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  1. Hi, I am reading Writer ferrets right now on page 128. I bought it for my son Ukiah fox(15) . I love it so far and cracked up when ” Colorado summer:if don’t like the weather, wait five minutes, it’ll change….” We live in Pueblo Co. and it has rained, snowed, hailed and sunny all in one day!
    We have two ferrets Steve and Baby. I showed them your book and Steve jumped on it , so I take it he likes it. Baby just ran off with my bookmark , he is young so maybe later.
    I was wondering if the sheep are like horses? And are you going to write any more ferret books? Well take care. Danny and Ukiahfox, Pueblo Co.

    • The delphins are little horses. The rainbow sheep are small and very colorful.
      I’d love to write more books about the ferrets, since they run a beautiful world. The publisher believes no one will buy them, though, and they have sales numbers to agree with them. But there are so many stories of their adventures, unwritten!

  2. I am 69 years young and I absolutely love your Ferret Chronicles! Thank you for such delightful reading entertainment.

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