Yet another book!

I forgot to hand this link to you about how to find Life with my Guardian Angel.  

Here it is: 

There is one more book I need to mention.  I’ve never written an endorsement for any book.  A book jacket is not the place for advertisements, and as soon as I could, I insisted that endorsements would never printed be on my books.  

However, there is one book…  I guess you know that I love cats and dogs and just about any animal what doesn’t eat humans.  A few years ago, I happened to discover this book: Sashi, the Scared Little Sheltie.  I don’t read children’s books, yet somehow someone (my guardian angel?) insisted that I open this book and read just one sentence.

You know what happened, don’t you?

I fell in love with that sentence with all the sentences, with the glorious illustrations, with everything in that book, which seemed to have been painted by love.

So intense, this love, that I bought a raft of the books to give to friends, and I wrote a fan letter to the author.  

Oh.  Here’s how to find it:

Did I become insane, that day?  Let me know what you think.  I haven’t needed a psychiatrist, yet.  Tell me if I do, for I still love this book!


9 thoughts on “Yet another book!

  1. Dear Richard!
    Thank you for sharing us such a lovely story and brought us not one, but two books.
    This story about little sheltie. I think there is nothing strange that you found it among many others. You just love these cute little dogs. That’s why it caught your attention. 🙂
    And as you told us, it reminded me how did Jonathan Livingston Seagull caught my attention. I don’t remember if I told you.
    I always loved these birds since I was a little child. I often go to a river bank to feed them and watch them flying.
    I also watch many videos in the internet about them. I just love them. I also used to live in a city on Black Sea, in Sevastopol. Since then I consider seagulls friends of my childhood.
    And once I found a small part of that film of 1973 about Jonathan. And I realized that I have never seen any film about these birds.
    Only then I found your book and decided to read it first, before watching the film.
    Looks like I did everything right.

  2. It happens that there is those special experiences that just hit that space in our heart at the right time and place…such as this book. Maybe you are more in tune with yourself now. There is a phrase that i had just read the other day which says, “the path isnt a straight line; its a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.” i see that to mean that when revisiting something that we think we know, we start to see our connection to it more profoundly. In this case, the book that has found its way to your heart ❣

  3. Evening Richard,

    Thanks for the “Guardian Angel” and “Sashi Scared Little Sheltie” update advice. I have ordered both from Amazon this evening and look forward to reading.

    Many years ago a scared little Sheltie wandered into our lives on a small horse farm and we were graced with the gift of his love for the brief time he was given to spend with us. To this day he holds a special place in hour hearts.

    God Bless,


    • Didn’t someone just say that if our life is based on Love, then our actions will be successful? Thank you for your proof of that, Galen.

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