But there was nothing, I can’t remember exactly how the screen looked like but all was vanished. It was more than a disappointment, I could say I was a little heartbroken, maybe more than ‘a little’. However I came back again next day and yes great news! all was there again.

    Facebook is good for some of us who can at least ‘like’ the link or post but too overwhelmed to say a thing. And silence doesn’t have a word. That may be the reason as you once wrote that there are many people who visit here but they don’t respond to posts.

  36. It’s wonderful to be in the company of eloquent truth tellers. Some express it well. It is like getting a sample of the “Is” which transcends what most call Reality. Wish there was an altimeter, when one writes . Would like to know the source, but with you Richard, it is a simple word: “love.” Glad that you are here and don’t stop now… It is not a frivolous thing!

  37. Well, I’ve always seen this place like a smart and light cloud to reach in order to get out of the world, the one I have around everyday, a landmark … Really it happens I come here when I feel I’ve lost something, a point of view… I don’t even know what I’m looking for, but I read and I find an idea, a good point, sometimes even just a feeling that reminds me of what I learned thanks to your books, and suddenly the world seems different, maybe better…
    Thank you Richard for keeping this place just the way it’s meant to be.

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